McCaffrey: Taliban Takeover In Afghanistan Is Incredibly Grim 1

McCaffrey: Taliban Takeover In Afghanistan Is Incredibly Grim

The U.S. is sending thousands of troops back into Afghanistan to help with a partial evacuation of the U.S. embassy as Taliban fighters continue to take back cities. We discuss with Gen. Barry McCaffrey and Yamiche Alcindor.
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  1. Why doesn’t Joe just call it like it is? They will take Kabul within the month and it doesn’t matter how many soldiers they have nor what equipment they possess. The soldiers have no will to fight and our idea of Afghanistan is just lines on a map. They are tribal and nothing will change for centuries

    1. Biden is lost the Marxist elites wi let democracy know when they like there to busy creating a boogeymans to our democracy frist

    2. @Lolita Grant I’m voting for trump if he runs in 2024, we can’t have Biden go in for a second term. The economy is way worse under Biden than Trump, but the media refuses to mention Biden name in a negative light. I like trumps leadership, hr took no bs from anyone and would call out everyone. I’m not even sure if Biden is the one actually running the country.

    1. @MetalDetroit no I’m sorry they aren’t, that’s just shows they didn’t make sense. Catholicism and Christianity are literally the same thing. They were killing members of their own religion in the name of the same exact god, thanks for further proving how stupid the people who follow these religions really are.

    2. @6!X TheGod WRONG. Catholicism and Christianity are NOT the same thing. You just proved you don’t know what you’re talking about.Catholics are Christians, but not all Christians are Catholics. And the height of Rome’s empire, they were a pagan empire. Not Christian. Christians were persecuted by the romans.

  2. “The longest 4 miles in the world…”

    Those words belong within a great epic. But unfortunately they’ll lay within the prologue of a tragedy.

    1. “Those words belong within a great epic. But unfortunately they’ll lay within the prologue of a tragedy.”

      Those words belong within a great epic, but unfortunately they’ll lay within the prequel to a prologue of a tragedy.

    2. Imagine if Afgh*n*st*n had invaded a country for 20 years
      tried to transform it but built nothing
      destroyed and killed 47,000 innocent civilians.
      Then fled in the middle of the night
      leaving behind millions of dollar worth of military equipment
      and abandoned all its allies as it went.

      Doesn’t that country’s withdrawal exposed the hypocritical face of it
      forcing its so-called ‘freedom, democracy and human rights’ on others
      and push for regime changes around the world
      has led to conflict, war, terrorism, refugees?

      But at the cost about 2 trillion US dollars
      and more than 2,000 US soldiers’ lives,
      thousands coming home with mental health
      that country just could not handle it.
      Isn’t it a portrayal of the current decline in the US’ national strength?

      But we’re expected to believe that country has accomplished the mission
      and they should get some credit for ‘ending the war’.

  3. “in many instances are just giving up” Care to elaborate? No?
    That’s because you know you’re totally mischaracterizing and exaggerating the chain of events.

    1. I dont now how you can exaggerate the taliban cutting off the heads of all there people who dare to wear a police uniform

    1. To all US military terrorists in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Libya, Yemen and everywhere else : get lost . Nobody wants you here .

    2. @BehAnrika Shasheedom enjoy your beheadings and warfare!
      My country gets to enjoy alcohol and half naked women!

    1. @The Schwa Sound The last administration didn’t say pull out and let them die. Funny how they didn’t overrun the country knowing Trump was still in charge, he wouldn’t have followed through once they started conquering and slaughtering everyone.

    2. @Rolls Royce Network Glad you’ve got jokes while real death is dished out on innocent people.
      I am sure those innocent people are comforted by your laughing emoji…

    3. @tori2dles Why weren’t Taliban forces conquering the country under Trump then?

      Because they knew he wouldn’t withdraw of they made that move.
      Trump wouldn’t be letting the slaughter happen, that’s Bidens show. And we know your loving it with your latte and gouda bacon sandwhich

    4. @Guy North Oh really?! I guess you know that 65-67% of electricity comes from FOSSIL FUELS?! You think oil/nat gas won’t be needed / important in 30 years??? Ahahaha.
      p.s. it was really childish how you skirted the FACT of the Stan’s pipeline, and went straight to ad hominem, The bankers are centuries ahead of you strategicly!!

  4. “We are training the Afghan army very successfully. SOON they will be able to defend the country.” This is the kind if statement we often hear from the American and NATO, not forgetting that the UK weren’t slow to brag about its achievements.

    Accompanying these statements, images of Afghan army on the ground, or leaned against a wall, a rifle in hand, enthusiastically pulling the trigger.

    Then the trainers further boosted the good news by saying that “These Afghan recruits are very fast learners. They are very keen to defend their country from the Taliban. And they learned everything we taught them. In six months, they will be able to defend their country against the terrorists.”

    Then more images of Afghan soldiers firing away at imaginary enemies at a distance. I have a strong suspicion that these were staged. It is to convince Americans and countries which blindly followed America into the 20 year war, that everything in under control, that there is nothing to worry about. Could the military did it just to keep the pay checks rolling in? Can you imagine what the Pentagon’s options are with all those soldiers on the payroll, and with no particular place to go? It is a big con job.

    1. They didn’t train them like they trained ISIS. Taliban turns themselves in to the government and calmly says, “You will be Taliban”—and then something like magic happens.

  5. Y’all see all the breaks of the clip with Biden. I would put a paycheck on it that they just wanted to cover up some major gaffs he said.

    1. Yeah, the propaganda empire (aka “mainstream media”) coddles Biden like he is their special needs son. They don’t even pretend to try to tell us the truth anymore – they just lie straight to our face now, always in service of their political and business allies.

    2. Because there’s no such thing as signal loss. EVER. We all have internet problems, that doesn’t mean there’s some troll on the other end, constantly disconnecting you from the internet & laughing about “Conspiracy” LOL

  6. So no one remembers all the pictures of John McCain with the leaders of the Taliban to create cells within to control it all? And so America is leaving… OK… I believe that.

  7. I mean we’ve been at war for so long that this “War on Terrorism” is gonna change to “The Second Hundreds Years’ War”

  8. what happened to all the money/training, spent on Afghanistan, for twenty years? Flush! Oh no! It’s clogged up!

    1. @Mark H I’m sure they are all broken up about it. All that equipment, oh well I am sure they work hard to replace it at double the cost as a favor to the American tax payer. True patriots Lockheed.

  9. “Commando Forces 1st rate” By 1st rate you mean: an average of maybe 10 out of every 70 fight, the rest spend their time smoking hashish The Retired general obviously hasn’t worked with Afghan Commando Forces

  10. 300,000 well equipped soldiers

    All afghans know: Most are “ghost” soldiers who don’t exist but still have salaries which sent to them that are pocketed by the government

    Afghan soldiers dismantled and sold their own equipment for money lol

    They were in it for the money. They don’t even believe in the Afghan governments cause

    1. Well if they don’t believe the government cause, do they want the Taliban? If that’s what they want, that’s what they will get. Enjoy.

    2. It’s not 300k more like 150k, maybe less with the ghost numbers.
      There is Afghan commando forces, which are basically sometimes equivalent to a regular US infantry of the US, wlthough they have alot of experience fighting. The rest are poorly train militias, who if you have seen videos of them, you will understand the collapse.
      The commandos do 80% of the offensive actions, and majority of the losses in the war are incurred by Afghan troops stretched thin. Meanwhile, we know how the Taliban work, they are happy to die fighting.
      But to be honest Taliban might bring an end to a fractured country. Although there probably will be areas still held by Kabul, and some other forms of insurgency against the Taliban.

    3. @Ryan Dooley “Then they deserve what they get.”
      No they don’t. The people of that country don’t “deserve” to live under a brutal theocracy.

    4. With the US’ sudden withdrawal from Afghanistan
      the deteriorating security situation in Afghanistan
      could mean a complete collapse of India’s investment in the region,
      which could be a heavy blow to the Indian government.

      India is dissatisfied with the US on the vaccine,
      as the US has been hoarding doses
      while Indians suffer from vaccine shortages.

      The US might promise more vaccines to the epidemic-battered country,
      it seems that the gesture would turn out to be an empty promise.

      The US has been bugging India with “human rights concerns”
      after India introduced a Citizenship Amendment Bill
      that Western voices deemed “anti-Muslim discrimination.

      ‘It may be dangerous to be America’s enemy,
      but to be America’s friend is fatal.’ said Henry Kissinger

  11. What’s truly sad is that we practically outfitted the Taliban with weapons when they eventually seize Bagram and Kabul.

    1. @Eric Kolkey just don’t even try to have a conversation with him! He is obviously not interested in holding a serious conversation.

    2. @Josephecles Opasno No that was not because you are asking for the factual numbers but your attitude is what is weird. Especially to keep asking me and then even asking me in my language because you may think I’m too dumb to understand what you are asking of me. So you are calling me a sheep because it angered me that Taliban took over and are actually keeping all our equipment!?

    3. @Sabrina P Schafe, wenn du alles glaubst, was du hörst, ist es, als ob Schafe fressen, was auch immer sie füttern…..

    4. @Josephecles Opasno I’m far from that kind of person! I actually do a lot of research before I form an opinion! But when it comes to the Taliban situation here in regards of our equipmentI actually saw a video of it where they were riding in these humvee’s and had all the weapons laid out after they took over the military base. But whatever I say I will just get a smart comment back from you so I am not entertaining this discussion with you any longer. Enjoy the rest of your day!

  12. Gotta love how we abandoned the airfield and gave them drones, humveess, and MRAPs. Tfw you’ll never be able to milsurplus the gear we’re giving away to the Taliban for free

    1. Communist! Your POTUS took the leash off the Taliban, and made deals with them! Did you forget they were the ones that attacked the twin towers, yet you praise a POTUS that praises the Taliban, nice you revoked your own bassically citizenship.

    2. @Ryan Haddock Trump still left special forces and other troops there. Joe Biden attempted to leave completely. Which I think was dumb. Why do you think we still have based in Germany, Korea, Japan, etc. You don’t just up and leave. We keep doing that to the people of Afghanistan, and people wonder why they hate us.

    3. @Julian Sutton Let them hate us, who cares? It’s not worth anymore lives. We tried to defeat the Taliban and failed.

  13. We don’t care what happens to Afghanistan. We finally got the Taliban to agree to let the TAPI Pipeline to be built. Wonder what we promised them in exchange at those negotiations. We got what we wanted, that’s the whole reason we went over there, so now we’re out. Too bad the media never talks about the TAPI Pipeline or else this would all make perfect sense to everyone.

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