McConnell pressures senators to vote against Capitol riot commission 1

McConnell pressures senators to vote against Capitol riot commission


Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-KY) is pressuring GOP senators to vote against a January 6 commission to investigate the Capitol riot.

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    1. @nucker figure Sicknick died from strokes because he was sprayed with bear spray! My mother died from a stroke after having her colon removed, i say the surgry killed her! The bear spray killed Officer Sicknick!!

  1. The GOP are afraid what would come out of there was an investigation that’s why they don’t want it

    1. Yes they’re scared because alot of them were involved not all directly but they know too much,

    2. Its ashame that Mrs. Sicknick didnt consider this whist she went on right wing media and claimed that it wasnt the mob or anything to do with the storming of the Capitol for several months after his death. Shes of no force or trust at this point.

    1. @Brandy Courvoisier Wow, People like you are scary! Not dangerous though.. You prob couldn’t pull start a lawn mower.

  2. A criminal urging his co-conspirators to cover up their crimes. Sure thing Moscow, sure thing.

    1. @Gregg Mackie The major corporations will side with the country’s profit centers. Work that one out, friend.

    2. @Gregg Mackie Dude seek mental help Trump is gone, get with the program stop worshiping him.

  3. It’s a personal favor because he’s totally culpable and guilty of so much corruption that he’s afraid will be uncovered by a commission.

    1. McCarthy, Trump and a few others are involved but I think McConnell is more worried about the 2022 elections. Deep down they all have to be ashamed

  4. Mitch McTurtle like Donald Trump, only cares about his own preservation when it comes to power. Mitch McTurtle’s actions only proves just that.

    1. @Tabby B I was one of them anything Rush or Hannity said was true I learned the hard way they are lair’s and rich they don’t care about us I didn’t see it…

    2. @Andre Stewart But your eyes are wide open now, huh? There’s hope for you! Not the crowd of turkeys listening to the self-serving babble, staring into the sky, and drowning due to the rain. Common sense is an asset everyone should have.

    3. Its ashame that Mrs. Sicknick didnt consider this whist she went on right wing media and claimed that it wasnt the mob or anything to do with the storming of the Capitol for several months after his death. Shes of no force or trust at this point, unfortunately, by the GOP. It’s sad that they so quickly hype her up when she said that, but now block her opinion as she is asking them to do the right thing.

  5. Of course Mitch is pushing back, he knows his corruption is going to come out as well.

  6. The heartbreak and grief is deafening in Mrs. Sicknick’s voice. Parents aren’t supposed to bury their children. No matter how old they are.

  7. Other that trying to run from their criminality, why would anyone vote against uncovering the truth. If this is voted down, a special prosecuter MUST be appointed.

  8. All those who declined to meet with her or did not reply should have their names listed so the public knows. Despicable behavior on their part!

  9. The Senate is SUPPOSED to serve the people, not their personal interests. Remember these GOP traitors at the next election, citizens!!!

    1. @Jatmo Because after Biden won the presidency, the GOP KNEW they are not and HAVE not been the majority of the population in the US (for a long time) and so they became SO DESPERATE that not only are they doing voter restriction big time with no guilt, no shame whatsoever in their desperation to win, they have completely sold their souls, and any kind of integrity, dignity, or morals they may have had left they tossed in the trash. I feel sorry for their kids, whether grown up or not, to see their own parents lie and deceive for trump…what a shameful thing to set such a horrible example to your own kids and family. .

    2. @Bradyn Lotterman Selective hearing? Or a true cult member? Which one are you because you come across as true member of trumps cult.

    1. @Reece Beauchamp Talk about repeating dog whistles. It sounds like you watch Faux News 24/7 and repeat their lies. Get over it. Trump lost. The only cheating is what he tried to do, but thankfully failed. You Trump cultists are domestic terrorists and traitors to this country who belong in Russia or on the gallows.

    2. @Isabella Angeline Wrong, I don’t watch any mainstream news. I do my own independant research and cross reference the facts with sources that don’t have an underlying bias or politicized narrative. Unlike you, I’m not brainwashed by dog whistles and lies, by a company that has dropped by over 77% in ratings and now facing a 300 million dollar lawsuit for doctoring videos and then lying to their scarcely dimishing audience. I just came on here to laugh at people like you. 🙂

  10. This is simply more evidence republicans care more about themselves than they do anything else, including their country.

    1. You can hide the sun and the moon if i put my hand infront your face like what republicans trying to do now.

    1. Why don’t reporters ask Joe Biden a hard question besides what his favorite ice cream flavor is?

    2. @Nick Allen My point is that they ask all members of the GOP such impossible trap questions, so stop complaining about what they are not asking him.

    1. @TJ Roelsma he was never hit in the head,stop listening to liberal media.You people believe whatever libnation wants you to believe

    2. @I Believe Yeah sure bud, it was just a bunch of tourists giving him friendly pats on the head with their hands, feet and flagpoles.
      It’s kind of funny how you use the nick “I Believe”, yet you’re supporting Alternative Facts instead of reality.

    3. JOE B said it was the worst evenT since the CIVIL WAR


    4. @TJ Roelsma well,what did he get hit with?Hands,feet,flag pole,maybe a fire extinguisher,even the media said one time he got sprayed by a chemical,so which one of these lies did he die from?

    5. @TJ Roelsma google the Washington Post,article on sicknick says died of 2 strokes and natural causes.Natural causes is not getting hit in the head

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