1. If no one is denying that Biden won the election then someone should ask McCarthy why he still supports the one person who denies that Biden won.

    1. @Crimdor the drama is totally Tepublican owned. You’ve swallowed the hook so deep if they pulled it out you’d be gut dead.

    2. @nobody loves losers they do bruh idk why y’all still think she doesn’t

    3. Bahahahaha sure that Biden is the most popular president in American history. More popular than Obama and Clinton? Hahahahaha

    4. nobody loves losers – I do hope you come back and respond to the comment I left about democrats that objected to the 2016 election results and how the one senator that said that voting machines where hacked by Russia led to a media storm about how Russians did in fact alter the results in the election, even though those claims were debunked by our own intelligence agencies.

  2. Unbelievable I wonder how these AH’s can live with themselves and face their children. No conscience

    1. @Garden Girl – Kinda funny them talking about facing children, when the left murders theirs by the millions,eh?

    2. @ChinaJoe BigGuy Still waiting for a real sentence addressing something, and still waiting for something resembling intelligence. Probably never going to get it.

    3. The capital protestors were bad, but only a few of them were destroying things. The riots in portland were probably worse trying to burn down the federal courthouse nightly which is still going on was worse and there is no outcry against it in the media or from the left.

    1. @No No I agree with you …these Trump lovers have ZERO critical thinking ability! kinda like a chicken of goat in the farmyard …right now , right here , me, me , me .me!

    2. @Donnie And The Oathbreakers Lmao thats a perfect description! They basically just do the opposite of common decency because they can, no other reason.

    3. @Sugar Shane lol Mccarthy literally baselessly accused people of being communists in order to ruin their image in the public eye. Did you fail U.S. history or something? This is very basic stuff. Just because he didn’t literally call it cancel culture doesn’t mean its not the same exact thing. Its actually proof youre all massive hypocrites whove been engaging in the behavior you pretend to get triggered over for years.

    4. @Sugar Shane When did dems ever baselessly call people communists? Do you really not understand what Mccarthyism is lol. Republicans are the ones who call everything under the sun that they disagree with some variant of communism/socialism/marxism.

      I’d be willing to bet a LOT of money you couldn’t define any of those words properly on the spot if someone offered you a million dollars to do so.

    5. @Sugar Shane This is just sad seeing you try to grapple with terms you dont even have a passing grasp of. You want to be correct without having put in the effort and critical thinking to ensure that youd be correct. There is no honor in destroying insects in an argument. I’m through here 🤏😂

  3. If nobody is questioning the legitimacy of the election why are they still insisting on various audits of election results?

    1. This is why they’re changing the election law to ensure it will always be a Democrat vote

  4. McCarthy: we accept Biden’s win
    Liz Cheney: I accept that biden won
    McCarthy: We’re kicking you out Liz

    1. @ChinaJoe BigGuy ah, yes, i forgot that someone directly involved with what was going on is far less reputable than some tin hat conspiracy youtuber broadcasting from his basement to you guys, my bad.

      p.s. nice diversion but you still haven’t backed up your statements with anything. says a lot that you consider having a source for your claims an “impossible standard”.

    2. @The Atlantis Expert Very True. And of course the party is also doing a great job of making itself look bad.

    3. @Just Another Pleb There were many real audits and many court cases. All the audits certified the election and all of the court cases certified the election. No exceptions. So what’s the problem??

    4. @Just Another Pleb You are totally missing the point. All of the investigations and court cases have already proven transparency. And the state of Arizona does not have every right to set up the audit the way they have, that’s why it’s being challenged. They are just doing it to try and prolong Trump’s idiotic claims about the election. Enough is enough. Biden won and it has been proven many times now.

    5. @Just Another Pleb If you don’t care, why are you here? Nobody’s yelling, just presented you with a few facts. What are you, five years old?

  5. Rep. Clyde: How many tourist visits do you allow to wipe feces on the floors and walls of the Capitol?

    1. @I escaped Communism what is it about ANTI- FACISM that you people dont seem to get? Anti means against! The fact that you cant even recognize the facist aspects of the GOP and instead attack groups who fight against it shows just how ignorant and ill-informed republican voters are. Which party is trying to limit voting access? Which party had their supporters storm a government building to interfere with the democratic process? And yet you still sit there crying about some FOX propaganda about cities burning and supposed mass killings by civil rights protestors. Remind me again who it was that ran a woman down in Charlottesville and who traveled to another state with an illegally purchased gun and shot two people? Now, name some BLM murders that happened, I’ll wait….

    2. @Light Worker BLM is three letters that stand for Black Lives Matter. When I say who? I mean people, do you have names? Do you have pictures or faces of these criminals? Because if you do you call 911 and report it just like those criminals that rioted in the capital on Jan 6

    3. @Remy Stones I know about the terrorist organization of BLM. They are the “people” you are talking about.

  6. this is all like some kind of weird political human sacrifice to appease their Dear Leader, King Baby Cheesus

  7. *McCarthy: “I don’t think anyone is questioning the results of the presidential election..*
    *Cyber Ninjas:*
    **shocked Pikachu face** 🤯

    1. @Sean Pearce they are cowards in real life. That’s why they left their guns in the car. All talk until its time for action.

    1. @Ketten “yOu mUsT nOt lIvE iN tHe uS tHeN”

      Cupcake, limiting breathing distance has more negative health repercussions than it was ever worth and only the masks with negatively charged ionized coating would catch the particulates of the virus anyways. If you don’t understand how small a nanometer is, don’t talk about how you think you did anything good with your garbage cloth mask.

    2. @xTG0x lmaoooooo
      pretending you know how viral transmission works won’t help you if all you think is hurrrr no mask is enough to filter out viral particles.
      you ever thought about how much fluid you spit out when talking? how about the moisture from your nose when you are breathing, or are you a mouth breather

    3. @Ketten never did I say anything negative about detaining illegal drugs and people under suspicion of bringing them in.

    1. @E E

      Sounds like an exultant lie but whatever you need to tell yourself is ok with me.

    2. That falls into the category of “thieves think all men steal”. Kevin McCarthy cannot mentally fight his way out of a wet paper bag.

  8. Why would antone who participated in the hoax admit it? does the theif who flees with the cash stop and tell everyone “Yeah I robbed that bank and here is the loot I stole?”

    1. No, but there is normally undisputable evidence that something was stolen and then it gets proven in court and they go to jail. That didn’t happen even though there were several court cases because there is no evidence.

  9. This reminds me of a roller coaster ride where you find when at the top of the first drop your safety harness is not secure. Here we go…..

    1. Great idea ! We already tried that several times. SIMPLE FACT. Number ONE. THEY HAVE TO VOTE FOR IT?????? HMMMMMMM,,, NEVER WILL HAPPEN. STUDY and all this stuff is common knowledge.

    2. It sounds like a good idea in principal, but there are so many bad ones and so few good ones we want to be able to keep the good ones and not just have to change to an unknown that nobody knows anything about every few years.

  10. This proves the misogyny and abuse of power cause they are ousting a woman, silence her voice, excludes her presence, and she’s on their side! We have to keep voting to get rid of these disgusting people once and for all, we can’t allow this to happen in America!

  11. As an outsider, I’m rather taken aback by listening to dynastic names like McCarthy and Cheney that I read in books being rung around.

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