McCaskill: It's Ironic Republicans Might Not Confirm Biden Cabinet Because Of 'Mean Tweets' | MSNBC 1

McCaskill: It’s Ironic Republicans Might Not Confirm Biden Cabinet Because Of ‘Mean Tweets’ | MSNBC


Former Missouri Senator Claire McCaskill finds it hypocritical that several Republican senators have criticized past tweets from Biden’s choice for Director of the Office of Management and Budget, Neera Tanden, while they have continued supporting President Trump who repeatedly insults people on Twitter. Aired on 12/1/2020.
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McCaskill: It's Ironic Republicans Might Not Confirm Biden Cabinet Because Of 'Mean Tweets' | MSNBC


  1. Why is tweeting or social media remotely included in governmental policy or structure? If tweeting does have any influence, then it should also be bound by media governance as traditional mediums as tv and newspapers do if it meant to be taken seriously.

    1. @CakeProDuckShins  @CakeProDuckShins  i love how you say we should look at individuals actions instead of just labeling people after you said “i don’t think the party of “cancel culture” can tell people who should run our country”.

    2. @CakeProDuckShins i didnt say you labeled them. i was just pointing out how you said we shouldnt label people after you generalized an entire party because of what some people said. You dont think dems should tells us who should be in gov because of what some representatives said

      “i don’t think the party of “cancel culture” can tell people who should run our country”.

    3. @CakeProDuckShins like i said trump and trumpists also have used cancel culture to push their agenda but you guys dont call it cancel culture you people call it not being loyal enough or being honestly hurtful

  2. Millions will be homeless or dead even with a vaccine. Due to the lack of a relief package from the politicians for the people.

    1. @shereca swearington you are 100 percent wrong. I am saving close to 75 a week from President Trump tax cuts and i am the middle class! They will end in 2021 unfortunately. Then they will tax me to death worse than obama did! The tax cuts went to everyone. Not just the super rich

    2. @shereca swearington

      Praise God for the Brave True American Patriots coming forward about the voter Fraud !
      Americans fought & died for this Nation to assure our Freedom & have Fee & uncorrupted Elections !
      That was designed to assure Votes went to Elect Dictators !
      This is not another 4 year Election .
      It’s a Attempt for Globalist to take over our Country !
      These Democrat Socialist = Communist will not be put in place ! I want to point out there is also some Republicans that are involved. In This Horrible Deepstate wether they are bought or Blackmailed !
      American Patriots will fight 80 + Americans Voted for President Trump !
      Stay Strong Hold the Line !
      It’s not about President Trump they want our Last Free Big Nation on Earth !
      President Trump just happens to be in the way ,
      Like alot of True American Patriots that Love this Nation!
      God Bless the USA

    3. @shereca swearington i did the math and my wife and i before we had our daughter were getting nothing back. In 2014 i owed little over $1000 on a $60000 year income without filing jointly with my then girlfriend. When President Trump got the tax cuts i got back 800 dollars the first year from federal when i filed. I am now paying $75 less a week than i was before the Trumps tax came into effect. So please don’t lie about his tax cuts not helping the American people.

    4. @winterwolf2112 Oh really? So it’s what? 10..15..20 Thousand each we will get? How much of the stimulus will go in my pocket? Oh yeah, I forgot, the ILLEGALS get some to. As does the Dem cities that ALLOWED riots, errr “peaceful protest” so they can rebuild for the NEXT protest. So oh wise one of the Dems, please explain to this deplorable chump my total i will get so I can fix up my “trailer”.

    1. True , Wow Georgia republicans you have already lost Republicans why risk your life to vote for someone who has already lost why not join the winning Democratic team and be American

    1. He was so mean to them she said lol, now he demands “don’t talk to the potus like that” it’s all theater to hype his “brand” big dush!

    1. @Hammer of Justice come with your evidence in a court of law, instead of spewing the same conspiracy theories DT, OANN and FOX keep on claiming, but when in court “this is not a fraud case”! Wake up and see the sunshine!

    2. @Michael Stephen It’s funny that you would insult someone who is simply asking for transparency from our government. Your hatred and want to rush this election is what is wrong with this country. We deserve better Americans then you.

    3. @CakeProDuckShins You’ve got transparency AG Barr said yesterday there is no evidence of fraud. The NHS said there is no fraud. The FBI have been investigating for the DoJ there is no fraud. The Judges in Court have dismissed ever challenge. There is no fraud. What’s your problem?

    4. @Michael Stephen Also from yesturday: From a DOJ spokesperson: “Some media outlets have incorrectly reported that the Department has concluded its investigation of election fraud and announced an affirmative finding of no fraud in the election. That is not what the Associated Press reported nor what the Attorney General stated. The Department will continue to receive and vigorously pursue all specific and credible allegations of fraud as expeditiously as possible.” CBS correspondent Catherine Herridge

    1. @Brett M . Except right wingers have led all terror stats for 2 decades. Lol. Cause nothing youre sayin is true. Millions of people hate trump though

    1. @Ja Pandason So you think all these eyewitnesses are lying about fraud?
      Do you think Sidney Powell would risk her career just because she wants attention?
      Maybe, Lynn Wood is a pathological liar?
      And you also believe dominion is a great source to count votes?
      My friend, you are the brain dead one.

    2. @Chuck Holt I think the fraud they found points to you kkk neo Nazis and tRump … Vote twice, remove ballot boxes , republicans have been arrested for ballot harvesting And voting twice .. yes the fraud came from inside the Whitehouse

    3. @Chuck Holt sidney powell also said this was arranged by Chavez who’s been dead for 13 years thanks for proving the point you are brain dead … Beep … Beep … Beep … Beeeeeeeeeep

    4. @Ja Pandason no fraud is needed from the White House. Trump nor I are guilty of any of those things that you have quoted.
      LOL… Not even an ostrich has his head buried in the sand as far as you do to believe this election was fair and honest.

  3. Excellent point! Apparently, it is not a DQ for high office. We’ve dealt with four years of presidential tweets, bullying ordinary citizens let alone prominent leaders. Why was that acceptable?

    1. Biden does not like Twitter thank god , Wow Georgia republicans you have already lost Republicans why risk your life to vote for someone who has already lost why not join the winning Democratic team and be American

    2. @MrBamery He’s just another right-wing, religious nut who thinks the world will end imminently. I suspect he’s posting from the survival bunker in his backyard. (Just like Jesus would want.)

    1. @Lakesha Goodwin I would disagree with you. We have some very good individuals in our government. Keep in mind, the government IS the people. Not all people are bad, but it sure seems like many in the Republican party are. How they can continue going on and not calling out Dump’s actions is mind blowing.

    2. By the time term limits are brought to public vote…..these older politicians will be retired….its a process to bring things to a public vote… won’t get anyone in senate or house to even write up legislation for term limits….if we as the public want this …you will need all 50 states to participate… prob will have to go to state govt….then get petitions out of registered voters….sign petitions… will be required you need a certain number of “good” signatures….before you can get it on a ballot…..since terms are in 6 year terms. To make sure you don’t have a whole new congress …. you need others that know whats happening with legislation etc…..18 years …..but theres so much to change here….Retirement….healthcare….I dont see it happening……so what if you get a good senator or representative thats really good….hes out after 18 years…and you get a bad one….the only other alternative is age….out after a certain age…..cant do that either….thats age discrimination….but I do agree at some point they need to go…..retire after 30 years ?…..retire at age 65.?…..

    1. @Diane Hooper…Except reporting spam doesn’t help. There are dozens of ways around YT rules, and YT rarely bans someone for spam, or harassment, bullying, racism, threats of violence. And when they do, it’s a simple process to open another YT account under a different email, assumed name…etc.

    2. @Diane Hooper…I saw on your YT page that you had a playlist of ‘ghostly encounters’…have you ever seen or experienced an apparition personally? As a child, I lived with my parents for a short time in a house in San Francisco that was haunted. Was very interesting.

    3. Well I hope your spine is strong enough to hold on for another 4 years of nothing getting done because of Senate majority is Republican. Get ready to eat your own words.

    4. @Lee Harbick You believe ghosts exist? I do my best to only believe stuff for which there is good evidence. Ghosts have never been supported by any good evidence, and I find the whole concept of a soul to be ill-defined and useless, since our brain already does all the thinking and feeling by itself. I’m curious to know why you believe in ghosts, and what you think they are made of. I love talking about those things!

  4. It is time for the people of Georgia to take McConnell’s traitorous control away. Putin has lost the White House, make sure he loses the Senate as well.

  5. If Biden can’t get Neera Tanden confirmed he should install her as an “Acting Director of the Office of Management and Budget.”

    1. @David Mlol. I love hiw you people always need to bring up obama. Since you can NOT give examples of she’s a commie you deflect to obama. ok ill ask again what 2 policies does she have that make her a commie.

    2. @David M all of you people are clowns you people dont care about reality as long as it makes you people feel good. You peobably hobestly believe trump is “like a genius ” “like a very stable genius” with a “large uhh brain”.

      you people will always be known as CULT45

    1. Praise God we have President Trump .
      America wouldn’t have known all the Corruption taking place Worldwide !
      Can you imagine if Hillary was Elected .
      Justice is coming for those that sold out America !

      Finally getting our Troups out
      Of these endless War’s .
      Just a cover for the Elite to make more money $ .
      No wonder there was $1500 dollar bolts .

      Elijah Cummings District
      $ 16 or 18 Billion gone nobody knows where it went !

      California $ 20 Billion Taxpayers money gone for a Train to know where !

      Peurto Rico Billions gone !
      Democrats said we didn’t get any aid or money from
      President Trump .
      Then they find huge Warehouse’s full of food, medicine, diapers , water On & on.
      The people find out about the missing money.

      It’s easy to see how the fake Globalist & Democrats MSM
      Doesn’t tell people what’s really going on.
      They stear the people with their fake media.
      They stir up racial , & other things to file the people against the President.
      They will stop at nothing to get the power back !

      There’s a Mass Awakening taking place . people are waking up to their lies &
      Propaganda !

    2. NONE are Lies. Truth HURTS. Being that Fake Stream Media would NOT report on things and NOT report accurately. Tweets become the MAIN SOURCE OF NEWS.

    1. @Truth91 Biden really should not request or reject any DOJ investigations and prosecutions. Just let the DOJ be the independent authority on these issues as it was originally meant to be. Let’s not extend the unethical behaviours of this current administration further into the future. We didn’t choose Biden because we want MORE of the Trump admin’s behaviours.

    2. No way Racist Joe won…something is up. China collusion ???????? We need to impeach. Lets riot and tear down historic statues…does that look familiar Dems

  6. Biden should just appoint people to “acting” positions. The Republicans have shown that they are perfectly OK with a president doing that to get around the confirmation process. If they whine, just point them to all the instances where they let Trump do exactly that. It’s time for them to sleep in the bed they made.

  7. I agree it is very sad that our country suffers because of these spineless ??? Thanks again Nicolle for another informative interview.

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