1. “Some things in life they just don’t want to see
    But if Martin Luther was livin’
    He wouldn’t let this be, no, no“
    -Michael Jackson

  2. They killed MLK – that’s what they though about his peaceful approach and after his death riots happened.

    1. When society doesn’t care about them why should they care about society. Peaceful protests for example Kaepernick took a knee and was attacked for doing it. So either way they can’t get the change that society needs. The politicians are good at platitudes but nothing changes. The politicians call all protesters thugs. So as I said society doesn’t care why should they.

    2. @Mak Smik But enough racist to do damage for example, Bill Gates. One person can still do a lot of damage.

    1. @Wolfie _ 365 If a so called good cop know of what a so called bad cop did and remains silent that so called good cop is a BAD cop!!!!🤬🤬🤬🤬

    2. @Sharon Young Not only do they fall in line/sale out some actually make things worse… For instance, a black cop might treat a black citizen worse in front/around white cops just to prove he’s one of them… In boot camp the female drill instructors used to treat the male recruits/us worse than the male instructors just to prove they belonged…

    3. @Tewdy Quew What part of Atlanta are you from? When was the last time you seen the murder rate? When was the last time you heard of the MADDOG Units in the APD? When was the last time you been Downtown and seen the life come back to the city? The sheer amount of fucking money and time that the black community and the local government has put back into Atlanta to make it more than just Lemon Pepper wings and fucking Strokers, and you got the nerve to ask what change?

    4. @Cutecup7 ok so you kill and loot people??? You HONESTLY think this is a rational response

      These people are terrorists

  3. When their position enters in contradiction with our reality they respond to the interest of those who are in control…
    Enough has to be enough

  4. She looks like the kind of mom that will whip out that belt if she caught her son at the riots.

    1. My mother would whip out the belt if she saw me rioting and committing crimes too. And I turned 29 last month. Being a mother doesn’t change just because her kids are now adults.

    2. @Granny in pajamies There is better ways you can spread awareness than putting other innocent lives at risk

    1. @Alexander Goodwin R u a child? Since wen hav riots ever achieved anything? Is there a mind reading device we can use to root out all th secret racists? Grow up

    2. In that same message he said rioting was not the answer and you should look into the ideologies of people before quoting them.

  5. “Riots are the language of the unheard.” I keep seeing this quote people are posting by MLK. Which makes a valid point. He understood why riots occur. BUT he’s not saying it’s okay, he’s simply coming from a place of understanding. MLK always stood for peace. Many people do not understand his message, it goes right over their heads. All this violence and chaos will continue to happen time and time again, over and over, until humanity learns it’s lesson, peace and love is the way. Violence is NOT the answer. All it does is continue the cycle of hurt and abuse. Break the cycle.

    “Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.” MLK. He spoke the truth! People simply do not understand… you cannot fight fire with fire and expect the fire to go out. It will just continue to burn.

    1. skunkie110
      Without the rioting MLK’s “peaceful message” wouldn’t work, the government knew they better listen to the diplomats and “fix” the problems before it impacted them personally. MLK was eventually killed so where’s the peace in that? You always expect black people ( the victim) to be the bigger person and forgive the violence they’re experiencing but not all people will surrender to violence without fighting for their lives. White people showed they can’t give any freedom and respect to black people unless they’re forced by laws or violence. It took a war to end slavery, en entire movement that led to death to end segregation and yet still the government never changed. It’s still oppressing black people and asking them to understand. Why don’t you stop killing and discriminating against black people. We can either live peacefully together as brothers and sisters or die as enemies.

    2. Sweetie, the message of MLK was just a philosophy stolen grim Ghandi. There is no, ” his message.” It’s Ghandi’s message.

  6. Stay disciplined! George Floyd was known as the GENTLE GIANT. Honor him by standing TALL, STRONG and DISCIPLINED!

  7. I am a Republican, and I am so glad that there are Democrats out there who recognize that in order to actually change things in this country, you don’t do it by starting riots in the streets, but by starting discussions on Capitol Hill.

    1. They should have started with Obama but he was too busy changing the signs on the women’s public bathrooms, apparently.

    2. The discussions on Capitol Hill cannot be when the men who hold those discussions do not care about the topic of those discussions.

      Riots aren’t going to cause change, but they do send a damn good message.

    1. I agree and the bodies are stacking up by the next morning state to state. We have a curfew in LA CA. now whoever is out there in the dark anything can happen to them. Sad.

    1. The problem is, you got to research before voting. The police commissioner, judges, treasurers, major, governors. Everybody on every voting occasion. Not just the presidental. And you got to go deep in their history. Not just what they say in the election cycle and what their putting in your mailboxes. And unfortunately, we the people don’t have that kind of commitment to do this.

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