McConnell Asserts Trump Is 'Within His Rights' To Look Into Election 'Irregularities' | MSNBC 1

McConnell Asserts Trump Is ‘Within His Rights’ To Look Into Election ‘Irregularities’ | MSNBC


Sen. Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., spoke on the Senate floor about the presidential election results and claimed that President Trump is "within his rights" to look into "irregularities." Aired on 11/9/2020
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McConnell Asserts Trump Is 'Within His Rights' To Look Into Election 'Irregularities' | MSNBC


  1. It’s great that it is taking this long to get the final
    results. This way, the ‘One term Impeached Orange Angel of Death’
    A.K.A. ‘White Eyes’, by our Native American citizens can bask in
    the ‘Agony of Defeat’.

  2. The republican party has showed its clear contempt for democracy. Be prepared. Even if they fail this time, they will attempt a coup as soon as they find the opportunity.

    1. Let them. It’s their right as McConnel said. Watching is free, re-count will cost money for the people actually doing the physical counting. But on a digital computerized voting machine? I guess there should be several ways to cross check precinct tallies to county tallies to state tallies to actual voters…who knows.

    2. House and Senate votes the ones for President they’re ON THE SAME BALLOT. That’s actually one of their pieces of evidence that there is fraud. Over half a million ballots counted with Biden chosen solely for president – yet nothing for the house or senate. Who votes like that? Nobody.

    3. They’re going to dump Trump, and it will be smartest thing the republicans did since getting Ike on the ticket.

    1. @AgentX yep! Biden will pander to blm and Antifa, they’ll riot and act like they own the country, conservatives will meet them with guns. Meanwhile the Republicans will block everything joe even thinks about hahaha. The left will STILL scream and cry.

    1. @Preston Ramseyer He will of course but there are legal things Biden can do i just hope his team advises him well , and that Biden doesnt try to hard to be inclusive of the republican party at the cost of not implementing the policies and positions he wants.

    2. @ZORRO BLUE Yes, sure He named 3 Justices to help him in case it goes to the Supreme Court, but that is not going to happen.

    3. If you turn a turtle upside-down, it will not be able to right itself and will most likely die. Someone needs to turn him over!

  3. The Democrats MUST win the election in Georgia. We must take back the Senate from this joker. This is one additional person I am tired of seeing and can’t wait to see leave the building.

    1. @Othmane Otoman LOL! How can you do that if a BILL isn’t passed that goes to them?? If the senate isn’t taking bills how would it go to the Supreme Court??? You clearly don’t understand how your system works

    2. @Andre Salazar Bill? hold on your horses! LOL any EXECUTIVE ORDER signed by Biden (if he win the election) can be invalidated by the Supreme Court… C’MON MAN!!! you’re the party of those with a “college degree” 😀

    1. he’ll block everything jim crow joe does, like a “mask mandate” ohh wait nevermind. i would never wear a mask in public anyway.

    2. Currently, the lineup is 48 Rs, 46 Ds, and 2 independent (Bernie and Angus), but they caucus with the Ds. That leaves 4: two in GA, 1 in Alaska (sadly, Dr. Gross will lose) and NC, which looks like Tillis will win since the margins in NC are about the same as the pres. election in NC


      The Ds have to put 100000000% effort into the two runoffs in GA. If the Ds get both, the senate will be 50/50, and a tie goes to VP Harris.

      Start donating now to Ds in GA. Bust open your kids’ piggybank. If Harris isn’t the tiebreaker, McConnell will not allow PRESIDENT BIDEN to pass any legislation to HEAL this BROKEN country

    3. @Dante Romano Not for long lmfao…….just like the house….you morons lost so many seats……Aren’t you dummies supposed to be looting and burning and not social distancing without masks…..

    1. @Contemption RoK i tell what he need take his lost like man all he did have people fight each other and you stupid for agree with him

    2. @Contemption RoK – fighting is the last resort.- Loa Tzu , , only the closed minded talk in absolutes.
      Zero reasoning skills. I got my big boy pants on, do you?

    3. Haha exactly . As if Dems would actually want legit ballots and transparency. He must be talking to those constitutional Republicans.

    1. Much of Kentucky thinks their self interest is in taking their state back to 1956 and dragging the rest of the nation along with it.

  4. Likewise Mitch it’ll be Biden’s right to look into you and ur wife’s financial wheeling and dealing!!

    1. Today I remember that it’s likely that a Biden administration will find Elaine Chao and McConnell committed some sort of fraud or crime, and may possibly find a felony offense. There’s still a chance Moscow Mitch leaves!

    1. Is this happening? Get this dude out of there! Burying witnesses during impeachment and now calling for transparency. People should not allow to be governed by such dudes. What the heck. Is this a comedian? How on earth can anybody take this seriously? Honestly.

    2. He’s going to lose his position sticking his neck out for Trump. I’m pretty sure that there’s a turtle joke in there somewhere.

    3. Well he doesn’t get fire that is USA will like Biden is the next president of USA we have to be a good country with this crap on the senate this is USA nothing new

    4. @Andre Salazar when it comes to Trump’s campaign finances, I heard the best description of it not too long ago.

      “A team of ten monkeys locked in a room with their money, and armed with flamethrowers, couldn’t have gotten rid of it faster or more stupidly!”

    1. I PRAY THEY WIN & FINALLY PUT THIS LIAR & works for RUSSIA instead of the UNITED STATES. Amy & Josh should had WON, CAUSE HIM & BARR lied to KEEP their SEATS.

    2. Hopefully we can keep the folks out knocking on babies and kissing doors, in GA. If we can, the two Republicans won’t have Trump backing their ticket. I actually think it should be an easy win.

    1. That’s correct M smith..I would like to be your friend you’re the only Frist person that Have said this amazing word… (281) 643-6875 that’s my number if you don’t mind you can text me let chat As friend

    1. That’s correct Mathy Don you just spoke the truth like seriously. I would like to be your friend you’re the only Frist person that Have said this amazing word… (281) 643-6875 that’s my number if you don’t mind you can text me let chat As friend

    2. @The Truth is Out Now Yes, he won a subpar career in talk radio.
      He will be irrelevant one day and a dark spot on history and you are not a patriot.
      I feel sorry for you.

    3. @The Truth is Out Now are you talking about Trump, isn’t he the one that ask his people to vote twice, who messed up with our mail system etc. By the way he needs money to pay for his rallies, and he might be looking for another woman, he likes them young I believe, as his cult follower you should help him out.

  5. Is this the same dude that buried witnesses in the impeachment process one year ago while calling for transperancy now?

    1. Also the same guy who wouldn’t hear a presidential supreme court nominee while the president has almost a year in office, but allowed a hearing for the next presidential nominee weeks before an election

  6. Kentucky, a state full of fools. Near the bottom in healthcare education, jobs, but they have good old Mitch. Smh

    1. You don’t want to be found dead in a ditch in a backwater state like Kentucky!!! Always voting against their own interests. They had such a great Senate candidate in Amy McGrath, but Kentuckians chose Grim Reaper “Turkey Neck Tortoise” McConnell again . Alas, it’s their choice .

    2. Not ALL of US voted for Mitch & I’m ONE WHO DIDN’T & NEVER WILL. He & the REPUBLICAN’S in KY are COWARD’S & didn’t want to OFFEND Trump. NO BACKBONE. COVID-SPREADER’S that’s ALL THEY ARE, PERIOD & POINT BLANK. Come on GEORGIA.!!!

    3. @Mickey Calloway How true, didn’t mean to generalize. How sad people will act against their own interests, over political loyalty

    4. @Mickey Calloway OK, so why don’t you Kentuckians finally get a grip and kick those bloodsuckers out of your state? Make something great out of Kentucky! I know it can be

  7. There is a huge runoff election coming up in Georgia in January of 2021 that may determine who is the next Senate majority leader.

  8. I love Mcconnell talking about the constitution not giving rights to wealthy corporations, when the GOP passed citizens united, and literally gave our entire government to them…

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