McCabe: Trump should be ‘very nervous’ about Pence’s testimony

Former FBI deputy director and CNN senior law enforcement analyst Andrew McCabe explains why former President Donald Trump should be "very nervous" after former Vice President Mike Pence testified to a federal grand jury investigating the aftermath of the 2020 election. #CNN #News


  1. Hopefully what Pence testified is the truth and the whole truth, as being a devout Christian, his allegiance should be to God his Saviour, and not to his former white house boss or to the political party. And that allegiance to God, is not just because God is his Saviour, but because allegiance to God is based on truthfulness and integrity. It is really sad to see how politicians , who call themselves Christians, would compromise their values because of wanting to be in the good books in the political party.

    1. And how many people cannot tell the difference between real goodness vs. people who are acting like the trickster Devil

    2. Don’t know how devout he is cause another went on during trump presidency and I just don’t believe he wasn’t aware

    1. @Maggie I have been watching news/media pundits and reporters since 1959, since 1965 as a hobby. So the answer is your damned right I think so. The sad thing is that only about a quarter of the country knows for sure this is true. Listen, watch and research will tell you.

    2. That’s her way of convincing herself it was ok to work for this crook. As soon as she spoke those words it became apparent.

    3. She also said he was a shrewd political strategist – or words to that effect. He seems like such a bumbling oaf to me. That image of him with the fly on his head (what attracts flies?) is how I remember and think of him.

    4. @Chancey Booth Not at all to me though. You see I am not bound by far left democrats to say stupid stuff like that.

  2. All I hope is that Pence was completely honest and transparent.
    Then we have an opportunity for true justice.

  3. This is really bad for Trump because Pence’s testimony should show that the two discussed Trump’s plot and his own admission he knew he didn’t win.

    1. They already know most of the answers they are looking for from Mikie. They’re hoping he coughs up a few extras under oath.

    1. @Hijodelaisla Pleasant dreams! Not nightmares like you’re going to have! Like man, do you watch the news? When we wake up from our pleasant dreams, we will be one day closer to watching them come true in real life.

    2. Yes, Smith does seem to be wanting to hold those accountable. Unfortunately though, Merrick Garland has the last word on indictments, not Smith.

    1. He’s not. Probably cannot stand him but as always anyone near Trump will have dirt held over them. Must be bad.

  4. I’m just speculating here, but I think that the only reason Mark Meadows hasn’t been called before the Grand Jury is because he’s actually a target.

  5. To an overseas observer, the legal process in the US appears interminable. The alleged offences took place in Jan 2021. This Grand Jury is still sitting, 28 months later. Then will follow a possible indictment, numerous delaying tactics, and finally a trial, appeal, etc. Five years from the original offence. How is this timely justice?

    1. You can blame the attorney General Merrick Garland. He’s a joke and sees no problem in taking as long as he wants.

    2. “Five years from the original offence. How is this timely justice?”
      It’s not. As has been mentioned, MONEY can buy time. Celebrity status also can buy time. This continued postponement needs to be changed, and SHORTENED. But, justice in the U.S. is a rich man’s game, and I therefore doubt anything will change.

    3. Great point but everything has to be done correctly and unfortunately it takes a long time especially when people aren’t forthcoming ..

  6. As Christians my wife and I spent years ministering to women in prison. And we would seriously trust many of the women to be more truthful than Pence. In other words, observing his actions for years we wouldn’t trust him one iota.

  7. Trump wanted to “Drain The Swamp”. Well with his arraignment and probable prosecutions, technically he would be keeping his promise for the first time. Good job Donny!

  8. Mike Pence has always lectured us about what a strong Christian he and his wife(“Mother”) are. His testimony will now let us know if he will display his “honest” recollection about the state of mind Trump had with his role on January 6th. Jesus is watching your actions Mike.

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