McConnell Says He Opposes 'Partisan' Jan. 6 Commission Bill | MSNBC 1

McConnell Says He Opposes ‘Partisan’ Jan. 6 Commission Bill | MSNBC


Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell announced that he opposes the bill to create a commission to investigate the Jan. 6 riot at the Capitol. Citing ongoing arrests and continuing investigations, McConnell said that the commission would be created in "partisan bad faith."

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McConnell Says He Opposes 'Partisan' Jan. 6 Commission Bill | MSNBC


    1. @Thomas Armsworthy Jr Answer me one question….How does someone who never polled higher than 50% approval on *ANY* poll by *ANYONE* get more than 50% of the vote?

    2. @AT 1984 Obviously you need to go back to elementary school and learn to count. Biden got more votes and won. I know this hurts your feelings but it is a fact.

    1. @cervellone Neckless Adam Schiff- IS THAT YOU? 😳 That sounds totally interesting and not at all contrived 😂

    2. @timwaywell TRUE STORY:
      “I’m a Republican and I filled out my ballot…when I went to scan my ballot it spit it out,” Lambie explained. “I tried it three or four times and it kept spitting it back out.”
      Officials originally claimed the machines were not reading the barcodes on all ballots. However, it has since been confirmed there’s no problem with Democrat ballots. This adds to concerns among Pennsylvania voters.
      “Just went the normal process of getting a ballot, filling it out…took it over to the machine to put it in and it was rejected,” recounted Jeff Valek, another local voter.
      Election officials are reportedly collecting Republican ballots to count them separately at a later time.

  1. Why would the insurrectionist party want to investigate the insurrection? They’re too busy looking for bamboo and chickens in Arizona…

    1. @Tsunami Blue And Amen to Letticia, finally it sounds that someone is going to jail. It is long overdue.

  2. Just like the senate “trial” with no witnesses and no evidence, Mitch and the GOP is afraid of the truth getting out. No surprise at all.

  3. This has to happen, one way or another it has to be investigated by a special commission…period. We want to know who was involved and WE THE PEOPLE want and need to see consequences.

    1. @Polar Opposite your opinion is not based in fact! And, since when do we need to start investigating other things, when dealing with an insurrection? Focus

    2. @Polar Opposite but , but,but Hillary
      Now been replaced by but,but but Biden..Republicans are an absolute clown show

    3. @Polar Opposite distracting away from the 1/6 attack won’t work. The only thing it does is let everybody know you have no loyalty to the United States. Which is expected based on the many trolls from the intetnet research agency that create many fake accounts. So it’s common knowledge that there’s plenty of Bad actors on the internet and you’re one of them.

    4. Throwing hundreds of insurrectionists under the bus while those leaders who were responsible for spurring & manipulating their behavior is Soooooo… “Not” the American way. We are no longer living in a “Clueless” society where whatever “nump” says goes🤔🤔🤔VOTE YES for this Commission…Our country’s independence is at stake 💯👀🥵📢

    1. I like how you added the definition of despise for the Republicans reading your comment.

  4. Of course, they oppose. It’s their party that enabled and emboldened those insurrectionists.

  5. Republicans are not interested in any investigation that does not benefit them politically. No Jan 6 commission…but we needed two years of Benghazi hearings!

  6. What’s that thing republicans say about collecting metadata and mass surveillance? “Why do you care if you haven’t broken any laws or have nothing to hide?”

  7. If we ever were to be invaded by the lizard nation , Mitch would be the first to kneel to his bug overlords … he has no scruples

    1. @Liam Palmer
      V was an old TV series about lizard aliens disguised as people, who invade earth and take power to enslave and eat humans.

  8. “We oppose the commission as it doesn’t include the possibility of being able to deflect from what actually happened”

    It’s an investigation into the Jan 6th insurrection Mitch, so that’s what it’ll focus on.

  9. Breaking news:

    One of John Gotti’s Capos announces opposition to investigation into John Gotti.

  10. Hey Mitch! Remind us again how’s many Benghazi investigations there were between 2012 and 2016.

    1. And how many noisy investigations into “Hillary’s emails” before the DoJ quietly admitted she’d done nothing over the line. Unwise, probably. Illegal or even shocking, no.

    1. I think Mitch McConnel things we are all stupid. WE’VE GOT YOUR NUMBER MITCH AND Kevin’s McCarthy. What are you so afraid of.?

  11. “We need to investigate this foreign terrorist incident. MANY Times Over.” -GOP

    “We do NOT need to investigate this Domestic terrorist incident. EVER.” -GQP

    1. @Mike Boate Don’t forget drawn and quartered. It came after the hanging.

      Learned that fact from National Treasure. Sometimes movies do tell facts!

  12. They are shaking in their boots about what this commission will find. It’s almost like they all played a role in our capital being overran 🤔

  13. If only Mitch had stuck his head out of his safe room during that day, he could have calmly ‘reasoned’ with his favorite people, ‘the tourists’.

  14. If McConnell thinks for one moment we won’t find out exactly who plotted this out, He’s F.O.S.

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