McConnell says Senate won't come back early for Trump trial 1

McConnell says Senate won’t come back early for Trump trial


Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is rejecting Democratic calls to bring the Senate back immediately to convict President Donald Trump, a decision that is likely to allow the President to serve out his final days in office.
McConnell's office made that clear to Senate Democratic Minority Leader Chuck Schumer's aides on Wednesday, according to Republican officials. The majority leader also sent a note to Republican senators telling them the chamber won't return until January 19, according to a person who has seen it, meaning an impeachment trial won't begin until the early days of Joe Biden's presidency.
In a statement released after the House voted to impeach, McConnell said, "Given the rules, procedures, and Senate precedents that govern presidential impeachment trials, there is simply no chance that a fair or serious trial could conclude before President-elect Biden is sworn in next week."
The House impeachment vote on Wednesday over Trump's incitement of the riot at the Capitol last week stands as a swift and bipartisan condemnation that makes Trump the first president in United States history to be impeached twice.
McConnell has privately indicated that he believes impeaching Trump would be the way to rid him from the party, a dramatic break between the top Republican who has worked in tandem with the Republican President over the last four years.
In the note to his Republican colleagues Wednesday afternoon on impeachment, he wrote that "while the press has been full of speculation, I have not made a final decision on how I will vote and I intend to listen to the legal arguments when they are presented to the Senate."
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    1. @Stew country songs Stew That is the idea. To impeach Trump so that he can no longer from serving another office in the United States of America. This is pure democracy in action.

    2. Mitch McConnell is very cunning. Very, very cunning. We hate him, we all do, but we must never underestimate him either.

    3. @BioGoji 1989 The one you should hate is Trump=Hitler. He almost kill more Americans with his lies and by the way, he just cares about himself. He does not even trust his own followers for having a bullet proof glass during the Speech.

  1. Mitch has no principles. He won’t commit until he knows he’s safe, politically.
    Enabler of Trump trying to save his Turtle skin.

    1. They couldn’t wait for the last few days. Obviously, these leftist evil elements are very scared and want to cover up their crimes.

    2. @Joseph Hyde true that that old foolalways acts like he’s got to dig deep in his pocket to pull money out to give back to the American people.

    3. @Mark Zielinski Haha .. I doubt Mimzy knows what a non sequiter is. Not likely the sharpest tool in the shed that one!

    1. @Mark McConnell’s move will put dems in control of senate with Georgia senators sworn in, WH lawyers can’t defend Trump when out of office, dershowitz said he won’t defend. McConnell wants Trump permanently purged from office, conviction in senate only way to do it, and this is the best way to make it happen. Trump’s lost big. Dems are just too frenzied to see McConnell’s move is in their favor.

    2. The 1st Trump impeachment trial wasn’t fair, it was an attempt by Democrats to get him again after Mueller couldn’t nail him with any thing. The Democrats now have both houses of congress and the white house, stop being such sore winners already! Getting revenge on Trump won’t bring country together, like biden stated that he wanted to do in campaign.

    3. Trump should run as a 3rd party candidate as a joke in 2024 just to annoy the far left. I think he wore out his welcome with the Republicans….

    1. Only if it works in his favor does he respond quickly.
      Say biden won the election in 2016, January 21st.
      Mitch: Aaa aaa I don’t think its appropriate for the Senate to confirm.. Aaa the next judge in Biden’s last four years of office.. Oaa..”

  2. If a Republican senator doesnt know the difference between right and wrong he/she shouldnt carry out the work for the people.

    Don Tomreone

  3. Even as the water is draining out of the turtle’s tank, he still doesn’t know whether or not to impeach the guy who cracked the glass.

  4. We all started to work from Jan 4th. Why senates have so many vacation days during the national crisis?!?

    1. The house and Senate work about 6 or 7 days a month. 1 of those days is to pass a pay raise for themselves.

    1. @Daniel T In general, I’m really happy that we caught Trump with his tail between his legs. It’s really hard to get a narcissist to say anything bad about its abuse victims.

    2. @Dein Sun – I agree. But, with each speech, he has scaled back the rhetoric and denounced the violence in stronger and stronger terms. He’s finding that instead of people joining in support he’s been hit with growing mass condemnation. It’s a price he doesn’t want to pay.

    3. @Daniel T I hope Trump’s speech helps de-radicalize potential terrorists that believe the election was “stolen” to justify violence.

    4. @Daniel T i hope he really mean it. From his heart not because Govt. And Banks, private corporations undermines his wealth which lead to changing his mind.

      Therefore, his wealth is far more important than his fans.

    5. @Dein Sun – Unfortunately, based on the past 4 years, I’m quite sure that this was a purely strategic statement. It always boils down to his wallet. He meant none of it. However, because of the tidal wave of pressure, it’s words he’ll abide by for a while. For that, I’m hopeful.

    1. @Simone Morgan Trump have given you evidence for 4 years. Twitting hate almost everyday on Twitter. Every time he spoke is was to say how great is was and how everyone else was a liar. Everyone mind you even person who keep backing him. Pence has done nothing but suck him for 4 years and Trump still bashed him. He giving you 4 years of supporting hate groups and telling everyone that people of color (any color but white) were out to steal their jobs. It’s sad really. He’s lied so much people like you can’t even see the truth. You’ve been brainwashing. People wonder how people followed Hitler. Look no farther than Trump. He’s no better than what Hitler was preaching. He saying the same things. You are are falling in line just like the German people did. It’s shocking people can be so easily fooled by Trump. If Trump was speaking German with a little mustache you swear he was Hitler.

    2. Anybody else notice how rapidly the last “supreme” court “justice” got appointed and sworn in? Ronald mcc.o.n.ell did that. Bum rushed her right into office, just before the last legal election.
      And then there’s the insults and misinterpretations to follow.

  5. They sure rushed when they were getting their girl in the Supreme ct. We can wait as trump is not going to change until he is in Gitmo.

  6. This just like the phone call was LITERALLY caught on tape the proof is in the pudding GUILTY AS CHARGED


    1. I’m sure you were this riled up while watching the country burnt his summer; at the urging of the left. Go ahead and show me your posts condemning those attacks…..I’ll wait.

    1. @The Truth Hurts You! tell that to his 2 impeachments and the 80 million votes that got him kicked out of office. It’s over

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