1. “He’s not out of the woods…yet.” – Mitch McConnell
    Now let’s watch his spine dissolve into jello and slither away into a near by storm drain.

    1. @yu stu they’ll tell you it’s racist or that’s not how America was created. We were created through our diversity. Yet, they are the same people whom have the secluded homes with pearly gates surrounding them, cameras, security, etc… and most likely drive a Prius or Tesla which will be parked inside their mini compound with borders to keep the homeless out of their backyards. They are the biggest virtue signaling hypocrites which is why I would never associate with The Democratic Party of 🇨🇳

    1. @David Bandelier What happened on January 6th was more than a riot. It was an INSURRECTION and it has NOTHING to do with whatever else happened last summer. Those can be investigated separately. Like I heard a journalist on TV this morning say – when the 9/11 Commission was formed, it wasn’t asked that the bombing at Oklahoma City be investigated as well. Republicans are trying to sweep it under the run or change the subject. This isn’t going away. What happened on January 6th was an all out attack on our democracy and that must never be allowed to happen again. This is something that the entire country, including ALL lawmakers, should be united on. It is sad this it is not.

    2. @Dizzy Duke Sure it isn’t going to happen because the swamp is the DOJ and the FBI…But the Impeach 45 call came the same day he was elected.. From the very beginning you have an FBI director setting up the President with a paid for by the opposition candidates Lie Manifesto and rushing out to a waiting SUV to get the scam in action…. Lies Lies and more Lies, The FBI had a “Back up Plan, we’ll stop him if he does get elected…. Just such atrocous hypocrisy with Clinton’s Server,and Russia and China getting everything going in and out of it too. A Republican would be surely be in jail for decades on that breech of security. …. We’ll see if the Democrats can steal the votes they need in 2022 when historically the ruling party loses Seats. If they hold or gain any it will be verified the fix is in…But the unverified voters and ballot harvesting could be the final nail in the coffin of what once was an honest and trusted voting system! America will have a good observation of where the Dementia is progressing to by then also…And how bad the Democrats have shot themselves in the foot as they always do, every time!

    3. @Tee Mack
      Really? Because all I saw was Trump and Republicans rigging an election. And it failed big time. So go cry about it some more, snowflake.

  2. This is why OJ Simpson never called for an investigation into his ex-wife’s murder after he was “acquitted.”

    1. @juve3030 because its a public building and the public has a right to our taxpayer funded infrastructure

    2. @Josh Lee there was a motive there, all traitors that attempt to circumvent the Constitution need to hang in public!

    3. “The president bears responsibility for Wednesday’s attack on Congress by mob rioters,” Kevin McCarthy said on the House floor. “He should have immediately denounced the mob when he saw what was unfolding. These facts require immediate action by President Trump.”

  3. I hope, hope, hope it passes! We need answers…the United States voters need answers. We the people of United States who pay taxes need answers!!…NOW!! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

    1. @Nimbus Nimbus IV “it was all antifa”. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Over 400 insurrectionists arrested, and all of them long time vocal trump supporters. You’re just another delusional trump cultist. Seek professional psychiatric help.

    2. @Ali Durand what truth dummmy?
      Don’t be so dramatic over some left wing nonsense
      Bet you were saying that about the russia and Ukraine hoax. Give me a break

    3. what we need is for the justice dept to investigate honestly. Merrick Garland needs that latitude, because a commission of 1/2 dem 1/2 republican? it will end up a pile of BS.

    4. @Marjorie Breslin No, I talk with truth and facts. What do you have? Terrorist propaganda from FOX? Insane conspiracy theories? Proven lies?

    1. @Janet Montgomery But I’m always right. It’s hard for me to be wrong when I’m always right. Traitor tRump lost, btw. The GOP is torn asunder yet, somehow, I’m wrong, lol. Stay delusional.

    1. That’s exactly why it WON’T happen. Republicans would have to answer under oath for things that they’ve done on live television and can’t say they didn’t do. They either admit their traitors, or they get charged with perjury. So they will block this to their dying breath.

  4. The Republican Party wants to “move on from Jan. 6th”. If you read between the lines, they are clearly saying “sweep this under the carpet as quickly as possible”! Some of them need to hid a LOT. A LOT needs to be brought to justice and I’m sure this makes ole man McCrappy very nervous. The Commission will reveal that he made that phone call to his master asking him to STOP the attack and that won’t fair well with Satan, ey Kevie?

    1. Something magical how these people get the people to focus on certain things and just forget about others!! It’s amazing to watch!!

  5. I have a feeling, based on observing all the corruption, that McCarthy will go down the Gaetz path.

    1. as Xiden is Destroying the Country Pongbert says – ignorence can be worked with but stupid cannot be fixed

    2. @Larry Tierce Not a hoax at all there has been many revelations about that since bBiden took office and the sanctions he put on Russia are directly from them intefering to help Trump. You are spewing right wing nonsense.

    3. You are so lost. Guess you still think Mueller investigation will still find Trump collusion. Your a sad being. Try to be human at some point in your life. Try thinking for yourself and not to be puppet. Sigh

  6. They oppose investigation because they fear accountability. We need a criminal investigation by DoJ.

    1. @David Bandelier lol… Biden fired all of the Fed prosecutors but two. You should feel better knowing that years of DoJ corruption under Barr and Trump are over.

    2. @Larry Tierce you wouldnt know a commie if he was shooting at you but, wasnt it Trump who, on national tv, begged China to help swing the election? Didnt Ivanka make 82million, while in the WH, doing business w China? Seems like you racist, seditious, Trump worshipping, fascists not only serve Trump and Putin, you also serve the PRC.

  7. McCarthy knows some of his members assisted the rioters. He knows what an independent commission is going to find.

  8. People are so busy doin evilness to another that they don’t see that KARMA exists. And thats a fact.

  9. After daily nuclear levels of humiliating behavior I’m quite sure just a run of the mill, every day, generic humiliation would not even register with McCarthy.

  10. He sound like he was reeeeal close to Liz they were best friends. They were at a retreat together. Lol these people Are all best friends and all know eachother these people are what you call swamp people. It’s like cliques in high school

  11. They don’t wanna be involved so they can say that “it’s just crazy liberals trying to cancel us” instead of actually having to defend their actions.

  12. McCarthy is playing 2D checkers on a 3D chessboard. He’s in way over his head

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