McCaskill On TX Abortion Law: Democrats Need To ‘Elevate This Issue’ 1

McCaskill On TX Abortion Law: Democrats Need To ‘Elevate This Issue’


Former Senator Claire McCaskill on what she thinks needs to be done to fight against the implementation of the restrictive Texas abortion law and to fight the spread of similar laws in other states
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  1. All ignored reports about Kavanaugh, during his confirmation hearing need to be investigated and additional judges need to be added to the Supreme Court

    1. @Didmoore the Undone
      Except it was consensual then; love how history changes…

      I got one for you…if Hunter Biden’s exploit with the prostitutes and children resulted in pregnancy they would be forced to have it (and did….grandchild which cannot be named)

    2. @Teresa Elaine
      You must be the type of woman who was too stupid to have her man wrap it uo.

      Actually, women prefer a man who takes responsibility and will provide for the child.

      The old lie about the starving mother does not exist anymore

  2. What’s sad is that when I was trying to talk about this with my sister-in-law, she didn’t even know what Roe v wade was. I am 53, she is only 28. That really surprised me.

    1. @Noit Awl Bad news for ya buddy, I’m female whether you want to acknowledge it or not and have taught you just a little bit about the human body since you obviously know nothing about it dummy.

    2. @Paul Rodriguez LMAO, just because YOU didn’t know what Roe v Wade was until last week doesn’t mean most educated people didn’t already know!

    1. Funny you should mention the KKK. Did you know Democrats founded and ran it? Did you know the founder of Planned Parenthood specifically targeted black communities for abortion clinics in order to cull “human weeds” as she put it?
      Did you know that 71% of those clinics are still placed in black communities? Did you know that 1/3 of all black pregnancies are ended at these clinics? Did you know that Margaret Sanger, the founder of Planned Parenthood, often wrote to and received letters from Adolf Hitler on their discussions about eugenics and culling “undesirables” from civilized society?

  3. Why make life decisions based on ancient texts handed down from human memory, imagination, invention, with the purpose to control people and build empires? Simplicity for the simple minded? Climate change, yes, start building your Ark!

  4. The Supreme Court did NOT do their due diligence of RELIST. The relist, as the practice is known, began in 2013 and is meant to give the justices and their clerks a chance to check for procedural obstacles that could prevent them from ruling on the issue they ultimately want to address. Now why did they do that?

    1. Considering both Kavanaugh & Clarence Thomas are both of dubious character this whole situation with the SC is odious.

    1. My body my choice except when it comes to vaccines. Your body my effing choice take the vax or go straight to the internment camp.

  5. I would not worry about a Civil lawsuit from a neighbor. They have to “prove it”. The neighbors would face a quarter million dollar counter suit for slander.

    1. That’s easy to prove.

      Mary sleeps with a man every night. One of those men impregnates her (but she doesn’t know which one ) so they all could sue her if she has an abortion

    2. if they are wrong and flat out lying, there is no provision in the law that allows the accused to get their money back. so if this happens a couple of times to a person or an institution the financial burden would be devastating

  6. I just wanted to leave a shoutout to all the beautiful, wonderful ,smart men who support the pro choice issue. We know you are out there and we love you for standing by us.

    1. @Aisha bint Abu Bakr I’m raising my children. I just don’t assume to know others own circumstances better than they do. Women have the right to make whatever choice they feel is best for themselves just like men do. If you don’t see it that way then you’re stupid.

  7. *Investing in crypto now should be in every wise individuals list, in some months time you’ll be ecstatic with the decision you made today.*

  8. Have been saying since the start the top priorities for Democrats should be voting rights, eliminating the filibuster, and expanding the Supreme Court to 15 justices.

    1. Authoritarian much?? Fight for people to be slave owners? I didn’t know that Dems promote owning another human being. Figures.

  9. Seems the party of small government and personal responsibility sure loves big over reaching government that supplants personal responsibility…

  10. So, does this new law in Texas have the capacity to bleed over into other medical decisions that neighbors may not agree with? For instance, vaccines, with no exceptions? Vasectomy’s? Viagra? Birth control pills? Tubal ligation? Where could this end up?

    1. @Chloe Key According to the way they have this law set up it could easily get out of control, they won’t be able to limit it to just abortion. With the supreme court decision it would not be a stretch at all to sue someone for taking a life from not being vaccinated, infecting and killing someone and then also suing everyone that knew about it. Same exact principle.

    2. @Chloe Key out of spite i would try my best to sneak a 150% tax on viagra. i dont know how but i would try. budget reconciliation in congress, ballot initiative in texas. just to make a point

  11. Just when we thought reproductive freedom for women was a nonissue settled decades ago, it appears a new generation of women will have to rise up again to protect their rights. Just another reason to vote ALL BLUE in ’22.

  12. And what if you are found guilty and cant pay? Do you get thrown in jail…shot by firing squad….forced to wear a scarlet letter A for abortionist?

  13. When you stop and look at the makeup of SUPREME COURT, 3 of the conservative justices are occupying STOLEN seats and one of those 3 has a flawed character, having been accused of Sexual misconduct, in addition to that you have a 4th justice sitting there accused of the same thing, sexual misconduct. It’s no surprise how they came to the shameful conclusion on this Texas abortion law.

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