McConnell On 'Personal Mission' To Kill Voting Rights Bill, GOP Preps Over 100 Amendments | MSNBC 1

McConnell On ‘Personal Mission’ To Kill Voting Rights Bill, GOP Preps Over 100 Amendments | MSNBC


NBC News' Sahil Kapur reports from Capitol Hill as the Senate Rules Committee meets to consider the 'For The People' voting rights bill. He discusses the rare participation of both Senators Mitch McConnell and Chuck Schumer at the meeting.

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McConnell On 'Personal Mission' To Kill Voting Rights Bill, GOP Preps Over 100 Amendments | MSNBC


  1. The Democrats need to be on a “personal mission” to expand their majority in the House and Senate in 2022.

    1. @icin4d : Republicans did nothing more than the rules allowed. Expanding the court is changing the rules, and with 4 ? it’s for liberal control.

    2. @Gary Campbell Hogwash. Expanding the court is well with in US Constitution. And you know it.
      Article III, Section I states that “The judicial Power of the United States, shall be vested in one supreme Court, and in such inferior Courts as the Congress may from time to time ordain and establish.” Although the Constitution establishes the Supreme Court, it permits Congress to decide how to organize it.

      Congress is supposed to advise and consent the president’s nominations. McConnell did nothing for almost a year.

    3. @Gary Campbell Using your metaphor…you’d be ok if your teams opposition had 13 players to your 11? I think not!

  2. Like Thanos used the stones to destroy the stones, republicans are using democracy to destroy democracy.

    1. @Thomas Jackson Wow. You actually believe what you just said? You are a victim of misinformation.

      With this bill states can no longer require ID or prevent criminals from voting. These are the rights that are getting taken away from states.

      Yes it’s possible for a state to give it’s electoral points to a party that lost. This has never happened in history. Republicans have never done this, nor have Democrats. So how can you claim Republicans would do this if they had the opportunity to but never did?

      I don’t think murderers, rapists, human traffickers, or even arsonists should vote. They are horrible people. States should decide themselves if they think these people should vote, not the federal government.

    2. @joefrog1996 The bill doesn’t stop voter ID. You have to identify yourself to be registered. Voter ID laws are ONLY for the purpose of preventing a person from voting if they just happen to have an expired ID or temporarily don’t have ID.

      Even if they are eligible to vote and registered, the voter ID laws won’t allow them to vote. The people who are typically affected by this law are students and poor people, and poor people are disproportionally people who are black.

      The voter ID laws are not in place to prevent fraud, because there is no fraud they are preventing. If a person is registered to vote and their signature is on file, they can verify their identity with their signature.

      Republicans want to shave off that small number of people who might not have an ID on election day, because statistics show that those people overwhelmingly vote for Democrats. It is just a little trick Republicans are using to cheat.

      The cheating Republican Party are also liars, telling you that voter ID laws prevent fraud, when they don’t. They can’t prove any such fraud is taking place, but the liars tell you that there is fraud.

    3. @joefrog1996 A person is a person. It does not say, in the constitution, that criminals can’t vote.
      I think that every LIAR in the Republican Party is a horrible person and shouldn’t be allowed to vote, but my opinion doesn’t matter in this regard. They are persons. They have a right to vote.

    4. @Thomas Jackson Why can’t I just use a signature to order a beer? Get on a plane? To file a tax return? Buy a gun? Pick up a prescription? Use health insurance? Get a credit card?

      If a signature is so secure why is an ID ever required? It’s clearly only meant to discriminate right?

      An ID is meant to identify a person. Not only with details but an actual picture of a person. Instead of banning voter ID why don’t we make it easier to get an ID?

      We can add more locations to get an ID, make it free in all 50 states, only require a photo every other id (8 years). IDs serve a purpose, there’s a reason they exist. Make it easier to get an ID and the problem is solved.

    5. @joefrog1996 “The process of democracy is one of change. Our laws are not frozen into immutable form; they are constantly in the process of revision in response to the needs of a changing society. The public interest, as conceived by a majority of the voting public, is constantly undergoing reexamination.
      This Court’s holding in Davis, supra, and Murphy, supra, that a State may disenfranchise a class of voters to “withdraw all political influence from those who are practically hostile” to the existing order, strikes at the very heart of the democratic process. *A temporal majority could use such a power to preserve inviolate its view of the social order simply by disenfranchising those with different views.*
      Voters who opposed the repeal of prohibition could have disenfranchised those who advocated repeal “to prevent persons from being enabled by their votes to defeat the criminal laws of the country.” Davis, supra, at 133 U. S. 348. Today, presumably those who support the legalization of marihuana could be barred
      from the ballot box for much the same reason. *The ballot is the democratic system’s coin of the realm. To condition its exercise on support of the established order is to debase that currency beyond recognition* .

      – Thurgood Marshall

  3. WH, please replace all comfy chairs (which you can see senators fall sleep on) with All WOODEN Chairs for their visits to the WH
    founding fathers sat on WOODEN Chairs uncomfortably and got a lot of stuff DONE!

    1. @Sir Stanley the Stumbler Right. No lunch breaks, no going to the toilet, no cell phones, no going home until a bill is passed. That would take care of filibusters and other obstructions.

    2. @Sparky’s Space I don’t think it’s State, as We the People begins the Constitution, our founding fathers’ first words (as copied verbally, no written language, from Native American Tribes gathering together in I believe the Iroquois Nation in “New York”).

    3. @Lily Jade (edit: As I understand it.) It absolutely starts with the People. Power flows from the People to the State (that is why more people more resources, influence and power) and the State’s use it at the Federal level. The President is not directly elected by the People because they are not a direct representative of the People. United States is literal, that is why State’s rights trump Federal right with any Law that has not been ratified by the States.

  4. The table turned around Witch McConnell.
    Moscow Mitch McConnell had over 300 Democrats bills on his desk when he was a majority leader ,he didn’t care about legislation.

    1. @Rose Huber Oh come on Rose Huber everyone here already knows that if @MO^N^ABE ever had a thought it would die of loneliness.

    1. @Gary Miller Every one of age who isn’t in jail or diagnosed with mental illness should have the right to vote in America. There is nothing wrong with mail in voting. Only fraud in voting was found to be done by tepublicans.

    2. Every European country has automatic voter registration and it works fine. When it comes to democracy the Republicans want to turn USA into a third world shithole.

    3. In Florida, since God knows when, there’s always been automatic reregistration and automatic mail ballots; and (God knows!) Florida is not exactly a hotbed of radical leftist Dems.

    4. @Gary Miller you need it for driving a car because it is literally an operating license for cars. That has nothing to do with voting. I need soap to take a bath, should I vote with soap too?

  5. You know what … just push it through. It is also why you should have a federal election system like the rest of the western world. The country should have the same ground rules for elections with the same opportunity to vote for EVERYONE. 50 different sets of rules is insane. Time to move into the present.

    1. @Lester TheMolester The GOP are taking away the power of the people to keep themselves in power

    2. @Lester TheMolester then get rid of the outdated electoral college and the resultant gerrymandering. Each individual vote would count.

    3. @Lester TheMolester that’s so American of you. We, We, We.
      USA looks like a shiny Bugatti Veyron, that has no interior and a Toyota motor.
      USA is still to this day the only member of the G7 that declared a world war on each other. North and South are still going at it, that’s the real reason of 52 different laws. Theres too many Sheriff’s.

    4. @Lester TheMolester I suggest for their state elections, states can use squirrel races and the candidate with the fastest squirrel wins.
      But for federal elections, the only fair thing is to all states use the same rules.
      That’s btw exactly how they do it in all these other countries you mention. There are no different voting laws between counties or cities in those countries.

  6. And the thing is if it somehow passes I guarantee you Happy’s Republicans who voted against it will take credit for it like everything else Biden has passed

    1. @Max Phillips If you live in America, he’s yours as well. Try to focus Max. Elected Republicans are taking credit for Biden’s progress. Are you still waiting for Trump’s infrastructure projects? Maybe he can redecorate his cell.

  7. So the republicans “personal missions” almost always seem to be to obstruct. What’s the point of a party if it’s doing nothing to actually help the people?

    1. @Dixie Normis if the left is fascist witch historically has and always been on the right of the political spectrum what dose that make the right wing?

    2. @Gary Miller As I recall, the Dems had passed a relief package in May of 2020, and McConnell held it up. It’s unfortunate that some seven or eight months later, Leslie Stahl had her on 60 minutes and tried to say that “you held it up, too” (meaning Nancy), and she was so flustered that she did not know what to say. I chalk that up to her being 80 damned years old, because *I* remember full well that the House passed it in MAY, and it was McConnell who had held it up. Too bad the old gal couldn’t think fast enough on her feet to say that on 60 minutes with the cameras rolling, but Pelosi _did not_ hold up that relief bill, that was all on McConnell.

    3. @Jack Woods yea 1.3 trl while taxing the lower classes, 6 trl and forcing the pearl clutchers to pay their fair share is an investment don’t be a mook

    4. @Gary Miller Just before the 2018 midterms, T***p was boasting about a tax cut just for the middle class. He said congress was working on it. He all but admitted their first huge tax cut wasn’t really focused on the average worker. Did Pelosi stop that tax cut legislation after the dems took control of the House. I can’t find any information on that middle-class tax cut after the 2018 midterms.

    1. @Gary Miller I am aware of his constituency and the pressure on both sides of isles my issue is his dilemma presents real challenges in areas that speak to policies that affect us all and the future of the country positively the question I have is how much of that is the people in west Virginia vs corporate donors interest understanding that democracy for us all quality of life for all liveable wages health care and social justice and voting rights for every legal and eligible citizen are protected so I’m not totally throwing him under the bus

    1. @Peluche Garcia that is NOT what their bills are about, it is just title, the republicans are taking away those voting rights NOT shoring them up

    2. @Dixie Normis it is NOT fake party switch it is part of HISTORY, it id happen btw. The racist today are the republicans, who are suppressing the peoples votes

    3. @psycobleach46 tullis Funny how the parties always switch over ending slavery and civil rights of 1964. The only party switching are Democrats, from Jim crow, to pandering to minorities and now socialists. LBJ did say he would be having them N words voting Democrat for the next 200 years.

    1. Minocchio….puppet. look at KENTUCKY’S STATS….1st in child abuse. Top in addiction bottom in education and health….and Mr Mitch McSellout….playing puppet once again.

  8. Moscow Mitch seems to think bipartisan means “We lost the election, so _we_ decide what happens.”

    1. @3D Gremlin Without understanding my apparent ox-moron? I’m sorry if I called you an ox or a moron but as the saying goes, “if the shoe fits” and the shoe sure fits you, clod!

    2. @jim brewer masks are useless unless there is an airtight seal to your face, explain how that is incorrect.

    3. @James Kenyon you think calling me names hurts? you must be foreign. We are taught at a young age that “sticks and stones may break my bones, but names will never hurt me.” Call me whatever you want, doesn’t bother me. But my logic seems to trigger you, which is very telling.

    1. @DJ C Not only those jobs but the restaurant businesses in those areas as well it’s a win win for our nation to be sure. I didn’t know about Grassley and Lamar Alexander wanted to do that but it doesn’t surprise me one bit.

    2. @firemonkey zodiac Yep!, and he will continue to support T-rump and McConnell and any other braying jackasses who want to see our republic fail! However I’m an American Patriot who loves and believes in our nations resolve!

    1. JAM it down their throats!! The only ones cheating during elections are the GQP. The GQP know very well that they can’t win on a level playing field so they will , cheat, lie , and steal in order to hold on to power.

  9. “Why won’t you let us add amendments to your bill?”
    “Will you vote for the bill if we add your amendment?”
    “I should say not!”

    1. 2009
      Chuck Grassley: I want the Democrats to add this, this, this, this, this, this, this, and this to the health care bill.
      Democrats: Yeah but you’re not gonna vote for it even if we add those, are you?
      Grassley: Nope!

    2. @M Murase Well, they didn’t say that last part out loud, but that’s what they did. That’s why there’s no reason to try to work with republicans. It’s just obstruction all along. Then they can brag to their base about how they obstructed the dem laws and point to dem voters how inept their representatives are. Republicans don’t want to legislate for the people, they do it only when it suits them personally and to stay in power.

    3. @Razvan Zamfir that’s from obama’s book. he met with grassley to talk support for the ACA in 2009, and he asked him outright, “is there anything we could do to get your support?” and he flat out said “well, mr president, i don’t think so”

      they added a ton of republican amendments that weakened the bill, and got zero republican votes

      biden, as vice president, definitely learned from that

    4. @M Murase Yeah. It’s the same old Sh*t. I’m getting a little tired of the Democratic Leadership falling for it every damned time. Hey, Charley Brown! Here’s a hint! Lucy is going to pull the football away just as you try to kick it. She does it every time. Maybe get someone else to hold the ball next time?

  10. Can’t stop us ..we’ll still show up at the polls and vote in matter what they do ..every time they lose they change the rules

    1. @VirAmicusSpaceTime I didn’t read the new Georgia law. But I’m sure they didn’t think about keeping “place holders” from providing some relief for voters who’ll be in line for hours. Also, I think water, food, etc. should be given to those in line. Just set things up so you’re an adjunct of the Red Cross. And, of course — MAKE SURE EVERYTHING IS ON VIDEO!!!

    2. That won’t make any difference if the Governor can just overturn the results if he doesn’t like them.

    3. @VirAmicusSpaceTime They think blk ppl out here with no id…We already know our papers have to be right. We only cops we left it at home. Repuglicans don’t realize they are hurting themselves with these voter suppression laws. I can see these caucasians now at the courthouse losing their minds because they were asked for id

    4. @DJ C Actually they know they are hurting themselves. As it turns out they originally tried to put in the original bill exceptions for the military and those who live in cities less than 30k – but they were told they could not because it would go against equal protection…and they still went ahead with it.

      Light still shall win over darkness. Sad is a party that wants to win on an uneven playing field. For (some of) them it is about POWER not democracy.

  11. The group that cries the most about cancel culture is constantly trying to cancel the cultures of minorities.

    1. Minocchio McSellout. Puppet. How KY sent him over and over….”HIS” State is in trouble but, once again, GOP trumps GOD.

    2. @Shane- “…women right now who are losing the rights to their own bodies”?? You sound insane.

  12. You can bet that whatever McConnell is against is the most important thing that this nation needs.

    1. Well, he does appear to work directly for Vladimir Putin. And Vlad wants to tear down the US ability to keep him chained up in Moscow.

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