1. You don’t understand if they impeached trump there wasn’t going to be a Republican Party. Trump would’ve made his own and effectively destroyed the gop

    2. @Pierre Valette Let’s hope not! I would have said that of 2016 — wait I did say that & I was wrong then. If Americans do not step up to their responsibilities & vote 🗳, I’m afraid we may be doomed to repeat this nightmare!

    3. @RealNPoetic Not exactly. The conservative party of this country was going to split up either way. Sticking with Trump may leave them with a bigger base but it is far more isolated from the middle and likely to continue shrinking over the next several election cycles. They will continue to win plenty of seats in the House, but they will lose anywhere that was competitive. If they had impeached him they would have had several years to fix things and would have been wrecked for possibly one or two election cycles. I would point out that Trump supporters might sit out for a cycle or two, but does anyone really think they were going to vote blue as protest? The gop could have used that time to fix their platform back to something that is rational. Currently the only platform they have is Trump talking points. If he opposes his previous position they follow along.

      Now they are going to continue on the path of following a man who is likely going to be convicted of something over the next few years and if he is still around in 2024 is going to be a pariah candidate. Sure he will get 40-45% of the vote, but there is absolutely no way his vote is going to grow. In the meantime the democrats have the next several years to get their policies in place and make a solid case for how they are a party of good governance. The gop will try to stop that but even that may end up playing into the hands of the democrats as it will be the same folks who protected Trump who are obstructing them. They might take the opportunity to remove the filibuster.

    4. @BookGirlCNY I had hoped that maybe, just maybe there were more than 7 reputable Republicans in the Senate! Sadly there are not! Actually had Senator Mitt Romney been supported by those other 6 Republicans maybe, just maybe the last 3 years would never have happened. It may be impossible for America 🇺🇸 to regain her world 🌍 status now that the world 🌍 knows we protect the guilty. trump is guilty of inciting an insurrection while attempting a coup. He is also guilty of colluding with the Russians.

    5. @Trump Reelected2024 Donald Trump will raise a record 1 Billion Dollars and launch his campaign. America is a show.

    1. @Bill Walsh Exactly. He voted against conviction and now wants to say that Trump was responsible for the inssurection as to not alienate the moderate members of his electorate/party. He is the epithomy of a career politician: Apolitical, greedy, spineless and a coward. He’ll do and say anything if he thinks it helps him mantain his sweet sweet corporate money

    2. @Felipe neves nothin to discuss…
      They accomplish absolutely nothing except to start wars, steal wealth via illegal taxation and regulation, permits, fees on and on… I DON’T DISCUSS STUPID,

    3. @William H
      P.DIDDY Dr. Dre,
      GOT Sooooo Much Money they took to lovin another man…
      Kayne still hanging in there but only cause he’s in an institution

  1. It’s official. There is no Republican Party anymore. It is The Trump Party. The GQP. The Grand Qanon Party. Congrats.

    1. The Republicans have opened the door; they have demonstrated to “We the People” and the whole world who is above the law. Congratulations. History will remember these 43 and will not be kind for they have proven loyalty to Trump before Country and Constitution.

  2. ever since Watergate, republicans desperately wanted a presidential scandal that would overshadow it. well they finally got their wish.

    1. I feel that way too, but understand that tight-lipped turd is very nuanced when he does speak. I believe he’s basically saying ‘let T***p be prosecuted in a way that actually causes him trouble’, such as stiping him of freedoms via criminal cases and his property via civil lawsuits.

    2. @Kman8962 Only because Americans do not VOTE! The power is in the voting 🗳 process. trump knew that! That is why he attacked the American 🇺🇸 people by trying to destroy our most precious right, THE RIGHT TO VOTE & BE COUNTED. The saddest part of all, is that so many choose to forfeit that precious power.

    3. McConnell is an unprincipled man who isn’t willing to take a stand when it isn’t popular with his supporters. If he had even a shred of love for this republic he should have voted to convict. He should have been the first to vote and he should have loudly told his fellow senators that while he may have faults he believes he is a good man and a good man doesn’t stand by and do nothing while evil is afoot. Instead he punted and hopes that others will do the right thing when he could not.

      Also if he had been smart from the beginning he should have asked the democrats for a long trial with lots of witnesses. He should have demanded Trump and all those around him testify. He should have demanded the vp testify. He should have shamed every gop senator who defends Trump and told them enough is enough. The president of the United States sent a mob to capitol hill to intimidate other politicians with the threat of violence in an attempt to get them to do what he wanted. That is called terrorism. Donald Trump is a terrorist. He has no place in civilized society and anyone afraid to acknowledge needs to really think about how much they love our country.

  3. Say goodbye to the strongest, bravest, most respected country in the world. The Republicans just gave Russia & China the reins.

    1. They sure did. Russia has already had the White House tour. People better pray. That’s the only advice I can give. This country is as corrupt as the third world countries that people are fleeing.

  4. So let me get this straight: McConnell explains why trump is guilty, but then turns around and votes not guilty? Unbelievable 🤦‍♂️

    1. @Matt Emmick No, you are. 90 percent of terrorist actions in US are carried out by the far right, not the left!

    1. @Mickey Mouse Mitch but not half American’s as there are thousands and thousands of American’s who are responding like they should and changing parties. Mitch will be ousted in the end after he loses major control in the senate.

    1. There should be zero Trump supporting members of Congress left, just goes to show how low their morals really are

    1. Trump was right when he said he could murder someone and get away with it. History will remember those gutless republican senators who voted for his acquittal.He is not innocent … he just got off.!

    2. Shame? Is that even a concept that American still understand? If they only knew what those in the international community thought of them right now.

    1. @Music Director i agree! The dems knew republicans not going to convict Trump anyways…they only want to lay it out for all Americans and whoever still have some common sense to stop believing in Trump’s lies

    2. It’s very very clear in no uncertain form that the republican party where as much a part of this attack as anyone breaking into the capital Jan 6 . They had already been informed the attack was coming. I mean why else would they not vote for impeachment of DT. Thier guilt would also come to light of day. I see nefarious works in there. Too many people where resigning or leaving before this attack happened. They knew what was about to take place, had to have known.

    3. With Mitch there’s always a reason why , you just have to listen and wait to see why . We had him in Kentucky for years .

    4. His excuse was that there was no time for a trial before new administration. There was 7 days left and he rushed a supreme court judge in 8 days and this trial lasted 4 and a half days. Democrats never learn not to pet the snake ,because the snake will bite you everytime.

  5. This is absolutely abhorrent. I’m struggling to find the words to describe how much of a travesty this is. The really just acquitted the leader of domestic terrorists.

  6. They just signed the death certificate of the Republican Party with their vote. Can’t say I want them to “Rest In Peace”.

    1. @Daniel Webster This is the reason why democrat so blind and can’t see Republican trap, everyone with common sense (mostly moderate) know this impeachment is a political theater. There is no ground since beginning

    2. @yudhi adhyatmiko siswono I knew the outcome of the impeachment before it happened. I just enjoy making people with the attention span of gold fish squirm.

    3. @Daniel Webster indeed, i’m quite surprised that people applaud Mitch McConnel in first day then called him after this day vote a “Russia Mitch”, “Mitch Mcdumb”, “Traitor”.
      It’s quite odd since i can see what he did from beginning.

    4. @Rita van Haevere!.. From Europe..no we’re not shocked!.. don’t talk rubbish!..The republicans who voted for president are a mob of no good spineless nitwits..Cowards and part of the swamp!..so no need for you to tell us what you think..you’re a lady!..stop acting foolishly.!!

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