McCarthy Names GOP Reps Who Voted To Overturn Election To Jan. 6 Committee 1

McCarthy Names GOP Reps Who Voted To Overturn Election To Jan. 6 Committee


McCarthy nominated five Republicans to the January 6th Select Committee. Three of them voted to overturn the election results, including Rep. Jim Jordan.
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  1. Smh.. This is like a bad movie where you already know the jokes before they say them. This is like the final season of “empire” where it was so predictable.

    1. They want to blame the Dow numbers on the Delta Variant. It’s actually Yellen’s psychotic economic plan and printing money that’s driving inflation. Biden is incompetent.

    1. @JC they are Trump loyalists because they betrayed their country by voting to overturn the election that Trump lost fairly.

    2. @Kelly Moses They didn’t betray the country. You just exposed the fact that you don’t know how our system works. They constitutionally have the right to vote against. That doesn’t mean they are loyalists. You guys operate like people with dementia or the lowest common denominator political spectrum. Trump didn’t lose fairly which we are seeing with AZ audit and there are more audits to come. BTW your profile is kinda empty you’re not one of those nuts that trolls are you? Hope you get a head check soon if you are.

    1. @Beverley Ibrahim It’s a shame that our public officials are not willing to do a bipartisan investigation on our democracy whenever they scream fraud every election.

    2. @Beverley Ibrahim She is an enemy of the Constitution. Her attacks on the 1st, 2nd, 4th, 5th, and 14th amendments prove it. She should be given life at Gitmo.

    3. @Daniel Enrique Hernandez You have evidence of dead people voting? I’ve only heard about the repubs that sent in ballots for their dead relatives. Guess what they are going to jail.

  2. These are actually Trumps picks. McCarthy spent a week with Trump before this announcement

    1. @Styx62 Ga Styx is rite twump won me and Styx are weally smart in hed and I gonna send twump some money to help out you in Styx ?

    2. @Nancy Ross I thought that was confirmed to be All made up lies..It is actually Joe that’s in Putins pants..wake up..

  3. Man, to be a fly on the wall for their upcoming meetings. It’d be like a spy vs. spy game of chess uncomfortably playing in the background given that the committee’s function is compromised right out of the gate.

    1. Once Again, JokeTube sways Likes to favor MSDNC but clearly judging by all the Negative Comments JokeTube got OWNED AGAIN!!! LOL

    2. @Gruhnades yea congress has done nothing but screw we the people and get rich off of us while taking care of big bankers. and i mean both sides of the aisle, not one party or the other. it’s almost like jan 6th could have been a good thing…i think those that went in that day and the people who protested all of 2020 should join forces, not hate each other. the true enemy is the government, they love it when we all fight with each other because then we’re too distracted and busy to care how they screw us.

    1. @Julian Thompson What’s changed in 2021 in terms of engaging with trolls is that there are some 300 insurrectionists/domestic terrorists who invaded the Capitol on January 6th ’21 who are still at large—and I imagine that many of them are not only crowing in these spaces (by spouting obvious lies with no proof), but are also delighted that the DOJ (like the SCOTUS) remains captured, as Biden didn’t implement a great purge within the DOJ of Drumpf loyalists. Just yesterday, an insurrectionist/domestic terrorist only got 8 months for entering the capital despite carrying rope that could’ve been used to aide in the gallows they constructed for Mike Pence and latex gloves to presumably not leave finger prints of a pre-planned dastardly deed. Thus, I’m cautioning those of you who discuss with good faith to avoid entertaining trolls that could probably be amongst the 300 who actually represent a clear and present danger to us…

    2. @BigMug Bob yeah we can have opinions on who and if someone incited a riot however “Trump incited Jan 6 riot” is an opinion and that’s a fact.

    3. @william shuster who’s brainwashed? Imagine putting a lobbyist activist groups sign in your front yard(BLM). Their leaders that have left have exposed for a fact what that organization stands for. There’s a difference between cry baby haters who let Trump live in their brains and a normal conservative. I am neither but you can’t even get that far. Just another political party puppet

  4. T’is spellbound for a complete disaster, a new wave of dramatic nonstop round of shouting till threats in whole those meetings/hearings.

  5. Watching the news anymore is Cheap Entertainment kinda like the little animated movie some theaters played before the big feature; the one where if you had to use the bathroom or get refreshments, that was the time to go cause you weren’t missing a thing(lol!!!)

  6. If you didn’t know that Jim Jordan was going to be on this committee you haven’t been paying attention

  7. Demfilth just need to accept that there was no insurrection, there was a protest turned average Tuesday night ‘peaceful protest’ for Portland.

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