1. Whoever puts these up clearly doesn’t watch them to the end as you can’t read the last bit because of the stupid recommended videos they put up…

    1. _ Grundel _ yeah I recall a time when videos were made with those kind of things in mind…. just throw some junk on the end or a repeat so the out outro cards can not get in the way.

    2. Just replay those last seconds and the recommended vids are no longer there. I share your pain!

    3. Hello World : it doesn’t work.
      Those recommended vids are still there after several attempts.
      But thanks for the suggestion.

    4. Want to rid of these layer cards YouTube place at the end of the video?
      Get the Chrome extension called “Stylus” and enter some CSS into it to remove these cards.
      Here is the CSS I use:

      /*Cards that display over the video Player*/
      .ytp-ce-size-640, .ytp-ce-size-1280, .ytp-ce-size-1920 {
      display: none !important;
      .ytp-ad-overlay-container {
      display: none !important;
      .ytp-ce-element {
      display: none !important;
      /*PopUps at the bottom left of YouTube pages*/
      ytd-mealbar-promo-renderer {
      display: none !important;

      I located the CSS selectors using the browsers inspector tool.

    1. Adam yeah what a pathetic President for sending federal aid to these crime ridden cities like Chicago in order to protect innocent children from being killed by the thugs you love to support. 🤦🏾‍♂️

    2. @Adam Yeah, a president who actually cares about his country unlike you leftists. I can’t wait for November, you’re all going to have a collective aneurysm – and you will only have yourselves to blame.

    3. @Kris Posti Protesting is not rioting. And while it’s unusual to see leaders protesting (usually they’re the ones being protested against), it is perfectly ok for leaders to protest. Just like MLK and Gandhi and Bernie Sanders did.

    4. Both the protesters and the Anti protesters noticed and had something to say about it, news on the other hand.. nope.

  2. They didn’t show the part when the mob turned on him and he had to be rescued by his security guards.
    Wonder why?

    1. @Ver Hoofty Floofen Please post the after-footage where you claim the courthouse building was set on fire.

  3. Since you’ve chosen to propagate the same clip and narrative from this event that Global News has posted today titled: “Portland mayor tear gassed by federal agents during protests”, it deserves the same comment.

    This was nothing more than performance art for LARP’ers, cameras and the uninformed. If you want better click bait, show the clips where the Mayor is being belittled, berated and verbally chastised. Those are more informative about the grievances posed to the Mayor about his utterly corrupt City Hall. You know, the grievances that brought those righteous and noble protesters into the streets to begin with.

    1. ->the Mayor is being belittled, berated and verbally chastised.
      He is lucky thats all thats happening, considering he is supporting the destruction of people’s livelyhoods, property, and lives.
      He is now open to charges of rioting and/or sedition.

  4. I don’t understand how anyone that calls themselves a journalist can but up such a clearly bad and misinformed take of these events.

  5. What about the part where the mob chased him off? His security detail, along with those federal agents he’s chastising had to rescue him. Then the mob proceeded to set the courthouse on fire.

    1. What about the part where it was the local POLICE that called out the first riot warning and not the feds just after the mayor ducked out of the situation.

  6. It may be useful to include in the headline that tear gas was used because the rioters were tearing down the fencing that surrounded the federal building the Agents were defending, and that the mayor was marching alongside the rioters.

    1. @Nina Axe Yeah, oppresive fascists!!! Tear gas was unneeded, shoulda pepper sprayed them in the foot

    2. @XBeastOne37 You are a horrible person, shoes have rights you know! Honestly though, many in the mob are not even affected by the tear gas, just a lil burn and cough and step aside for a min then right back to the front to try and continue to tear down the fence.

    3. @Nina Axe But but, it’s banned by the Geneva convention because it’s fatal. But you know what isn’t banned? Vandalism

    4. @XBeastOne37 It is against the law though oh and I would be more worried about inhaling the smoke from the fires they set every night, often random trash and plastics are tossed in there, toxic af.

  7. Many he should have delt with antifa years ago so they wouldnt be out rioting for 50 days now. and he should relinquish his role as police commissioner and let someone else handle it because his role as mayor is conflicting with his ability to handle the situation from a policing perspective..

  8. You can’t even show the full event, Jesus crist news is supposed to be unbiased NEWS not propaganda

    1. Nope, small fire 30 feet from the concrete building. Probably ignited by all the ordinance that was shot at the crowd.

    2. someone28 thank you for pointing that out. It looked like the protesters were trying to add cardboards to fuel the fire. I’ll rewatch the clip again just to make sure.

    3. Yeah, as well as wooden planks that were stripped off of something and random garbage. I would worry less about the tear gas and more about what you could be inhaling from that garbage fire, I hear burning plastic can be very toxic by itself.

  9. Me on news clips: why are the comments disabled?

    Me on this news clip: oh it’s because the comment section is onto their BS

    1. @Jeremy i am afraid that you are the one with brain soaked in bleach. if you call this a fight for freedom, you my friend have no clue about reality.

  10. lol I was in military, and you can’t breath or open the eyes like that when you inhale pepper or tear gas. It is just a show.
    He has become a mayor to protect the city and country or protesters? I bet he has no idea what he’s doing and just taking advantage of social issues.

    1. Well, many of the protesters agree with you there, it was setting many of them off that he was there for a “anti Trump photo Op” and didn’t really “care about things”

  11. I love the part when the crowd turns on him and his security had to get him the hell outta there.

    1. they don’t show that part tho notice the sound was so low thats because the rioters kept calling him fascist and booing him being there lol

  12. You can’t even siege a federal courthouse for 50 days and set it on fire anymore, oppression

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