McConnell: Rioters ‘fed lies’ and ‘provoked’ by Trump

McConnell: Rioters 'fed lies' and 'provoked' by Trump 1


Top Senate Republican Mitch McConnell condemned the Capitol rioters, saying they were 'fed lies' and 'provoked' by Donald Trump.


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6 Comments on "McConnell: Rioters ‘fed lies’ and ‘provoked’ by Trump"

  1. Poolside123 Canadian | January 19, 2021 at 7:50 PM | Reply

    Duhhhh he finally got it. It took him 4 years but he finally got it. I think Trump is going to get his just desserts and get convicted in the Senate.😎

  2. After 4 years of 💩, he finally said the truth.
    Sadly, all those conspiracy theorists, still don’t believe it.

  3. About time. Goodbye orange clown!

  4. Just to be clear. Uh-Oh! It’s like the GOP is handing out end of year POTUS grades. And DJT is getting an “I” for incomplete work or in political terms “I” for impeachment. Full Stop.

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