1. @Eric Schmidt Google just got caught conspiring with the DNC to hand them the election, they have been conspiring together since 2016. Hillary Clinton paid 9 million for the Steele Dossier which was the very definition of collusion. The leftist media said that Trump got dirt on Hillary Clinton from a Russian source and that is COLLUSION. But Hillary clinton paid 9 million dollars to get dirt on her political adversary and it was also from a foreign source, why isn’t that considered collusion? Why no investigation? Hillary clinton also got caught acid bleaching 33,000 emails from her private email server, and she also smashed her phones and destroyed sim cards during a federal investigation, yet no charges were files, and no news coverage? The MSM pushed a fake story about Russian collusion for 2 years. How can you not see how corrupt the democratic party has become?
      Everything i have just said is all objective and has no bias. I do not like Trump but i certainly don’t think he is worse than the democrats.

    1. @mark H 200 million whites, 60 million Hispanics, and 40 million blacks in the US. I think the racial diversion politics absolutely reflects those ratios.

  1. Trump and Biden ended up at the same barber shop. As they sat there, each being worked on by a different barber, not a word was spoken. As the barbers finished their shaves, the one who had Trump in his chair reached for the aftershave. But Donald was quick to stop him, saying: “No thanks. My wife Melania will smell that and think I’ve been in a brothel.” The second barber turned to Joe and said, “How about you, Mr. Biden?” Joe replied, “Go right ahead; my wife Jill doesn’t know what the inside of a brothel smells like.”

    1. You have used that same stupid joke twice that I’ve seen before.
      What’s next the light bulb joke again? I bet you don’t remember my counter to that?

    2. No, Bidens’ wife will say , ” Joe , have you been bluegill fishing again ? And he’ll say no , I’ve just been doing the usual , fingering twelve year old girls ! He denies being a pedophile , but he won’t let them smell his finger ! His favorite game to play with little girls is to have them stick their hand in his pocket and guess if that’s a roll of dimes or if he’s happy to see them ! Joe said , ” You know what’s nice about taking a shower with a twelve year old girl , if you slick their hair back , they look nine ! Are we even yet ?

    1. @William H “point out one time that trump has lied.” Omg are you serious? Find any clip where his lips are moving, there’s the lie.

    2. @mike bronicki If that’s the case give me one example. Mike has another man’s erection touched your face and mouth?

    1. The Lone Wanderer, Dom lenon had good questions before cnn gave him tenure. The race card… Close to trev Noah. For real 21st century… We need to end slavery apparently! Any thoughts, Bernie?

  2. the most level headed and sane candidate out of the bunch, he has this commanding and yet soothing voice that captures you immediately… represents everything that america represents

  3. FACT CHECK : mayor pete cant hire or fire anyone as per indiana law and specifically not even the board who can until there is a complete investigation with evidence..mayor pete cant take sides till the investigation is complete .. the chief officer was demoted as per FBI intervention for breaking the wire tap act.. he was not fired… no one is above law… he has brought south bend out of the list of top 10 dying cites and ensured policies that keep improving south bend..he already has strong policy on body camera but the officer failed to carry it out….not petes fault. ..but yet he takes that on himself.. if this guy doesnt represent a true leader then i dont know who can…from a black resident living in SB for the past 27 years… the opposition media keeps trying to get dirt on him and when they cant just mis interpret or fake shadow what he says by editing his speeches and views..specially him telling that blm activist women that he is not here for votes but to take care of the issue at hand….they edited out the further words ( im here to take care of the issue at hand and not here asking for your votes) making it look like he meant he doesnt want her votes…

    1. I like Mayor Pete. I’m a black woman from the east coast and I wish a lot of my people could get around to supporting him for President. He would beat trump in a landslide! You need someone that will inspire people to get out and vote for with enthusiasm! I love joe Biden but I think 2016 was the time we needed him cause people didn’t trust Hillary so they didn’t vote!…. And look what we have now! Please people GIVE PETE A CHANCE!!!

    2. ​@Nwamaka Okobi SB resident here – he demoted the police chief who was under investigation by the FBI. Then the former chief resigned. Chief was not fired.

  4. True leadership, and Pandering as a Political Creature are two different things. True leaders know that they are going to be hated after making a hard decision. True panderers make a decision based on how many people will love them.

    1. @Daniel Actually everyone loved Hitler’s decisions at the time. Just like Trump’s. Sometimes you need a bit of distance to see the corruption and deceit.

    2. @Daniel “Everyone hated his decisions”. Lmao… Just no.. Go look at Germany in the 1930’s. Hitler was idolized just as you Democrats idolize your politicians. Democrats treat their politicians like Gods instead of people.

    3. @Chris L ” Democrats idolize your politicians”. No we don’t. But you don’t think Trump supporters idolize Trump?

    1. Because CNN believes in hiding the truth through deceptive editing. That’s how they program thoughts into people. Show them enough truth to invoke a feeling, no matter how misguided it may be.

  5. It’s too bad that Taking Responsibility & Learning from Mistakes is punished in Pollitics LOL smh

    …personally, I find such Qualities to be one of many necessary for anyone in Leadership Roles like Pollitics, etc.

    1. @William H Precisely. That agenda along with that gender neutral/gender fluid crap is doing nothing but bringing up a crop of confused children.

    2. @kevin wh These labels are tiresome. I speak the truth about the nature of human beings and police work. Slap a label on it if it makes you feel better.

  6. Why is it that every time I see Pete Buttigieg speak he is incredibly calming and collected, but every headline reads like he is talking about the sky falling.

    1. When I see the little fag , I picture a set of nuts resting on his chin , or is it a pair of nuts , I want to be P.C. correct ?

    2. @Paul Weaver Paul it doesn’t matter how well he speaks or how smart he may be. The fact he is HOMOSEXUAL leaves him with zero credibility whatsoever on any level of reality.

    1. @Jeanne 54 and for someone that has NEVER thought and felt that way, you sure about that, generally the really upset ones are the most guilty ones.

    2. @William H First of all I was Agreeing with you! Why would you want to insult me? Read my comment again. I was calling its bill gates… a NPC homo. Geez..

    3. It’s amazing seeing how concerned people are with what couples do in a bedroom. What a productive use of your brain power. 👌🏻👌🏻

    1. Congress was hot to trot to back up AOC on that 12 year death knell BS but they don’t want to mention climate change now that AOC flipped her climate disaster BS into a JOKE that all her pals FELL FOR!!!!!!! “Anyone that took me seriously has the brains of a SEA SPONGE” wasn’t that what AOC said?

    2. Yeah, uninhabitable. ‘The sky is falling, the sky is falling’, right? In reality there are more people alive today than have lived and died in the entire history of mankind. But hey, ‘climate change’ is the new religion, and heretics must be crushed by the puritans.

    1. @cj p even if your cycle of change theory is correct if it is cycling warmer and that is detrimental to mankind we should take steps to slow that process. But you dont want to think about that do you?

    2. Congress was hot to trot to back up AOC on that 12 year death knell BS but they don’t want to mention climate change now that AOC flipped her climate disaster BS into a JOKE that all her pals FELL FOR!!!!!!! “Anyone that took me seriously has the brains of a SEA SPONGE” wasn’t that what AOC said?

  7. I do not give a damn what race, gender and or sexual orientation my future POTUS is. Just Represent.

    1. Robert Milnor *Somehow you seem to be absolutely fine with having an illegitimate President in the White House that has proven to be completely amoral his entire adult life?* *Trump IS a serial adulterer, awful father ( ask Tiffany ) pathological liar, incapable of taking responsibility for his own mistakes EVER, tax cheat, thief, incompetent and a sellout to Russia.* *He IS much more toxic to our nation than anyone’s sexual orientation could ever be…*

    2. @michaelthemovieman if you’re not Black don’t speak for us. Hell we don’t even want certain Blacks speaking for us as a whole. Bigots, fragile masculine betas etc. stay in your lane.

  8. If you want to tackle the issue of racial inequality there’s only one way to go: get yourself a fit-for-purpose constitution and an independent judiciary, including the Supreme Court.

  9. I am a vet and a white american elder and I think all these people of every stripe and color now in the great american game is like seeing the dream of brotherhood come true

  10. I keep waiting for the punch line….. .then I realized it was a real interview and not an SNL skit. 🤣🤣🤣

    1. LOL thats what I thought when they showed the first debate – I’m like come on wheres Kate McKinnon…. Alec Baldwin…..

  11. Pete has remarkable skills, he is eloquent, thoughtful, intelligent, compassionate and is able to express complex issues that isn’t talking down to.

    1. But Walter, the most important question is, what brand pants does he wear? He could easily do an ad for Dockers.

    2. @Robert Connor
      If he does not know all about fashion, then we need some other homo to be president.

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