Mayor Of Gulfport, Mississippi: Flooding From Ida ‘The Severe Concern’ 1

Mayor Of Gulfport, Mississippi: Flooding From Ida ‘The Severe Concern’


Billy Hewes, mayor of Gulfport, Mississippi, describes the coastal city’s priorities following Hurricane Ida.

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Mayor Of Gulfport, Mississippi: Flooding from Ida ‘the severe concern’


    1. @Mark Evans Look at one of typical dimwitted cult members that think the stack of felonies hanging over him is going to magically disappear…lol

    2. The Democrats are going to get swept in the mid terms.People don’t feel safe under the Biden administration.

    3. @INCARNATE you do know you voted in one of the biggest Racist in this country. Just google Biden and racist. There sure are a lot of stuff he said that is racist. But hey you guys aren’t the smartest people on the planet, so you have that for a excuse.

    1. I turned independent when I seen the Doj target Republicans for going to the Capitol but blm and Antifa get off Scot free burning buildings and destroying cities.

    1. @Kor Kalba It’s the slow moving ones that cause problems. I’ve lived near the gulf coast all my life. Always keep a generator, fuel, and extra food and water.

  1. *America is not in Steep Decline since Joe Biden and the Democrats took Full Control of the Government.*

    1. Democrats proved they can’t keep people safe. The cities aren’t safe, the troops aren’t safe, the elections aren’t safe, heck I could go on and on.

    2. @Geff Joldblum And should that happen you will all live to regret it as you experience less and less freedom as Fascism swallows this country alive. That’s your cowardly golden idol’s desire.

    3. JKD.. it’s the Democrats and liberals taking away people’s constitutional rights away through gun control and red flag laws. It’s the Democrats and liberals in control of shadow banning and censoring anybody that disagrees with them on social media taking away their free speech….Republicans aren’t doing that!

    1. @Kor Kalba oh there’s lots of deaths I know two people that just died in the last month I thought you guys said Joe Biden was going to fix this

    2. And I know a person that passed away 2 days after getting her second covid shot…it’s a gamble either way.

  2. The states that want no obligation to the federal government will beg and receive assistance and get it, as they should. Then they will immediately revert back to tearing down our democracy.

  3. Hey guys! Do remember Mark Berbier from Florida who called himself “Mr.Antivaxx”. Yeah he died couple of days ago from covid. 3rd conservative radio host to die from the disease…

  4. I was in Gulfport MS when Hurricane IRMA hit Florida. It is beautiful in Gulfport and the beach is too. Praying for everyone’s safety. I met some really nice folks there. I hope they were able to get out and dodge this Hurricane. Its worse than Katrina.

  5. The case in Louisiana could be bad due to this hurricane I have cousin who live in lake Charles they evacuated north Louisiana so they could get hit the worst

  6. God is condemning Mississippi for their crimes against humanity, racism, and treatment of their people. Mississippi is the worst in every category possible in our amazing nation, from education to GDP. The Mississippi people are receiving their divine retribution, and their prayers will go unanswered by the just God.

    1. @Kor Kalba Yes Republicans worship a false God, and he will punish them all. They pray to the golden calf and disregard the poor and the needy. They sustain wealth in life meager lives, but they will never reach the everlasting love from God in the heavenly domain.

  7. Unless you were brought up in the southern states, who would want to live where you basically have a target on your backs for half the year from these powerful hurricanes?

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