McConnell Is ‘Playing With Matches’ By Not Supporting To Raise The Debt 1

McConnell Is ‘Playing With Matches’ By Not Supporting To Raise The Debt


Mitch McConnell said he “can’t imagine” any Republican voting to raise the debt ceiling even after raising or suspending the debt limit several times under former President Trump. Sen. Chris Van Hollen (D-MD) says “if you were to not raise the debt ceiling, you would wreck the U.S. economy.”

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    1. @ILLEGITIMATE DEMENTED Joe you aren’t planning on doing anything crazy are you?
      There are a number of ways you can protest the women’s Olympic soccer team without violence. You could take one of the posters of the team off your wall and cut it into a million pieces.
      Being upset about your team losing is normal.
      But they lost because the other team played better. Don’t start making crazy excuses you pull out of thin air (or you butt) to blame their loss on.
      We’ll get em next time.

    2. The whole Republicans party are working for a foreign government for money I think . Mitch McConnell wife need to be investigated.

    3. @randal gibbons
      Doing anything crazy like what? Breaking into merchandize ? Burning police cars and federal buildings? Looting ? Breaking into vacant houses and demanding they are mine ? Murdering random people?
      Which one ? and for how long ?

    4. @ILLEGITIMATE DEMENTED Joe you are one sad pathetic person. I used to know a person just like you. He too was the son of a thousand fathers.

  1. Feed the hungry, cloth the poor, heal the sick etc Republicans SOCIALISM
    And they want you to believe they care about children and family values.

    1. @ORANGE GENERAL funny thing about Socialism-the Bible talks about the church of Corinth and how all the members sold and pooled thier funds to help ALL MEMBERS WHEN THEY NEEDED IT! So how has the (r)epublican party been treating most of the people/couples and families that are making less than 60k a year throughout country??… All telling everyone recently by claiming Americans are lazy and don’t want to go back to work as the GOP state governors are refusing to use and extend the extra supplemental unemployment benefits passed by the democrats on covid relief bill and then refusing to send and pay those approved benefits to the people who need it most and then forcing those people at the bottom back to work for slave wages??- All the while bragging how they got the funds for their states while EVERY SINGLE (r)EPUBLICAN voted against it!! Or how about cutting corporate taxes while trying to convince us we the average people will see a benefit and then finding out there is no accountability on how to pay for that tax cut as we the people, our kids and grandkids who can barely pay the bills now from month to month or paycheck to paycheck as WE ALL SUFFER because of it?? Or cutting taxes on the supper rich TO AFFORD AND Then CUT HEALTHCARE FOR THOSE AT THE BOTTOM THAT NEED IT MOST?? Or how about letting big drug companies jack the prices on drugs so sky high, just because congress and the (r)epublicans REFUSED DO ANYTHING TO to get the prices under control FOR ALL THE PEOPLE over the last few decades?? Maybe what the people need is a little more socialism to balance out the inequities FORCED ON US BY THE (r)EPUBLICAN PARTY on ALL OF US OVER THE LAST few years!! SOCIALISM IS NOT THE SAME AS COMMUNISM!! No matter how hard they try to convince the average people at the bottom who truly need the help the most!!


    2. @Antonio saxon mich daughter also using her political chops in Kentucky and mich mcmasa boarding school in Moscow and not counting Flynn and Russia oil piplines

  2. The GOP has one strategy: find the dumbest large base in america, fuel them with hate and fear, and ensure that they feel patriotic for them to scream about it. That means anything out of ANY of their mouths is just a narrative to fuel that hate, maintain that narrative, and not cash out the kayfabe (look it up…).

  3. He wants that to happen. The only thing he cares about is wreaking havoc. The American public is irrelevant to him.

    1. Actually I believe McConnell is more aligned with Xi of China. I’m sure McConnell already has a retirement home in China waiting for him.


    1. Right, there is no hypocrisy coming from democrats. Just by claiming hypocrisy by McConnell, you are yourself being a hypocrite. Do you understand that?

    2. @kare more Thanks for another example of hypocrisy. Your side thinks every republican loves Trump because the media tells you so.

    3. @A B If not the Orange Loser, y’all sure love the destruction of democracy and lets not forget 01/06/21.
      We can leave voter suppression off the table for this one.
      What exactly are the Republicans terrified of ?

      Culpability perhaps ?

    4. @Reg U Ok, let’s not forget Antifa and BLM terrorist organizations siding with the dems. Burning, looting…you name it. Those sure weren’t republicans setting fires and destroying property (don’t forget that dems bail the criminals out).

      You couldn’t give me an example of “voter suppression” if I gave you until the end of time. Thanks for more examples of hypocrisy. You guys are a walking hypocrisy exhibit.

  4. McConnell is happy to raise the debt ceiling for tax cuts for corporations. But nothing for the rest.

    1. @Cipher
      When Trump lowerd the corporate tax rate it was responsible for the greatest economy numbers the planet has ever seen .

    2. @Ken Bugbee , how did that work out for YOU? It was great for Jef Besos but somehow I doubt you’re in his tax bracket.

    3. @Cipher
      It worked out well for all my friends with small businesses like auto repair shops , chimney service and contractors.

    4. @Ken Bugbee the push has always been for the ULTRA RICH to pay their fare share, the Besos, Gates, Murdock….small mom and pop shops are in a separate category and there has always been provisions for them. To imply that democrats are trying to tax them out of existence is disingenuous at best and at its worst just a republican talking point to deflect from the fact that they rely on donations from corporations. And yes both side benefit but republican party does so unapologetically.

  5. Why is anybody surprised.???? Turtle face told us what he was going to do.. and he’s doing it !! Blocking everything !!

  6. Mitch would never do this, but if he did it would be the greatest political mistake he ever made. The greatest personal mistake he made was marrying Elaine Chao,

  7. McConnell doesn’t need to be playing with matches. The only thing McConnell needs to be doing is kicking that bucket.

    1. @Isa look i don’t care who’s more corrupt but if you’ve been in Washington for 30 plus years its time to go retire and lets some fresh ideas in. Besides how many houses was ole socialist bernie given to step aside and take one for the team?

    2. @Isa Ha Bernie the guy who got walked all over 8 years in a row. He literally campaigned for Hillary and his friend Joe instead of calling out the corruption, even after getting cheated. Absolutely pathetic.

    3. @Guerrilla Gaming Ted Cruz is pathetic. Bernie remains steadfast after all those years in Washington. That the system is crap isn’t his fault. He is only one person after all.

    4. @Chris Dupree with that type of attitude you are getting nowhere. A state would cease to exist without government. The question is how to govern sensibly.
      It would already help a lot if corporations would be unable to donate. No big money, a lot less corruption.

  8. Chris Van Holland is a great Senator. We are very proud of him here in Maryland. Moscow Mitch and his toady wife are loathsome swamp dwellers.

  9. It’s naive to believe that McConnell cares about the economy, the democracy, the Constitution, or the country.

  10. “We need to put America first and bring back jobs we lost to China!” said Mitch as he cashed in the $50 million kick back from his wife’s Chinese relatives in return for all those shipping contracts he gave them.

    1. and… remove sanctions from Russian/Ukrainian oligarchs in exchange for ‘announcement’ of aluminum plant in Kentucky right before election…

  11. It’s time for the Democrats to introduce legislation to repeal the horrendous socialism for the rich tax bill the Trumpublicans passed in 2017. Tell McConnell to put his vote where his mouth is.

  12. According to my government classes in school, this isn’t how it is supposed to work. 🤔

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