McCarthy: Pelosi Has Created A 'Sham Process' 1

McCarthy: Pelosi Has Created A ‘Sham Process’

“For months, we have negotiated with Republicans,” Asst. House Speaker Rep. Clark (D-MA) said. Senator McCarthy saying Speaker Pelosi created a ‘sham process’ is “beyond hypocritical.” 

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    1. @Ron K He fall to the ground. Mc Carthy is laying down with a dog, and he will get up with fleas..!!

  1. I’m so confused. Why does McCarthy care? If he cared, he would have supported the bipartisan investigation.

    1. @Lisa Miller McCarthy should have just appointed his picks for the community not the donald’s picks.

    2. @Great Day it was a peaceful protest except for some idiots ,it wasn’t a insurrection or a coup stop with the political BS

    3. @Eric Klaus you come on these channels everyday just to cry everyday. Trump lost and you cried hard.

    4. @Eric Klaus That was donald’s boy McCarthy, klaud. Go back to the archive reels and check it out. It’s hard to deny when one is being recorded live on the floor of the house. Madam speaker let me be perfectly clear!

  2. If you wouldn’t trust Gym Jordan to oversee your kid why would you trust him to oversee an insurrection?

    1. @Belly Dancer Em: You’d think Biden’s DOJ would start charging people with insurrection…..weird huh?

  3. The onlyn sham is McCarthy. He is untrustworthy and must not ever be Speaker of the House.

    1. Ummmm actually in reality Democrats support TRANS-KIDS LGBTQ abortion and defunding the police

  4. No Sir, you are trying to created a cover up. Let’s stop sprinkling sugar on and disguising it as chocolate…
    It’s clear where his alliance stands.

    1. @David Gore I may be using “illogical fallacies”. But at least I don’t need to sweeten up my points for my argument to sound good. But that’s something democrats have to do.

    2. @david brandie I like the “yes yes no no” I thought it was funny. I don’t even think they can get to a toilet let alone flush one.

    1. Vote BLUE on the 2022 and 2024 elections! Show those republicans that the American People do not accept there lies any longer.

  5. McCarthy, poster child for the biggest criminal class outside of a prison, politicians! You were hired to serve the nation when are you going to start?

    1. Vote BLUE on the 2022 and 2024 elections! Show those republicans that the American People do not accept there lies any longer.

    2. I live in SoCal and McCarthy happens to be my congressman. I can honestly state that he has never, ever done a single thing which benefits our district in any meaningful or lasting way. He’s nothing but a slimy grifter…. totally bought and paid for.

    1. @reality … so? The republiKarens have the bulk of the country’s inbreds In their ranks. FACT. What’s your point?

    2. Was about to say precisely this. McCarthy brought this reality into existence. This is on him. The Republicans had a chance to distinguish the party from the insurrectionists and show they’re not one and the same. And he dropped the ball. Now there will be two investigations: a fair, bipartisan investigation, and a partisan sham for show.

  6. For once Nancy did the right thing. This has to be a working committee – not the circus Jordan would have made it. You can’t have people on a committee who are the very ones who caused the insurrection in the first place.

  7. Wow, talk about the pot calling the kettle black. The sham is tRump, McCarthy, Cruz, MTG, Gaetz, and so many more in the New QAnon Party, still referred to as the GOP.

  8. Utter garbage. His colleague Liz Cheney is ready to hear big kev’s testimony about January 6th

  9. No she didn’t create a sham. What would be a sham is to allow senators on the committee that are purposefully trying to disrupt and undermine it instead of seeking the facts.

  10. These Republicans should be stripped of their office. END OF STORY. if they can’t promote truth Democracy, and safety for Americans you are FIRED. Like Trump used to say.

    1. That’s the best statements that I ever read yet , this is the worse rep. Party that I ever seen, and the former president trump’s he said he gonna drained the swamp, yes ended he drained the swamp for him self for him self added on his a crock bullies lying fake news wicky leaks races and most of all he thinks he’s above the law, I hope all this people that breaking the law will go to jail soon if they found guilty, and justice will be served May God bless America

    2. Who should be stripped of their office? The Republicans that Pelosi was so afraid of doing real investigative work that she had to ban them from the committee, the first time any partisan committee ban like this has been done since the founding of the nation?

    3. Congress woman Clark was so strong and on point until she was asked why she thinks the two republicans were rejected by Pelosi for the committee appointments. Those two were directly responsible for inciting the insurrection attempt. Clark, Pelosi, et al. Don’t try to hide your hand! You’re hiding nothing and you’re doing yourself a disservice by ‘dodging’ this question. Protect the American people by threats foreign and *DOMESTIC*. Republicans will Republican, as the virtuous hide no truths.

  11. Pelosi created the perfect forum with a member of McCarthy’s Party already chosen. Liz Cheney. Power move by Pelosi & Cheney. McCarthy is trying really hard to not get at the truth.

  12. No, McCarthy took a valid committee and tried to make it a sham with Jordan and the other ignominious choices…

  13. McCarthy is a not a man but a follower, not a leader, a man that does not have truth in his body, terrible person.

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