Mayor Pete Surges Ahead In Iowa Polling | Morning Joe | MSNBC

Mayor Pete Surges Ahead In Iowa Polling | Morning Joe | MSNBC 1


Mayor Pete Buttigieg is up sixteen points and leads the Democratic field in Iowa, according to new numbers from CNN/Des Moines Register. The panel discusses. Aired on 11/18/19.
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Mayor Pete Surges Ahead In Iowa Polling | Morning Joe | MSNBC

48 Comments on "Mayor Pete Surges Ahead In Iowa Polling | Morning Joe | MSNBC"

  1. I prefer Warren, but I’d vote for Daffy Duck to get rid of Trump…

    • That’s the spirit we need! Amen, brother…

    • @Bladerunner 1986 You’re right. Bernie is quite possibly partially to blame for Trump being president. If Bernie had wholeheartedly thrown his support to Hillary when she got the nomination, we might not be in this mess…

    • @B.J Cameron It is agreed among economists that tariffs are useful, under certain circumstances. Like when the other country isn’t tied to you by the wallet, and is economically fragile.
      As it turns out, China IS tied to America by the wallet, and is not economically fragile. Their pain is our pain, but they are developing new markets. Our farmers and business, not so much…
      Using tariffs to deal with China is like shooting China in the foot, while it’s foot is on top of ours. Yes you hurt them, but at what cost? China has already decided to wait Trump out. At worst, 5 more years of this nonsense.
      They really don’t mind though, they are finding new ways to profit from our inattention, but Putin still profits the most…

    • @John Keith only time will tell. China stretched into many Countries and has a large population to feed. The US has a Democrat base that has turned to Socialism, which makes the population LAZY.

  2. We have great Democrats who are running for office, who are able to up hold the United States Constitution, they all need support. It would be nice if we had more than one Canidates on the ballets.
    The Republicans GOP and repersentives are unable to up hold the United States Constitution.

    • ****MEDIA FAIL**** — Calling B.S. on this B.S. — However Buttigieg does in Iowa, it’s not national, and we’re still months away. Whatever happened to MSM endorsement of their wonder boy Biden? Not so infatuated with him, anymore? How long will MSM crush on Mayor Joe last? Only as long as politically viable, no doubt, like all the others. If Trump isn’t impeached and removed, the process will so damage him politically that it won’t matter who the Democrat candidate chosen by DEMOCRATS at the ballot box — NOT media MONTHS ahead of FIRST primary!!! Media here is fear-mongering because it’s good for ratings, even if terrible for informing public. Media BE better, WE be better!

    • Only Anti-American Haters support the Impeachment Process. “The Trump Revolution” is simple: Build The Wall to protect Real Americans, Stop Illegal Immigration to protect American workers, Trade policies are working for America first, Stop The Endless Foreign Wars, and the Infrastructure.
      The phony Impeachment is a diversion designed to block Infrastructure, Prescription drug costs and of course more on foreign policy // Pres Trump has turned the China Syndrome around and is facing China head on. What other brave politician dared to do that?
      Wake up Vigilantes, your hanging America first to a Socialized govt to become the rich or the poor. Your grand kids will grow up in a Dictatorship in George Soros “New World Order”

  3. Bonesaw is ready | November 18, 2019 at 12:05 PM | Reply

    “There’s no doubt Medicare For All, and the math behind it, have caused Democrats to take a second look”, WTF are you talking about? Did I just walk in to some alternate universe where the “math”, whether he’s talking about actually $ or polling, behind M4A suddenly says the polar opposite of what it’s been saying for a long time?

  4. I like when y’all news media trying to put words into the Americans mouths lmfao

  5. I would love to see Pete debate Trump! How much dumber could Pete make him be? Trump is already at the top of the list for WORLD’S dumbest leader not just the U.S.

    • Trump could destroy Pete. You know why? It’s because Pete is a corrupt corporate shill in the pocket of billionaires. Bernie is the only non-corrupt candidate right now which is why he would have the best chance at beating Trump. Running a corrupt neoliberal like Mayor Pete against Trump would guarantee a loss.

    • Pete is just another crook only built up by the mainstream media. The media doesnt talk about his PAC money and lying about black voters. He conned black voters and I’m glad it happend now so the truth can come forward.

    • Trump would understand Pete because they both speak word salad

    • Except Pete faked 400 black endorsements..

  6. Noura Fernandez | November 18, 2019 at 1:11 PM | Reply

    Establishment media keeps showing Biden above Bernie Sanders, we all know Sanders is way above those few above him and that Biden I done

  7. Why isn’t MSNBC reporting on Pete’s Douglas plan in South Carolina? He claimed people endorsed him who haven’t but instead endorsed Sanders. Also about the 400 african americans he advertised with at least half of them are white bc you know in S.Carolina you can look that up.

  8. Billionaires telling America what to think and who we like. White is black and black is white. So, tired of corruption and billionaires that steal from the rest of us.

  9. Theyjust cant help themselves. Say Bernie holding in there at 15% when he went up 5 points, Talked about the others up and downs till they get to him then ignore it. Its ok not to like Sanders, we just want honesty and integrity from the pundits.

  10. Poll among 500 “likely” Iowa Dem. Caucusgoers…yeah. Says it all.
    Don’t trust polls, only votes given on election day count.

  11. Tessmage Tessera | November 18, 2019 at 6:14 PM | Reply

    *The progressives are beating Mayor Pete in Iowa by 6 points, and beating Joe Biden by 16 points.* That is the actual truth. MSNBC, you’ve failed once again with your hack political analysis.

  12. Who is between 16% and 3%?

  13. msnbc: Bernie plummeting to first place, Mayor Pete in a strong fourth continuing to rise.

  14. Considering the media bias Bernie is doing well ..hang in there, chaps!

  15. There is way more support for Bernie Sanders than the mainstream media gives him credit for. Bern or bust. Sanders 2020!!!

  16. Kathy Brintlinger | November 19, 2019 at 1:07 AM | Reply

    Please watch this video by “the rational national “ “ morning joe gushes over Buttigieg’s rise in Iowa “.

    • Kathy Brintlinger that’s the video that led me to this garbage. Glad there’s people who see right through pathological liar Pete

  17. Funberg Rundberg | November 19, 2019 at 1:51 AM | Reply

    Wearing out someones name is not a thing, It’s Bernie, use it.

  18. I want a leader in the white house who will protect and defend the USA constitution

    • Bernie Sanders has more military donations than Donald Trump and Pete buttigieg combined. Sanders just crossed 4 million individual donations, doing so faster than any campaign in the history of the United States.

  19. Pete’s the one.Id give him a “Monica”. 😉


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