McCarthy To Pull All Republican Appointees To Jan. 6th Committee

House Minority Leader McCarthy to pull all Republicans appointees from January 6th select committee, reports NBC's Leigh Ann Caldwell. 
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  1. Breaking News: Kevin McCarthy takes his ball and goes home. Next step? Cry and tell his mommy how mean everyone was to him today.

    1. @Drownademonrat Jesus Has the religious right seen your user name…quite a scandal 🏛🥶🇺🇲⚖🏛🗽🇺🇲⚖

    1. Far better an empty than a seat filled with a pile of republican, democracy destroying . POO!

  2. If only the Republicans agreed to a bipartisan committee when it was offered, they would’ve had more say in the matter.

    1. @Demetria Karnavas I hope the voters take note and punish the GOP severely in every state and local election in 2021 and the midterms in 2022. Donald J. Trump & Co. belong locked up in prison for a very long time for what they did.

    2. They had no intention of being part of a committee. Remember what Chip Roy said! 18 months of Chaos is our main objective getting us 2022

    3. They aren’t that bright. They’re now learning that the Dems have had enough of their nonsense and won’t roll over this time around (like usual).

    4. the problem is the republicans don’t WANT the truth to be exposed, theywillfully welcome anti democratic overthrow of our democracy for personal power and enrichment!

    1. Yep probably so as the old saying goes you really can’t trust a Republican as far as you can throw one

    2. @TeeHee Hee call your ridiculous republican reps and let ’em know what you think about them acting like a bunch of freaking little treasonous fvckwads.

    3. They don’t want an investigation and never did. They know that many of their members were complicit from the beginning

    1. @Stalker do you know how authoritarians gain power? They certainly dont do it through being “fair”. They do it through military and through politicians…. you dont give a platform seeking honesty and truth to those who wish to subvert it by any means. Grow up.

    2. @Eric Hampshire In case you didn’t know it you live in a place where the constitution guides us with the rule of law. The chances of what you’re talking about happening is very slim. We have separation of powers that I watched in real time actually work
      . That’s why the many attempts by Trump and those around him were thwarted and taken to court. And some pending at this moment . The thing that bothered me the most was pardon power. It leaves a gaping hole for corruption. By the way, Biden is in office and those who participated in the insurrection are being tried at this moment is because the system is working. You need calm down

    1. Now that McCarthy’s in league with the devil, I am absolutely confident every word he utters to the American public is a distortion of the truth.

    2. @Athena Nike Well, except for that time he told us that the Benghazi investigation was just a way to lower Hillary’s poll numbers….

  3. Bunch of babies. She is following the rules laid out and that’s the worst crime ever. While Jan 6th insurrectionists who actually committed crimes don’t need looked into. The doublethink

  4. Pelosi made exactly the right choice. And anyone can see that McCarthy is simply empty posturing.

    1. @Jacob Olness yes something does, and that’s voting them out of office in 2022 and finish the job in 2024 is the only way to fix the issue in our government

    2. @Athena Nike Well, the question is, have Americans learned their lesson about obviously empty posturing(?). I like to think that at least some people are waking up now.

    3. @Jacob Olness we live in a time when there is an individualistic backlash against the collective, not dissimilar to what happened in the 60s and 70s. Like back then, a new equilibrium will be established, and the radicals will be re-absorbed into the new equilibrium. Trump simply took advantage of the climate, and played everyone around him for money, and then, during 2020, he shot his bolt for the election and the hope of remaining immune to the law. Nothing else was on his mind but money and staying out of prison.
      More than this, there WAS no president for four years, because a president, by definition, is mindful of more than himself and his followers, a d certainly doesn’t spend inordinate amounts of time lobbying the very government he was supposedly the head of.

    4. @sharon olsen It was the easiest of choices for her, or anyone else with sense to make. Jordan especially would simply have wasted everyone’s time, and Pelosi knew that. If anyone thought that she might agree to his joining the team, they would not have understood that the motive to be able to tell Republicans, “I told you so” would have been hampering the investigation that was the mandate of the commission. It would have been shooting itself in the foot, a d she knew that, like I did. It would have been a straight-up lie to have included Jordan, and I guess Banks as well (I’m not so familiar with him).

    5. As usual his lies only fool the 30% of this country still desperately clinging to Trumpo and the fading from relevance GQP.

    1. @Susan Boatman I’m sorry about your breast cancer. My aunt also had that .and I totally agree

    2. @Daniel m Watts jr someone needs to design a virus to destroy all servers used by Cambridge analytics and owned or leased by Robert Mercer.

    3. @Daniel m Watts jr You’re still yapping? Remind us; when you took down the American Flag at the US Capitol on Jan 6th, what flag did you put up in its place? Huh, traitor?

    1. Anyone who voted to not certify the election results within hours of running for their lives should not be on the committee. Indignant Republicans? Funny.

  5. Benghazi McCarthy has no credibility. He acts like a child. He should know better than to place Benghazi Jordan on the committee.

    1. He knew what was going to happen if he put Jordan n 2 of the other repugs. On the committee, than he can whine n claim the Dems dnt want bipartisanship. That’s what they hve continued to do since Biden was elected.

  6. Lol! McCarthy is such a loser. They weren’t going to investigate anyway. Warm up your subpoenas and open the jail cells. This will be a real investigation and that can only be bad for the GOP.

    1. Anyone who voted to not certify the election results within hours of running for their lives should not be on the committee. Indignant Republicans? Funny.

    1. Egregrious abuse of power is when you refuse to bring any legislation made by democrats to the senate floor.

  7. We all know the GOP played a big part in the insurrection ! They are not needed on the committee !

    1. That’s why they don’t want to be a part of it unless they can shift the blame of Jan. 6th on someone else

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