McAuliffe: I Don't Think Trump Has Courage To Come Back To Virginia 1

McAuliffe: I Don’t Think Trump Has Courage To Come Back To Virginia


Democratic nominee for Virginia governor Terry McAuliffe discusses his campaign and plan to defeat his opponent Glenn Youngkin.
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    1. Trump is coming to town like Santa only he won’t be bringing a bag of presents. The Audit train is rolling down the tracks and the big reveal is just weeks away. It is going to be a political earthquake like the Dems can’t even imagine. Soon we will all see who the real insurrectionists are.

    2. @Guided Meditation
      You guys have been saying that for 7 months. There is no Constitutional way for Trump to be “re-instated”, so you are just fooling yourselves — again

    3. @Guided Meditation That fraudit ain’t got $hit. The ‘big reveal’ is when it’s proven what a con job it is. Cyber boy taking the Az taxpayers for millions.

    1. Well, Trump became their best friend when they saw their ratings soar. Now that Trump is out of office and banned all over the place, MSNBC and CNN are losing ratings. They won’t dare report on anything REAL, like the border crisis or the fact that China is ready to demolish us, and the Democrats are taking advantage of the pandemic to get their Great Reset going, or that violent crime is skyrocketing all over the country and it’s hitting black neighborhoods hardest. Nope. They ignore that and report on Biden’s ice cream. The real truth is that Trump broke the media. They’re so funked up now, they don’t even realize what a job he did on them. They want desperately to get back to real, unbiased reporting but that would mean all their lies from the last four years would gradually become apparent.

    2. @Josh M pretty hilarious that a racist is accusing someone of being a racist….your hypocrisy is showing….better tuck that in

    1. @Trayc Russell it goes back more then 3 years it goes back to the tim Kaine era thats where started from and never stopped

    2. @Trayc Russell grew up here, family has been here for 9 generations. Never been more proud of my state!

    1. @Jock Young Youtube bot account. Hows that child trafficking at the border crisis going?

    2. Talking about Trump? I agree. Weird that somebody over 70 has the mentality of a 9 year old.

  1. Virginians are lucky whoever is in charge of the country did not appoint a progressive to run the state of Virginia!

  2. Virginia Beach is the only place you can work on your tan and step in human sht in the same day.

  3. Some people run their mouths for no reason – some run their mouths when they are scared something is going to show up and take their world away – are you watching Arizona?

  4. This guy is a corrupt tool. VA voters deserve someone that cares about the common man, not unions.

  5. Can’t buy gas, can’t afford lumber, can’t afford to buy a house, can’t afford to build a house, can’t hire new employees, the cost of living is skyrocketing, the value of American Dollars is decreasing, but thank God we don’t have to worry about the president saying something that hurts your feelings.

    1. @John Roberts Doesn’t Biden set the national budget? I’m pretty sure it was requested at 4.4 trillion under Trump, Biden is requesting 6 trillion. Our taxes haven’t gone up yet, as far as I know Trump’s tax cuts are in effect still, so that means that they borrowed from the federal reserve, increasing the amount of money in circulation. That means that each individual dollar is worth less.

  6. I love how it just cuts off at the end. The editor is right: That was enough of Chuck Todd for the day.

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