1. Exactly my thought! Thank you for saying so. Kissarse McFarty really should be ashamed for pulling these types of stunts. 🤦

    1. Because republican party is a forign occupation. Always has been, they didn’t win the house, the house controls OUR SOVERN WEALTH FUND, reperations for entire industrial revolution is exactly what they’re trying but won’t succeed in stoping. We’ll soon fire the entire GOV

    2. @Tio Swift nope. Not true at all. We believe people with ovaries and a uterus can have babies – but that’s just common sense.
      Btw, and this may shock you, not all women are born with a uterus. Those women cannot have babies.

    3. @Terry Johnson it’s seriously sad and due to EDUCATION SYSTEM. It’s quickly ending and everyone will know exactly who they all are. Sadly I’ve come to learn republican voters don’t know much of anything and are in for unimaginable truth’s, democratic people know who our enemies are,they just need to find out their many attempts to frame Trump. The end is very near, we’ll be seeing what’s actually been happening last several years, people wouldn’t be able to sleep if they knew as it’s happening. I’m just very very different and can handle the cold hard satanic Truth

    4. @kay armstrong – “I’m a DeSantis Republican”, Say no more. With that one line we already know everything you’re about to say.

  1. McCarthy has about as much of a chance of being Speaker as orangetraitor does at this point. I hope charges are forthcoming.

    1. @Cynthia Meachum Randy is a week old account with 600 comments on this channel alone. Take what you will of that

    2. @Oska let’s play the “blame Trump for everything” game because Biden has been working real hard to fix the problems supposedly caused by Trump and not at all by Biden himself 😂

    3. @RABID CUJO CRAZY Let’s be more specific then… what problems has Biden caused exactly? I’m really interested to hear what you think

    1. i’ve said it before that congress is the world’s largest daycare! we have more childish behavior than most kindergarten classes.

  2. Yes. How dare he do his job. He’s supposed to waste tax payer money by getting paid to sit on his hands and pout instead of making government work. It’s like we’re all Americans or something.

  3. It’s almost as if McTurtle and McCarthyism have a friendly rivalry in seeing who can out “awful and soulless” the other one…

    1. now that one is all McConnell. McCarthy may be a bumbling idiot, but that’s nothing compared to Mitch.

  4. How will anything ever get done if both parties don’t work together…it’s really sad when all one party wants to do is blame the other while absolutely nothing is getting done..it’s just ridiculous

    1. Through it all the Democratic Party has continued to work on policies that have a positive impact on American lives.

    2. Now that the Congress will be in control of the MAGA REPUBLICANS, what they are going to do is JUST CREATE CHAOS IN THE GOVERNMENT which they had been planning to do all along! They were not announcing any agenda or legislation but just revengeful conspiracy theories investigations which are NONSENSE and COUNTER PRODUCTIVE to the American people!!!

    3. These Republicans made their intention clear when they stated what their focus would be when the new year begins. None of those idiots should be in office

  5. Are these politicians genuinely interested in serving America and the American people, or are they only in it for themselves?

    1. Why are you asking an obvious question? Republicans have always been interested in personal politics instead of solving America’s problems recently.

    2. LMFAO McCarthy is just trying to please the other Republicans in the House to become Leader…Just wait till he gets to what he thinks the American People want..This is just a taste of what is to come…I just hope Democrats are up to stepping up to the plate..When the Republican Party crashes and burns..On January 3, 2023….and take over….A House divided will not stand…

  6. Bipartisanship needs to be the goal in the House and Senate. McCarthy already is signalling that there will be no Bipartisanship under his Leadership

  7. Basically he wants to be in charge and he can’t stand he’s not right now . He doesn’t want to help anybody but himself!🤷🏻‍♂️

    1. Everyone has contributed to it we all need to say it’s not working and forget the partisanship and move forward.

    2. What a partisan comment when the whole discussion is about American politics being so partisan. It’s people like you who are actually the problem lol.

    3. @Ben Trinker I keep seeing instances of the dems trying to fix things, only to be blocked by a republican filibuster… just look at the second part of the Amtrack strike bill that the GOP blocked… the part that actually would have *helped* the workers!

      No, it’s too consistent to still say its ‘both sides’ anymore.

  8. With the split house and senate bipartisanship is the only way we’ll get things done in this country. If McCarthy somehow gets the speakership any progress in this country will come to a halt, immediately.

    1. Nah, I’d say the difference is that McCarthy is being forced to make deals with various factions within the Republican party to get enough votes to become Speaker of the House. So he’s lost all of the power of that position and is forced to be the errand boy for the various factions. So if Greene tells him to jump he’s forced to ask how high.

      McConnell on the other hand has been in the Senate longer than I’ve been alive and doesn’t have to cut deals with the various factions to hold the reins of power. He simply has them.

      And if he gets truly annoyed with McCarthy he’ll probably just bury him alive as far as the political arena is concerned.

    2. Little good his “hatred” does anyone. He’s as venal and soulless as they come. He’s also a coward. He’s NEVER stood up to Trump. He never convicted, when he should have.

    3. @thesacredlobo I read the comments sections in all different channels, Fox, MSNBC, CNN here… and I can tell you one thing, whether I agree with you or not, I never see anything on Fox even vaguely resembling the modest level of ‘analysis’ that you just posted .

      Its nice to see people with a little understanding! (that wasn’t meant to be snarky, I’m sure you’re capable of much deeper thought, it was just to draw contrast between the CNN and Fox commenters.)

  9. I have been a independent my whole life also vote the best candidates after looking things over. In 50 yrs of voting I have never seen anything like the pile garbage they call the Republican Party so pathetic!

    1. @Sheila Boston Its not about performance (just look at the last president) its about ‘who can appeal to their grievances’ Look at Desantis. He hasn’t done anything for Florida, but he’s always in front of a camera pushing immigrants or lgbt rights or whatever his base is pissed off about this week… and they LOVE HIM for it.

    2. Don’t you mean Republicans and Democrats,why is it just republicans all the time, democrats live in a alternate reality to you know

    3. @Edward Giovannelli  Biden and Kamala haven’t done a damn thing in 2 years but create more diversity and hate and threatening our democracy with their idiocracy,but 81 million still voted for him and people couldn’t say why they voted for him

    4. I literally would say the same exact thing about the modern democrat party, who love the criminals, the poor, the stupid, the groomers, and spending trillions of dollars with omnibus packages…and hate they minorities. That’s the modern democrat party in a nutshell. And y’all suck it up like grape koolaid 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    5. So disgusting that a leader’s strategy is to so blatantly lie to the American people that it’s the direct opposite of what they say in private.

  10. “After winning house, we shut down the government that we were supposed to govern.” – Kevin McTurdy’s achievement as a speaker.

    1. Uhhh, no. Try again. If democrats weren’t so keen on spending money through omnibus, we wouldn’t have this fkn issue.

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