1. “We promise that NATO will not expand one inch to the east if you give us Eastern Germany” – Ronald Regan
      1999 Bill Clinton oversees admitting Czechia into NATO, putting $billions of missiles on Russians border
      2009 VP Biden oversees admitting Croatia into NATO, putting $billions of missiles on Russians border
      2014 VP Biden oversees the CIA coup of a democratically elected progressive leader and installs former comedian and Chevron puppet Zelenki in office.
      2019 The CIA funnels $millions into the Ukraine elections ensuring Zelenski will win by a landslide.
      2021 President Biden sends $billions in missiles to Ukraine on the Russian border.

    1. Not only a crime, but a dirty, brutal and wide- dangerous crime.
      In general to all, but of course in spesial to peaceful Ukraine, and her brave slavic brothers & sisters
      what a totally SHAME

    2. @El Barca He has made hel in 25 years now. This is just grand finale, because this time he will be stoped. The world is now united against him. Even his dictatorfriends are angry with him

    3. Every war is a crime. But i understand what you said THIS war is a crime because is in europe.

    4. @Laur Manolescu Bullshit. I read this bitter BS again and again. Stop with these malicious allegations. Most people here in Germany (and elsewhere) are not like that. If at all, it’s a sad ignorant minority. Stop being not any better than them with these collective judgments & prejudices.
      Of course every war is a crime in some way. Every war is terrible for everyone involved and WAR in other parts of the world touch me and the people I know just as much as this War. But there’s also a difference between “normal” War ( a conflict involving weapons and military/soldiers between two or more nations or groups of people – just like putin claimed it to be) and acts of terrorism which involve civilians and seek to create fear, not just within the direct victims or parties involved but among a wide audience. The degree to which it relies on fear distinguishes terrorism from both conventional and guerrilla warfare. Putin commits war crimes to create more panic between the ukrainian people, more pressure, it’s a psychological thing. I know it sounds cynical, that this word even exists, but look up the word “War crimes” I think that’s the word in english for “Kriegsverbrechen” – there are many things which are defined as “War Crimes”, such as “deliberate attacks on the civilian population” (this is what putin does besides other things) of course, normal people like you and I would think “A war itself is a crime” – I agree, but in War itself it’s still important to differentiate. And yes, I for my part, can’t think of any war where war crimes didn’t happen (although I hope I’m wrong) – just to make clear that I don’t think, that this war is worse than others. I just tried to explain why some people talk about Increased severity or use the word “Crime”. And believe me, my heart breaks for people in EVERY country where people have to endure war. I wish we could live in peace, but sadly the world and it’s self proclaimed leaders don’t work like that.

    1. @carla dehaas We’re not. It’s always post-menopausal deranged old men manipulating the masses.

    2. “We promise that NATO will not expand one inch to the east if you give us Eastern Germany” – Ronald Regan
      1999 Bill Clinton oversees admitting Czechia into NATO, putting $billions of missiles on Russians border
      2009 VP Biden oversees admitting Croatia into NATO, putting $billions of missiles on Russians border
      2014 VP Biden oversees the CIA coup of a democratically elected progressive leader and installs former comedian and Chevron puppet Zelenki in office.
      2019 The CIA funnels $millions into the Ukraine elections ensuring Zelenski will win by a landslide.
      2021 President Biden sends $billions in missiles to Ukraine on the Russian border.

    3. Everyone is brainwashed with conspiracy theories they have detected themselves from reality… too many movies and video games. Sad but true

  1. Heartbreaking. I wish someone could help. I wish I could help. I wish people didn’t crave power. I wish everyone on earth had more compassion. I wish my tears could bring peace.

    1. Oh keep quiet u hypocrite.
      This war is literally happening because USA and NATO want to surround russian borders with advanced war weapons. The very thing they destroyed Cuba for is what their condeming Rusiia for. Hypocrites and an even dumber population

    2. @Ascent agreed, arguing with every idiot in youtube comment sections is like licking the sidewalk to clean it.

    3. If you’re willing to fight on the front lines they have means in which you can do so if not there are links to donate to the people of the country

    4. @P Price I live in a state where my political views are in the extreme minority. I have written the senator and representative hundreds of times over the years. Occasionally I get a reply saying pretty much “Sorry. Too bad.” Mostly l get no reply. You could say the office tallies the opinions and that could mean something. No. No it doesn’t where I live. I honestly believe my view does not count. If they would just listen to my opinion and reasoning that would be great. Since my views are centered around caring for my community, state, country and humanity this is not compatible with the common view here. The common view is ,”I got mine and keeping it. Screw you. Every man and woman for themselves.”

    5. @None of Yo business I’m a woman in my 60’s, passivist with no training in anything slightly aggressive. Never been in a fight in my life. I don’t have the ability to protect them. I would gladly go and help the injured, children, and elderly if I had the means. I’m kind of cranky so I could go to the front lines and scold those young Russian soldiers like their mothers should. Too much testosterone, religion or a combination of both usually cause wars. This one is not religious so male hormones and ego is the problem. This old gal could probably damper some of that testosterone. I would help if I had the means.

  2. I’m an Iraqi veteran. I’ve seen a lot of things in my life. This brought me to tears. Why? These are not military targets, this is pure evil.

    1. @Neng Mua if you are slamming the US to shame him, maybe read again. he claims to be an “Iraqi Veteran.” Iraqi, not American.

    2. @Dominici Javier

      An Iraqi veteran with a name like mikeyboy64?

      mikeyboy64 is most likely a 25 year-old video game addict living in the basement of his parent’s home.

      But going back to your statement…it makes absolutely no difference whatsoever. Statements similar to the one mikeyboy64 made there are made by thousands of Americans whether it be civilians or American veterans of Iraq.

    3. @Neng Mua probably. but c’mon, admit it. you misinterpreted it. you rushed to the comments section like a what americans call a “karen” after not reading properly. that’s my only point. simple fact is we don’t even know which country he is from. so why ask him if he cried about what americans did? to shame him? is he even american? maybe he did also cry for that. was he even aware of what you were asking? we can’t tell. so your demeaning and rhetorical question of “did he also cry for…..” just to make you look superior is pointless. so if he didn’t cry for that, does that make his sentiments now less valid?

      also you can’t make that argument about his name. my youtube name is Dominici Javier. I’m not Italian, where I got the idea of “dominici.” I’m not spanish either. I’m Asian.

    4. @Neng Mua you see my only point is we don’t have to be unnecessarily aggressive towards people. a little respect goes a long way.

    1. Warzones make no concessions when it comes to civilians.
      One unfortunate rule of war is innocent people will always die in them.

    2. “We promise that NATO will not expand one inch to the east if you give us Eastern Germany” – Ronald Regan
      1999 Bill Clinton oversees admitting Czechia into NATO, putting $billions of missiles on Russians border
      2009 VP Biden oversees admitting Croatia into NATO, putting $billions of missiles on Russians border
      2014 VP Biden oversees the CIA coup of a democratically elected progressive leader and installs former comedian and Chevron puppet Zelenki in office.
      2019 The CIA funnels $millions into the Ukraine elections ensuring Zelenski will win by a landslide.
      2021 President Biden sends $billions in missiles to Ukraine on the Russian border.

  3. This is just heartbreaking.. I was crying about this today and I live far away from Ukraine, I truly dislike this evil that is in our world now.. I dislike Putin’s rage and his decision to cause so much pain on innocent people, I can’t imagine what they’re going through now.. Sending so many prayers, empathy and love to the people of Ukraine and Russia from the USA 🇺🇸 and I know many others over here and around the world are praying for everyone over in these countries too.

    1. “We promise that NATO will not expand one inch to the east if you give us Eastern Germany” – Ronald Regan
      1999 Bill Clinton oversees admitting Czechia into NATO, putting $billions of missiles on Russians border
      2009 VP Biden oversees admitting Croatia into NATO, putting $billions of missiles on Russians border
      2014 VP Biden oversees the CIA coup of a democratically elected progressive leader and installs former comedian and Chevron puppet Zelenki in office.
      2019 The CIA funnels $millions into the Ukraine elections ensuring Zelenski will win by a landslide.
      2021 President Biden sends $billions in missiles to Ukraine on the Russian border.

    2. @John Stevens The world doesn’t hate us. The world wears American fashions, listens to American music, watches American movies and TV shows, and communicates using the American internet. The people who hate America the most are Republicans. EDIT: ahhh, I see your posts are being deleted.

    3. @Max Fernandes Hello.. Can I just tell you something… this isn’t about Iraq right now. we can’t re-do the past, and I am saddened by any innocent people in Iraq and Afghanistan who had their life’s taken from them but the situation going on now is different than the middle east war.. In my opinion it’s like comparing apples to oranges but I just wish countries never would have to start wars and peaceful deals could be made or things that happened would just be let go..War is a horrible thing and I think a lot of us were hoping a ceasefire deal could’ve been made today between Ukraine and Russia…. 🙁

  4. Dear god, that’s heartbreaking. These poor people didn’t deserve this, or the atrocities that will come.

    1. 300k US troops into Europe will fix the problem very quickly, OR just 1 Russian security guard next to Putin can, if he wants a nuclear free life for his own kids.

  5. We should all be thankful that we live in an age of information where these people can share the truth of war with the whole world. War should never happen, but when it does its important for everyone to see the horrors so we can learn and not be callous to their pain. Anyone who defends putin now is not ignorant, they are inexcusably cruel

    1. Literally!! Otherwise people would be finding out the answers as to what the USA actually do to all these countries such as the ones you listed

    2. ​@corbeau Who gives a damn about Putin’s mental state? If there’s any issues with that, that’s for Russia to sort out, not for us. All we must do is follow the rules, and according to those long-established rules if his army is abroad we can wreck it as much as we want.

      If he gets desperate he can just pull out, go home and leave Ukraine alone. That’s not grounds for suicide and if it should be anyway his underlings have to sort it out and save us all (including themselves and their families) in the same way we have to sort out any issues with our leaders and save the world if they should go crazy.

      The only wise choice when it comes to nuclear weapons would consist in not having them, but given that we have them and are all at risk all the time anyway what would be unwise in this case is letting Putin change the rules we’ve all agreed upon many decades ago.

      If we allow him everyone else will want to change them too and soon we won’t have a clear idea of what can and can not be done and at that point the likelihood of a planetary cataclysm will be even higher.

    3. @bella B Taking out foreign leaders has been banned in 1976, but even if it hadn’t been Putin is not the kind of leader you would try to kill. That’s what you would do with a leader who has very little support and is despised by the overwhelming majority of his people. If a leader is supported and you try taking him out all sorts of horrible scenarios could unfold, especially when a country has nukes.

    4. @Abubakr Omar Who said that mainstream media is the source of all truth? We have mainstream media, public broadcasters, indy media, foreign broadcasters, social media, books, conferences, documentaries, podcasts, blogs and direct streams (like the United Nations’). In this case they all tell the same story.

  6. Heartbreaking. This is such a horrible situation. Ukraine under attack continuously and a threat of a global war looming over our heads… leaders afraid of taking further action for fear of war. It’s dreadful. Absolutely dreadful. I can only hope somehow that deranged man sees some sense in stopping this foolishness.

    1. NATO when they invade Iraq, Somalia, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria, and Palestine the world is like OK. When Russia invades Ukraine the world is like a surprised Pikachu face. Go to hell ppl!

    2. They are afraid to remove schizophrenic, bloodthirsty criminal putler, while killing or capturing him would be the only solution.

    3. Trump and the majority of Republicans are Putin sympathizers. They want to be the oligarchs of authoritarian rule HERE in America. Think America is immune to war?Jan 6th was just the GOP test run.

  7. I have some lovely friends from this town who I went to college with. They have family still there. The fear in their words as they plead for help for their loved ones is heart wrenching. I keep seeing some people saying that Russia is only hitting military targets, these are residential apartments. Russian soldiers are now looting for food an other supplies in this town. Before people make comments, they should talk to people who are Ukrainian, and imagine if it was your hometown, with your family and friends there being attacked. Pray for the people of Ukraine!🇺🇦🙏🏻

    1. My heart breaks for the proud people of Ukraine, especially for those that have experienced loss and/or are currently suffering. Shame on Russia, for there is no reason this had to happen, other than to feed the monster ego of tyranny! The beautiful people of Ukraine are simply trying to live their lives freely, with similar hopes and aspirations that we all share. Regardless of our country of origin, gender, age, ethnicity, culture, background, language, social status, etc., we all deserve the right to live in peace and freedom on planet earth. Isn’t life hard enough? Why choose to inflict such pain and agony onto others, when we can choose to lift others up! Isn’t that what brings us joy and a sense of purpose in life as human beings? I applaud the world for coming together to fight such tyranny and selfish disregard for human life. We are better than this, and such despicable hatred will never overcome the powerful love of our shared humanity. We are one planet, one people, one love, we are with you Ukraine, together we will rise above!

    2. You need to think rationally for a moment. If Russia wanted to destroy Ukraine and inflict pain on its people it could have done so with devastating effect on the first day. It has the power, without using nuclear weapons to destroy the country. Why does Kyiv still have electricity, water, gas, internet and cell service? Russia could have disrupted all of these long ago. This isn’t about Ukraine or its people it’s about NATO. Putin is sending a clear message to the west. I doubt they have the wit to understand it.

    3. @shari I’m from Russia, I can say that they are shouting phrases to kill Russians there

  8. I’ve hardly smiled since the invasion began… The Ukrainians are on my mind day in and day out.. The scenes of people being displaced, children sitting out in cold , walking for days , saying goodbye to their fathers is very heartbreaking..

    1. Funny and your name is Joy?
      We are all sad and angry but you got to keep living, and that includes all emotions. What will you achieve by not smiling once in awhile? What your doing is really not helping them

    2. These are some international criminals involved with Russia, communism, and organized crime.

      Karl Marx was born in the German or Holy Roman kingdom of Prussia and was a developer of communism used in Russia. The Prussian royals the Hohenzollerns are married with the Russian royals the Romanovs with Grand Duke George Mikhailovich Romanov of Russia and Prince of Prussia. Prince George Friedrich of Prussia is the head of this family and a major international criminal whose family stole gold from nations during the Nazi regime and melted it in their Prussian mint. The Hohenzollerns are involved in embezzlement from nations through the Bank for International Settlements (BIS) through their Nazi agents who ran the BIS during WWII. The Hohenzollerns are also involved in counterfeiting currencies. They are extremely wealthy and own numerous large palaces in Germany to this day. The Hohenzollerns were also founders of Reichsbank. The Hohenzollerns are also Romanian royals who were exiled to Switzerland along with the Romanian private banker Prince Eric Sturdza who owns Banque Eric Sturdza.

      Coincidentally Grand Duke George Romanov can be seen hanging out at a party with Prince Felippo Del Drago a Roman prince whose family were from the Romanian nobles the Dragos. Communism is popular in Italy to this day. Communism was developed by Italian and Spanish Jesuits in the 16th century in South America called Jesuit Reductions where they enslaved and Latinized natives to work on farms which the Jesuits profited from. There is the Romanian Romanov Roman etymological connection. The Del Dragos have frequently married with the Italian Roman Ruspoli family and Ruspoli for Rus the tribe that founded Russia. The Ruspolis are Vatican aristocracy and all honorary Princes of the Holy Roman Empire. The Ruspolis are also Spanish nobles with South American residences in Brazil and Venezuela and owners of various drug cartels with the Ruspolis mafia headquarters on the Venezuelan Island of Margharita where Prince Sforza Ruspoli owns private resorts. Grand Duchess Vladimirinova Romanov of Russia resides in Madrid, Spain and works with the Spanish Ruspoli branch. There are also two Romanov branches in the US. Florida and in California both states with large Russian Mafia operations.

  9. “Men and women who know the brutal reality of war, who know that war strips people of their very humanity, must unite in a new global partnership for peace.” – Daisaku Ikeda

    1. @el-qbayyli Same reporter who said KOKSAL BABA and Steven Seagal joined Russian Special Forces to destroy Ukraine food supply …………………..THE MERCENARY Brotherhood of the broken by former 2 REPMAN Legionnaire now on Amazon Prime MARCH OR DIE

    2. Unfortunately all the WW2 veterans are dead or 100 years old, so it is no surprise the lesson has been forgotten.

    3. @Rhuarcaran You are correct. It seems we have to relearn things every 100 years or so. It’s also a cultural and educational failure. Dr. Gregg Carr, Professor of African Studies and history at Howard University has a term which is a lamentation of our inability to connect history to the present, the “momentum of memory”. With good history,and stories, myths, community, and education there is no reason for our inability to bring forward those things which can inform our conscience. Unfortunately, weve lost those things. My father was a WWII veteran. He nor the other men I knew who served in my neighborhood never talked about it. That told me all I needed to know. War is always a savage darkness of destruction and death.

    4. Wasn’t that supposed to be the purpose of the defunct League of Nations and the U.N.? Despite millions of such words having been repeated countless times, has there been even one year without armed conflict/mass murder/genocide somewhere in the world since WWII? As the world bears witness, even the rightwing of the USA burgeons with servants of evil and their millions of sleepwalking followers.

  10. It’s crazy to think how many times this has happened through out human history. A foreign force invading another country and the fear and death and heroic actions of those who had chosen to defend their land by picking up a sword, a spear, a musket, a assault rifle or even a camera. So crazy to think something like this could repeat itself.

    1. What is crazy is the west and the reporter saying we got to be clear headed. Ukraine blood is spilling out and they can just sit there and say be clear headed. They will regret this as NATO will be push into war. They fail to see this.

    2. @TRUTH SPEAKER Also, do me a favor. If you want to Support an Amazing African YouTube channel. Look up , ” Africa Everyday”. He is a teacher in Nigeria who lost his job. He shares African culture to the world and is a very kind hearted man.

    3. The scale is different now, the extent of damage one person could do! Never in history 1 lunatic could ruin the whole world, and the stakes are this high now when putler threatens the world with a nuclear strike. And it looks like Ukraine is fighting this evil fascist empire ruSSia alone, with some minimal arms supply from others but she is shelled at an escalating rate and suffers from human and other losses and the world is just watching if Ukraine survives or not., like a dam which holds of the tsunami of the fascist ruSSian horde.

    4. @Zebra Zagadore F that. If they happens, we will have a civil war and people who are democrat and support Ukraine will be the first to slaughter

    5. The United States has invaded many countries since World War II and no one seems to care. Why now? What about the people killed in Africa, Latin America, Asia and the Middle East?
      Did people in the US or Europe care about the millions of lives lost in the “US and allies” invasions?

      It is very hypocritical for politicians and sympathizers to ask for peace when the country they govern is the one that has been involved in most wars and it’s responsible for Destruction of City and most important millions of dead human.

      ¿Why now?

      Do not Reply me with the excuse of “freedom” and “Democracy” because that is the first thing that the United States of America has taken where its foot soldiers, missiles, tanks have arrived.

  11. This is heartbreaking and so difficult to watch; we are feeling so helpless. I have no words for this evil and am praying that this brings the world together.

    1. Shameful how one man controls millions of people. Shameful!

      REPENT world and surrender to Jesus Christ. Do good and follow Jesus Christ everyone.

      Where do wars and fightings among you come from? Do they not come from your evil lusts working in your flesh? You lust yet don’t have. You kill and steal and desire to have, yet you cannot obtain. You don’t have because you don’t ask God. Yet when you do ask God,you don’t receive because you ask without a good purpose: you want to use what you will receive from the Lord for wicked pleasure. You friends of the world. You unfaithful adulterers and adulteress persons. Do you not even know that to be a friend of the world makes you an enemy of God?

      James chapter 4

    1. Really
      Sell your home car children and Send the money to Boris/Joe to finance Ukrainian freedom

    2. *Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan,Syria: suffering from war and bombs everyday :*
      The west : Whatever
      *One European country being attacked :

    3. @Drew McIntyre Humans are so DUMB to coexist 👎👽
      This is WW3, in 2 months this whole world is kaput 🚀🚀🚀💥

  12. We are all watching with such sadness and fear as the horrors occur in Ukraine. Find some sense of hope in the strength the Ukrainian people have exhibited. The anti-war protests in Russia against their dictator’s violence. The international community coordinating together to find immediate responses to both deescalate the crisis and punish the aggressor. “When Good people do nothing, evil triumphs.” The Good people of the world are working together right now like never before in history to take every possible action to defeat Evil.

  13. I wish peace for Ukrainiens. Coming from Congo a country that have been in war and still in war since 1997 I know the consequences of war and can’t wish it even to my worst enemy. Stay strong and don’t give up your land

    1. My Congo friend, these people that you wish peace for are the same people that were beating Africans and Indians kicking them off the train so the 👱‍♀️ with blue eyes can leave first, so don’t feel to sorry for those people, because they don’t care about you, unless your white also.

    2. @Van Basham So should Russia bomb the United States for the very same thing? What an ignorant excuse for these inhumane actions.

    3. Ordinary Russians probably still have no solid explanations for why consumer prices are ratcheting up but real money is hard to come by. They are being gaslit by their own state too.

  14. It’s horrible, we are home fortunately safe & watching this horror from the outside with no ability to help. 😢☹️

    1. You can help by donating to humanitarian aid or bank of Ukraine has a page to fund the Ukrainian military

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