McCarthy Will Want 'Allies Of Leadership' For Jan. 6 Committee | MSNBC 1

McCarthy Will Want ‘Allies Of Leadership’ For Jan. 6 Committee | MSNBC


NBC's Garrett Haake discusses the select committee to investigate the January 6th Capitol attack. 

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McCarthy Will Want 'Allies Of Leadership' For Jan. 6 Committee | MSNBC


  1. Hahahahahahaha, right. McCarthy: We are against any bi partisan investigation of 1/6!! Also McCarthy: We demand that we be involved with the investigation of 1/6!! Gee Kevin, make up your scrambled, confused mind already!

  2. If McCarthy wanted allies, he should have supported the commission, and encouraged his colleagues to do the same.

    1. @Chuck Haugan i have never supported trump, though i havent cursed the man for 7 generations either. i do this totally cool thing where i gather information, ponder over it, draw my own conclusions, and its almost as if im thinking for myself, like its somehow possible to be more than 1 of 2 things,. i support freedom

    2. @MrGraveBait Oh, I see so you believe if people gather information and come to a differing conclusion it’s automatically wrong?
      So you fight for the pro-Trump; Republican Party where 75% of Republicans are pro-TRrump, in the light of his obvious corruption and lack of morals/ethics. And where the MCA has accelerated manufacturing moving to Mexico and China, a tax code that does nothing for the working class, and supports CANCEL CULTURE FOR ANYONE WHO DISAGREES WITH TRUMP?
      I’d say you are a long way from objective reasoning and critical thinking.

    3. That would have required a constructive thought process, something that has been lacking in his latest efforts.

  3. Here’s a thought: How about the Secret Service and police departments stop protecting all The republicans who went against the January 6th committee and who would not accept acknowledgment of those brave police officers who fought for them during the capital riots. Maybe just take away their pay checks and benefits and give them to those officers who suffered or lost their lives. Screw The Republicant party! Trump lost and so did they!

  4. The House Republicans have two leaders: Kissinger and Cheney. The rest are whimpering sycophants.

    1. 35 House Republicans voted for the Commission…David McKinley of WV, Is a long time House Rep. that is a fair and just person….My niece was in Texas, when she developed a brain tumor, it was an emergency she returned to WV, with her 6 children…David McKinley, an active House rep. at the time, sent a Private jet to bring her and her family home…She died 30 days after her return…God Bless Mr. McKinley….She could get no other organization to help her, he was her last option…

    2. Doubt you want Kissinger anywhere near the appointees. Who do you think was pulling strings with the last admin?

  5. NOPE, you get nothing mccarthy except a subpoena. If there is justice, you will also be found criminally culpable for your participation in the failed insurrection

    1. @Laura Gomez but Chauvin was found guilty by the courts. The Floyd family was paid a large amount of money. None of that brings his life back, but they did get justice. How all mostly minority own business that was destroyed and the 27 lives that was taken by the rioting. I forgot what the total estimated cost was . It was in the billions. Did those people deserve that? Why is BLM and Antifa riots good and the capital riot evil? The capital protesters believed the government had wronged them. Rightfully or not Rightfully they still felt deceived by our government.

    2. @dedrick cutrer I’m really sure no one who is supportive of the right to peacefully protest would argue that looting, burning and killing are OK, myself included. Those that perpetrated these acts have been arrested, charged and had their day in court. The issue with the Jan 6 is that it was an act against the democracy of the United States. If something like that is allowed to happen again it could be the end of democracy for the USA . That’s what I don’t understand. Why would anyone want that for their country? I believe that the majority of people do want answers and to prevent it happening again.

    3. @Laura Gomez you are right we can go back and forth all day. There was wrong on both sides. I’m against any violence. Thank you for being respectful and pleasant to debate with. I hope you have a great day

    4. @dedrick cutrer thank you as well. It’s refreshing to just debate and not descend into name calling and insults. Cheers.

  6. Who gives a f*** what the repubs want! They had the chance to do a bipartisan committee. THEY REFUSED

    1. Recount Kentucky…in my opinion Amy won not Moscow Mitch…make poor poor Kentucky wa$te revenue…go bananas GPartaay

    2. @Earl Frazier hence ronjon and the other 7 repugs visiting russia on 4 Jul 18; getting their orders and talking points from putin’s lieutenants. The repugs and trump want an autocracy in America cuz they can’t handle Democracy.

    3. @petal pink ageed. Recount everyone. Get to the bottom of the state elections. Mitch and Graham were polling extremely low on exit polling. They all like trumps distractions. We need the truth

  7. No Republican who voted against the bipartisan commission should be on the committee period. Democrats need to stop being weak.

    1. @Joshua Irons Pretty sure that was the last guy. Come to out mass pandemic gatherings and see the Cheeto-in-Chief whine that nobody actually likes him, the poor toddler boi. “Don’t listen to experts, or science, or even common sense, listen to me!” and you said “baaaah.” So yeah, anywhere away from that is fine by me.

  8. Somebody should tell Mr. ‘I don’t support the election.’ McCarthy nobody cares what he thinks.

    1. @Darrle Ennis ignore it … the Trolls are all over Dems post and Media … their so triggered… Bc they’re being called out on their lies lol

    2. @Spirit of the Fox yes, let the voter know who the republicans are, it’s for history to show who the traitors and treasonous persons are who voted against jan 6 and Bidens certifying his Presidential VICTORY.

    3. @Darrle Ennis I’m sorry the Trump get found guilty , that’s right he didn’t he got acquitted. Meanwhile in 1983 Democrats actually bombed the Capitol building, do you know how stupid you sound when you keep bringing up January 6th in a couple of broken windows. Again I laugh at your lack of intellect

    4. @Darrle Ennis
      Bingo. It’s already been repeated once, when people were shaken and being honest.

  9. I don’t think they should be allowed to put anyone on the committee. They already refused to form a committee. The GQP cannot be trusted.

  10. The Trump Republicans will continue to obstruct justice and the culpability of Trump and some of their own members!

    1. @Andrew Pepe The best part is, the truth always comes out. You can stay in the Trump party all you want, but when people like Bill Barr and Mitch McConnell are saying Trump’s Big Lie is full of BS we know how this is going to end.
      Jabba the Gut in Jail – no matter how much McCarthy tries to protect him.

  11. Who cares what he wants?? He’s already show he’s a bad faith actor who isn’t interested in getting to the truth…

    1. What if the truth is going to work against him, don’t you think he’s going to do anything in his power to stop it.

  12. Translation: McCarthy will want “Comrades of Communism” for Jan. 6 Committee. So he’s picking whomever Putin wants.

    1. Such a SHAME that the Republikkkans have to be such JERKS and can’t be one iota for the people.

  13. No republicans, they did not want the ccommittee,LET taylor serve snacks and be on clean up committee.

    1. She needs no where near the committee…documents, video, and audio might disappear…She is a garbage disposal….

  14. By “Allies of Leadership” does McCarthy mean allies in conspiracy or leaders in insurrection?

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