McCaffrey Blasts 'Terrible' FOX News Attacks On Gen. Milley 1

McCaffrey Blasts ‘Terrible’ FOX News Attacks On Gen. Milley


Trump-allied Republicans are getting help from FOX News with their attacks on Gen. Mark Milley after the Joint Chiefs Chairman defended the study of critical race theory. Four-star Gen. Barry McCaffrey joins to give his thoughts about the attacks on his former colleague.
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    1. Carlson is a chicken hawk. He wouldn’t last one week in booth camp. He’s attacking an airborne ranger! He has no clue how difficult it is to earn that designation. No offense to the 82nd, but Milley served in the best air borne unit in any army, the 101st Screaming Eagles. This people are badass. He is a half step behind the special forces. I was in the 4th Infantry Division, 1st Brigade LRRP unit in Viet Nam from 1967 to 1968 and I’m well aware of all the units that served with ARVN. You can’t be a wuss like Carlson if you’re an air borne ranger.

  1. Republicans claim daily that Democrats hate the military even though all the insults and accusations against the military Is coming out from the republicans own mouths!!!!

    1. @Michael Osterman “fake propaganda” is a tautology!
      Where were you educated?
      Wuhan or Havana?

    2. @ldbagwell “ad and scary”?
      Is that from a lefty bedtime story?
      So ad and scary I wet the bed?

    1. @Snake Pliskin yeah so who’s voters still wave the confederate/nazi flag we’ll wait

    2. @mike briganti Your old dress since you gained weight and can’t fit in it anymore so have to shop at Layne Bryant.

    1. @mike briganti
      Biden’s draft deferments were due to asthma. In case you’re unaware, asthma is a condition in which your airways constrict, limiting your ability to breath. For some reason, the armed forces consider having trouble breathing adverse to soldiering.
      You’re unaware that Trump got excused from the draft four times for being a student, and the fifth time for non-existent bone spurs? The doctor who wrote Trump’s get out of service letter did it as a favor to Fred Trump, who happened to be the doctor’s landlord. The doctors two daughters said it was a family joke for years. Not that funny for the man who had to go in place of Trump, however.

    2. It is good there is no more draft, but maybe it could be used as a legal punishment in some cases. Send tucker to bootcamp.

  2. Lord, JESUS CHRIST….this Tucker fella is outrageous. There’s disagreement and then there’s a total lack of decency and respect. Speechless

    1. Did Carlson call a respected and courageous 4 star general a pig and stupid ?
      He need only look in a mirror for a real view of such.
      Laura Ingram, a twit full of sheer toddle, will be just behind his RIGHT shoulder.

    1. @Michael Mcduffee Check out the Southern Poverty Law Center’s current list of hate groups and extremist organizations. Then come back and tell us that 99% are not right-wing Christian conservative organizations.

    1. @Tater Tot If after the last four years someone tells you they are an “independent,” it either means they are a lazy minded individual who can’t be bothered to inform themselves and thus dash for what they think is the least controversial position that requires no real facts to support it & espouse some false equivalency BS about both parties being equally as bad OR they are now too embarrassed of a party they used to associate themselves with but also to weak to take a stand against anti-democratic sentiment that will burn the entire democratic process down (and some actually are starting to say they think that is necessary).

    2. @keytwitchy you know, just because you are hysterically trying to rationalize your towing for the Democrat establishment I may just vote Republican in the midterms just for fun. 😉

    1. @Brian DeMello Brett Baeir (sp?) isn’t afraid to report facts sometimes. Shep Smith went to CNBC or somewhere

  3. “He can’t even define white rage…” – Tucker Carlson, through his rage-clenched veneers

    1. @This Bushnell What in the world are you talking about? This is supposed to be a political blog for people who are informed about politics.
      We learned about a compliant media who are in bed with the corrupt in entrenched political class at the end of the Hillary/Bernie campaign when the corruption of our DNC became obvious. You’ll remember that several DMC staffers were fired. One young man was murdered on the streets of DC walking home.
      WikiLeaks received a great deal of information about Hillary and John Podesta from several of our staffers and a high ranking Democrat who were very upset with the way the DNC was treating Bernie. We have to also remember that WikiLeaks has never lied to us. They were very careful about all the documentation that they published. We loved WikiLeaks when they were giving information about Bush and Cheney. We loved WikiLeaks then.
      Anyway, at that time WikiLeaks warned everyone about the MSM, Compliant with the corrupt and entrenched political class as well as the globalists. Everything we see on the news now favors government. The media should be the watchdogs of government.

    2. @flugsven I was not talking about black police officers. I saw several black people in and amongst the crowd who were rioting at the capital. There was also the leader of InserrectionUSA USA as well as BLM Who was outside the house chambers when the young woman was shot and killed. He attempted to give her aid and stated she was doing nothing but just standing there.
      He was arrested and the judge stated that he was such a dangerous person that he needed to be kept in jail and he was not granted bail. They were people of all races involved in this riot.

    3. @T. R. Campbell I don’t watch Fox, but I’ve seen several instances of their hypocrisy. Hypocrisy so blatant that it was fodder for late night talk shows. Every crazy cure Trump came up with they espoused as a cure-all. Every mob from the right is called Antifa even though said crowd says that they weren’t. I watch almost every thing because I know when they are pulling my chain. I don’t have to avoid them.

    4. @delor b Who is going to admit they were with antifa? We know one of the people arrested was the head of InserrectionUSA and BLM. He was known because he was the leader of this outfit. But the rank-and-file aren’t going to admit anything. A lot of others were Trump supporters who got caught up in riot.

    1. A new book out, discusses hannity getting his info off other reporters, of what’s really going on, then attacks the info, just your common gossip girl

    2. @joanne h He’s a political hack not a real journalist. He openly campaigned with Trump for the Republicans in 2018.

      Almost all of Fox is pure political theater.

  4. Inquiring minds want to know: if Tucker Carlson is called ‘entertainment,’ why does the chiron say ‘Fox News’?

    1. Yeah. They can play ALL sides: For their worshippers the Chiron reads “Fox news”. When in court defending a lawsuit against them it’s all “Tucker Carlson?? Ahh…smh…nooo! no no!. You see, Judge, he’s just the ENTERTAINMENT. He’s not meant to be taken seriously. Any reasonable person would know this”. So, basically, the GOP judge (eg Mary Vyskocil) manages to trick the complainant (eg: Karen McDougal) into thinking “See? I’m not lying. Even the judge basically said you’re a lying Tucker! I WIN!” When, in reality the judge just essentially called her stupid & gave her NOTHING except for what should have already been hers- released from her NDA Trump made her sign.
      And at the very same time, the judge can let Fox news & Tucker ENTIRELY unscathed. And, infact, have that precedent for the NEXT time Fox gets sued for Carlson’s mouth, only that won’t happen bc everyone knows by now- it’s entirely pointless! (Oh! Sry this is long. I’m just beside myself!).

    1. @John Mahoney He was being questioned by a teenage loving rightwing coke head frat boy Congressman. His tone was perfect.

    2. He’s just an over the hill 4 star that should have given up the gravy train years ago……like to see him on the PT field, the old fart…..

    3. @BEN K Well I dont agree with the assessment. I do however think he should step down. His Character is built on Fear.

  5. “Feed him a script and he will read it.” Tucker Carlson said that. Without even an ounce of irony.

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