McConnell Says Impeachment Trial Against President Trump Will Begin Next Tuesday | Katy Tur | MSNBC


    1. “You mean Illegals can’t vote anymore? Lol. MAGA 2020” Then why block funds to make elections more secure?

    2. Yeah….

      Ain’t it great ?…..

      Block everything Democrats want….

      He knows who the real enemy is….😉

  1. *”We won with poorly educated, I love the poorly educated!”*
                      – Trump, 2016

    Trump supporters: i dun no wut dat means but make america grate agen 2020!!!1!

    1. Logan McLean , is like to see that , she cannot hold a coherent thought for more than a few seconds 😝

  2. We are in for a wild ride cover up Express and the sad thing is it will not save him. History is set 1st president in history to be impeached in his first term. The rest is worse than Nixon

    1. E W and since we have never encountered this how is it legal for an impeached President on abuse of power charges to be able to run for re-election?

    1. @Crystal Giddens Speak language?! You’re obviously illiterate and determined to prove it. You should have quit while you were behind.

    1. I don’t think Moscow M(B)itch even knows what planet he’s from. I bet there are a lot of inbreds and turtles there, though. And mad scientists who fuse them together.

  3. Is a indictments pending on him and nine other? We the people need to remove them permanently, they are traitors to our country along with 45 and family members.

  4. Moscow Mitch really “trying” hard to look impartial in this interview but we all know he is not what he IS is a lying SOB. VOTE HIM OUT IN 2020.

    1. @Me 🇬🇧 I also wondered if it was a wig. I agree that he’s disgusting and he and others who are going to vote against impeachment have made themselves ineligible to be jurors and there should be some way to turf them out of the proceedings. Neither Mitch or Lindsay will be re-elected.

    2. Right Trump Gave Moscow Mitch McConnell $1 billion Right Before Christmas ,What Favor Do Trump Want From Moscow Mitch? To Rigged The Votes !

    3. @DENISE BELL thats a dem thing you have the partys mixed up..the Democrats Love dead people too they all vote for

    1. Sheik Yo Booty pussygrabber showed the people hold the power in this country. I say bring in a popular vote. All republicans that live in blue states that don’t bother voting would actually have a reason to vote. Millions of more people would vote!

  5. Moscow Mitch is a Russian Enabler he wants Russian help for the 20/20 elections they use all corrupt and dishonest tactics to win.

    1. Democrats are the liars and ran an unconstitutional impeachment it was partisan and the founders said NO to that pathway.

  6. Here goes Moscow Mitch BS his way and lying his way through the interview all of a sudden after all pressure from the public about protecting the election he is saying that 800million was given to protect the election but he lies just like his boss Rump.

    1. how are 800 million gallons of water supposed to help our elections> have our elections become a pilgrimage? what?

  7. McConnell is simply a liar and because he’s reasonably intelligent he’s even more dangerous than Trump

  8. Reporter: “Can there be a fair trial if there are no witnesses?”

    Mitch’s facial expression: “Oh God, I wish…”

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