1. Can we just put Klitschko in a boxing match with Vladimir already‽

    1. *CNN will not Show Unarmed Africans students who are tortured and beaten by Racist Ukrainian but I have posted videos*

    2. @Tranquility
      That’s the spirit I love to hear from such a small group of idiots.

      We should not think about people
      We should not think about their sufferings
      We should not think about their property
      We should not think about their livelihood
      We should not think about their love.

      We should not think about the enemy
      We should not think that enemies too have family.

      We should look only to our goal. JUST JOIN NATO.

    3. @Poul Gin
      Yes to nuke Ugly States they are needed.
      If US erazed from earth most of the problem gets solved

  2. The fact that Putin though it was necessary to humiliate one of his top official in front of the world and thought that was a show of strength and not weakness is quite extraordinary to me.

    1. Slavs, kill each other! Cut each other! And we stand in the storn and look, hands clapping! Why don’t I hear, the us sent a humanitarian cargo? Hospitals, food, water! The us sent $ 3 billion, which already robbed! The us sent a weapon that will kill! The us carries you democracy!

    2. @W D C S Also look up Saudi Arabia gives the finger to the US. Losing friends real quick.. US about to taste their own medicine.. About time..

    3. *CNN will not Show Unarmed Africans students who are tortured and beaten by Racist Ukrainian but I have posted videos*

    4. @Stonem001

      If you leave out MONEY, and the fact
      that these three groups hold a
      SUBSTANTIAL portion, of
      then you’re not worth the
      “waste” of my “time”…..

    5. Sucks to make a “credible” case
      for an alliance of these three
      nations, but it IS, what it “IS”…👈😁..

      I don’t think he SHOULD have
      said “credible”, but I am SURE
      he meant it…..👈😆…

      Sucks to be “us”, both…👈😁…
      …if that happens….

      I know it….👈😁…

      He, is either totally ignorant,
      or lying to himself, and you…👈😁..

  3. Mr. Cooper , can we get the UN on live TV , and ask them “what the hell are they doing? Get their asses to Ukraine now

    1. @Christine Yes. So he and your state media says. Why has he literally shut out the news of the entire world. I think you’re in an abusive relationship Christine. And your abusive boyfriend Vlad is telling you you don’t have to listen to anybody else. Either that or you’re a Putin puppet of propaganda sent here to spread his poop. 😒😂

    2. @Christine You just joined a week ago. I sure hope you’re not getting paid in rubles. Those aren’t worth very much anymore.

  4. Not sure I think the guest’s advice to negotiate a settlement with Russia is right because what’s different this time is Russia has most of the world against him and sanctions are mounting up by businesses even greater than was requested of them and it’s being seen and felt by Russians. Visa and MC stopped has to be hitting home to ordinary people. Steady intense pressure should continue.

    1. I agree. He pretty much is saying that capitulation is the answer: end the war whatever it takes. His thinking is painfully naive.

    1. Not even unjust in the first instant…NATO used Ukraine as pawn on geopolitical chess board. Trump refused to help with the needed financial assistance. That should have been the basis for future interaction with the so called West. It should not have gotten to this point.

    2. @Daniel Augustine Thing is Trump may have actually delayed this, he was a wildcard, unstable. Putin knows Biden won’t risk nuclear war, and we all know that all the aid in the world won’t make up for the respective difference in might between Russia and Ukraine. Non nuclear powers outside of major alliances are going to have a hard century.

  5. “If Biden had started sanctions months ago, there would not have been war.”
    — Ukraine President Zelensky 🇺🇦

    1. *CNN will not Show Unarmed Africans students who are tortured and beaten by Racist Ukrainian but I have posted videos*

    2. Say in the other way
      “If Zelenski wouldn’t have proposed to join NATO this war wouldn’t be happened “

    3. Can you speak about the biological weapons lab where the Ukraine scientist were paid directly by US?

      Which one will you pick?
      Speak about this new found hot news that’s not reported by West & US media or the COVID-19 news.

      Let’s see the double tongue. Chameleon changes it’s color

  6. And conversion Ukraine could make would encourage Putin to go after more in the near future. Giving Putin time to refresh his troops.

  7. I think we seen it live many times on TV. They are shooting down people’s apartments for god sakes. A woman was riding her car a tank made a right turn, and ran over her car on purpose hit her head on.

  8. “Mayor of Kyiv says he has many examples of Russian troops targeting civilians” so let’s #ConvinceItForward

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