1. He says it’s not how you start it’s how you finish which isn’t totally true.

      Where you started does matter cause it affected the future. 1st by not convicting Trump, 2nd challenging Roe v wade and not expecting pushback and #3 going along with the election lies on Jan 6.

      These starting positions are the reasons why he didn’t get a 60 or 70 seat majority in the house.


  1. Of course, for him, it doesn’t matter that the House doesn’t do any kind of work for an indefinite time!
    Everything that matters to him is to be the Speaker! Nothing else!

    1. @Chick with Stick Biden duped you. Get ready for a depression this summer. The economy is about to tank.

    2. Dems can vote for him… as they havent numbers to get own man in..but no Dems ratgher do nothing and blame others for doing nothing

  2. Kevin’s grabbing the speakership by the gavel. No respect for consent. Dude it said no 11 times…

    1. But the majority of people voted in a majority of house of representatives and Jeffries hasn’t got anymore in 11 times. You people need to give up, we don’t want the corrupt Democrats. Lmao. We’ve had enough of your party destroying our economy and ignoring the border and massive spending bills. F off.

  3. Well, if he wanted to go down in history, he is definitely achieving that goal. I don’t imagine this is what he had in mind though.

    1. @Lisa Lee
      😂🤣I can. It’s typical Republican behavior of the past 17 years. Pointing fingers, blaming others across the aisle, deliberately lying in the face of the evidence. Yea, typical Republicans.🤨

    1. Maybe if he gives the insurrection caucas NFTs of TFG looking like Mussolini they will vote for him? It is January 6th after all.

  4. “I have no shame and no dignity, so the constant humiliation doesn’t bother me. And this is cheaper than paying a dominatrix.”

    1. I really don’t think any self-respecting dominatrix would abuse McCarthy for any amount of money — it would be too humiliating to her!

  5. What the hell is going on? You can’t lose 11 votes and still keep going. Either the GOP has one agreed candidate who is elected without a vote or it has two or more with the majority vote taking the seat. This is just ludicrous

    1. How about other nominees that are not part of the corporate government failure that put our country in the hole to begin with.

      The people resisting have put fourth numerous candidates far more worthy.

    2. It’s way worse than Ludicrous. It’s like Eminem.
      Will the REAL house speaker,
      please stand up…
      (rapping in Bugs Bunny voice)

    3. Dems house members have a vote.. they can always vote for him..if they so concerned about house being in dead-lock..no? didnt think so…

    1. @Fly with me LOL typical left wing rhetoric. ”MAGA”. I never said I was a forever Trumper, but nice try. That’s like me calling you a socialist progressive like AOC if I just condensed all of you people into one.

    2. @Wom Bat
      This is what you voted for, a clown show ? 11 loses in 3 days and no speaker in sight.
      McCarthy will go down in history as the biggest losser of them all. Holy cow.

    3. @Wom Bat
      “I never said I was a forever trumper…”
      You sound very ashamed.
      But you don’t have to say those exact words.
      Because every time you post “Trump 2024,” which you frequently do, you say “I’m a forever idiot!”
      Dolt 45 could only serve 1 more term so technically there are 0 forever trumpers.

    4. @Wom Bat sounds pretty selfish and yes there are 20 members of congress on the Republican side who support the QAnon ideas

    1. @Michael Morningstar Oh, really? Well, stay tuned tonight. It’s most likely neither of our desires will be realized.

    2. @Michael Morningstar So you don’t know that the House is convening again at 10 PM EST to resume voting? I will waste no more time with you.

    1. Having no alternative but to do the same thing over and over is torture, and brings its own sort of insanity. But the way out is to do something different. Time alone can create enough motivation to arrive at that decision, and then we will see what happens.

  6. This guy’s gonna have to pull an Oprah. “You get a car”, “You get a car”, “Everyone gets a car!”

  7. I don’t think a single Republican watched this mess and decided “I’m going to vote Democrat next election!”

    But I’m pretty sure a whole lot of them decided “I think I’ll just stay home next election.”🙂

  8. Republicans can nominate George Costantos: “It’s not a lie if you believe it.” or McCarthy could use the Jerry Seinfeld race campaign: “I choose not to run.” If they can field a teenage female candidate, Gaetz will cross state lines to vote for her and if it’s a male teenage wrestler, Gym Jordan is down.

    1. if the house member you voted for after promising to stand up on certain issues that swayed you to vote for them… yet after getting ur vote..than the first thing they did is to vote for a leader that stands for the total opposite..you’d be pissed

      Most Gop members not voting for him..were elected to challenge unlimited tax payers money sent to Ukraine and also to other nations as Aid,, when most nations getting the Aid have enough money to spend on weapons,nukes,defense..luxury for its leaders etc

      A good Politicians stands by the people who voted them in first and foremost..the party comes 2nd…

      If you dont understand that..i guess its why most politicians lie for ur vote and get away with it over and over again

  9. Wait… so everything in the country has to be put on hold because McCarthy needs to brush up on his communication skills? If someone told me they failed their driving licence test 11 times, I’d be a little reluctant to hop in with them.

    1. Ur comment isnt the Own! of Kevin you thought it was

      The process hasnt finished yet.. its just started badly


    1. its called someone that despite not getting there keeps going… winning easy takes skill… keep trying over and over takes guts

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