Mayor Of Albuquerque: 'We Are Maxed Out' On Health Care Workers | MTP Daily | MSNBC 1

Mayor Of Albuquerque: ‘We Are Maxed Out’ On Health Care Workers | MTP Daily | MSNBC


As ICU beds in Albuquerque, New Mexico hit 118% capacity, Mayor Tim Keller says "the city's ready to convert anything into a hospital or a care space." Aired on 12/10/2020.
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Mayor Of Albuquerque: 'We Are Maxed Out' On Health Care Workers | MTP Daily | MSNBC


    1. @Carrie Fox He shouldn’t have to do an executive order if the senate and house leaders would do their jobs for the interest of those that they represent. I think if he has to, he will by Dec. 26. That’s when everyone’s unemployment runs out.

    2. @Anthony Graham until then people can just do without? Things are hard enough, let’s make Christmas worst. Failed leadership Mr. President.

  1. America is turning into a third world country ,in a time of need our president and our government only cares about corporate America, not for the American people. God help us all

    1. It’s called Karma this is what they elected in 2016 and this is the results of it nobody to blame but trump and his admistration for this. He talked all that about other countries now look.

    2. You already are a third world country. Educate yourselves, check out what other countries have to support their people. 1 year paid maternity leave, paid sick days and a living wage not to mention universal Healthcare. These countries aren’t perfect but we’re grateful we’re not the US. The US is a mess and more of the world is seeing the truth about how truly dysfunctional you are , wake up America!

    3. @Carrie Fox americans are the only ones that brag about being perfect and the best. No one else on earth ever thought our systems were perfect, but then again the world didn’t brag about being perfect like americans do.

    4. And the corporate Dems like Pelosi, Schumer, BIden, Harris, Clinton et al refuse to consider Medicare for All even though 90% of Democrats support it and 70% of the country supports it

    1. @Angela Kendall – No the real shame would be to do absolutely nothing, and allow this injustice not to be looked into. Like I said in previous comment, if the role was reversed, and Biden was ahead in every swing state, and had a big lead, and then the next day he miraculously loses every swing state, which in his case would’ve been red states versus blue states as Trump was ahead in all the blue states, I guarantee you the entire main stream media would be after Biden demanding an investigation, and you know that.

    2. @Angela Kendall Weren’t you the same #CCP bot supporting all of the FAILED impeachment/investigations on Trump? The same #CCP the Rothschild owned and took over with the help of Deep State puppet Clinton? Yeah, Americans KNOW why you and @CNN used to known as the Clinton News, Now it’s the China News because Clinton sold his Soul to them WAY before the Blue Dress cover up story. #WeHaveItAll #WWG1WGA worldwide Angela.

  2. Just think in 2016 everybody on the trump train was elated with his bigotry. Now you have dead and sick family members because of him and you call him a leader and a saviour of your people. SMDH

  3. Maybe they will pay nurses what they deserve.. you pay horribly. And benefits are crap. ALL nurses deserve a huge raise. A huge bonus..

  4. When administrators are paid higher then nurses, and they don’t do anything for it. PAY THE NURSES WHAT THEY DESERVE..

    1. @None Given this is what you poor russians have sunk to. BS sites that only trumpers go too. It’s sad. Do you need a tissue?

  5. Refuse emergency response to Republicans. Or deprioritize them. It’s their fault for spreading the virus and committing reckless endangerment.

  6. And I bet rural parts of New Mexico are also sending patients to these city hospitals because they don’t have any ICU beds.
    But yes…t’rump supporters….this is all a hoax.
    Must be nice living in a fantasy world where t’rump won, the corona isn’t real, and they’re not universally laughed at.

  7. They are closing 3 hospitals in the black community in Chicago. Trump and the Republican party are trying to commit genocide in the black community

  8. Can they not figure out a system to stop people from talking at the same time? Like a little light that goes on and off when it’s your turn to speak?

  9. Good point, they like to brag about themselves. I’ve been fortunate enough to have traveled and the US is my least favorite country.

  10. This is a emergency poor workers under staff under stress you go out with out mask and then you expect theses over ßtressed staff to look after you for your own stupidity

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