McConnell 'Trying To Make The Most Of' Biden's Infrastructure Walk-Back | MSNBC 1

McConnell ‘Trying To Make The Most Of’ Biden’s Infrastructure Walk-Back | MSNBC


NBC's Sahil Kapur discusses Sen. McConnell urging Democrats to uncouple the infrastructure plans. 

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McConnell 'Trying To Make The Most Of' Biden's Infrastructure Walk-Back | MSNBC


    1. Petition is far cry from gifts, dark money, and writing bills for the GOP to use across every state. 😶Structure limits by full legally accountable, completely transparent actions defineing what ‘petition’ – ing is.

    2. How about abolish paid lobbyists. Let those who are willing to plead their cause, without remuneration, lobby, but not DC insiders. Also, don’t let lobbyists give lawmakers gifts of any sort, including wining and dining them.

  1. McConnell isn’t worried the infrastructure package will fail; he is worried that it might succeed, showing that sometimes more government is a good thing.

    1. McC also balancing potential fall out from a Trump legal debacle(s), forthcoming 01-06 commission, and the need to maintain political clout and credibility. So, how he is progressing is about nudging time and position in the eyes of competing factions within his party and state of mind in the face of the last 4 years…. and since the election. He’s been going to the obstructionist well for a long long time…. Dems know that.

  2. If McConnell and the republicans pulled back out, the democrats have all the reasons to pass anything they want with the reconciliation.

    1. @Michael Whitted Uh…. Yeah. It actually does matter a lot.

      Are you really comparing Joe Manchin to Mitch McConnell? They are two different people with two different leadership styles.

    2. @Mr. James LMFAO!!! This is the mentality that most of the LEFT has, Some people are just STUPID!!! He obviously doesn’t understand what you are trying to tell him!!

    3. @Mr. James They have 2 choices here. Either let Manchin & Sinema switch parties or continue to allow them to vote no on what Biden wants done.

    4. @Michael Whitted If I were a Democratic leader (although I’m personally an independent), I’d go with the latter choice.

      You can easily sway both of them, if you at least try to compromise with Republicans.

      Do that, and Democrats could say to Manchin and Sinema:

      “We tried your suggestions, and they did not work. Perhaps, now we can try a bill through reconciliation, given the failure to compromise?”

      If they both fell in line in voting in favor of the stimulus earlier this year, they easily could again, if the Democrats simply listened to their requests for compromise.

  3. Kentucky: “Senator, We’re jobless, broke, no indoor plumbing no education…… Can you help us?”
    Mitch: um….. *whiteness*
    Kentucky ” Thankyou Sir!!!1 you have my vote in the midterms”

  4. Well McConnel does nothing but bumps his gums and shake his head and listen for that little ball rolling around in his head that tells to say no to everything

  5. The DNC has been studying McConnell, and may be working to paint him into a corner on, from what I can see 3 different fronts. Will be interesting to see how the chess match plays out. McConnell has one eye on his constituents, one on his waning power, and another on his legacy which ties it all together. Yes, he is using three eyes, but only two at a time…. there’s always a blind spot at play. Hint hint…

  6. mc connell would be smart to get out now before gets that humiliating and so deserved reward he is working for. How about “REAP MC CONNELL” ?

  7. Maybe Moscow Mitch heard Bill Barr’s interview with The Atlantic and is trying to pretend we should paint him and his party in a better light – pretend he doesn’t obstruct.

    1. Biden literally said it was a bipartisan bill and then hours later linked it to the voting bills and started getting bad PR for it so we are at where we are at now because Biden isn’t in control of anything.

    2. @Crimdor bipartisan means it’s what the majority of Americans democrats, republicans and others want, that the Republican Party in power will jump on every new an millimeter of diversion to weaken Biden’s credibility is just those republicans in power way of not giving the Biden administration credit for anything good because it makes them look bad and their more concerned with their money train slowing down then what the American people want and need…

    3. @AriSiMom – You aren’t acknowledging how Biden walked back his support of the bill unless the Republicans signed off on a totally un-related bill to infrastructure, and today, they had to issue a correction for Biden’s statements.
      Bidens handlers are at odds with Biden and it’s obvious.

    4. @Crimdor handlers, pricelessly trolling , using a word that was used for trump on Biden , gaslighting to its maximum… as this bill evolves in the hopes of getting it to the people who need it nothing will be stationary, this bill or any other bill that is being promotes with the interest of the majority of the American people not just rich white guys … I hear the songs of the south playing in the background … if Biden so calls back pedals, if other bills are mentioned that can help the American majority get out from under this net of autocracy that the Republican Party has been pushing since way before the Regan era then so be it … like sausage being made ,it made not be pretty but will be worth it in the end …

  8. McConnell is already in campaign mode for 2022. Normally, infrastructure would not be a big deal BUT as COVID is brought under control and the economy begins to ramp up, the infrastructure spending will act like rocket fuel. The likely outcome will be a booming economy in 2022. Mitch wants no part of that. It will be a win for Dems. He will block.

  9. The vast majority of Americans support Biden’s infrastructure bill. McConnell is irrelevant and he knows it.

    1. The problem is how Biden walked it back and tried to tie it to another bill.
      His handlers had to issue a corrected statement today because Biden is inept and his handlers don’t even get along.

    2. I don’t think the most number of Americans support this when they are told all of the other stop this bill will fun other than roads and bridges. Once American learn that this is a inflationary Bill they are opposed to it.

    3. @T. R. Campbell You’re confusing the compromise bill, which is popular, with the original one, that was a ‘progressive’ pipedream, and very unpopular. As long as Biden is willing to sign the compromise infrastructure bill, without the inflationary “human infrastructure” bill, the country is behind him.

    4. @Deborah Freedman I don’t think he will sign the compromise bill. I think he wants the human infrastructure as you so brilliantly put it.

  10. McConnell’s Red Socialist Fascist Racist Republican Party has had a habit in the past of adding additional issues with their Bills. They hold until they get it or nothing. The difference is the Memme Democrats do it and when challenged fold on the second issue. One more reason that we need the “Progressive Democrats” at the helm.

  11. OH my god, Moscow Mitch is wearing a tan suit. Where is the public outrage that he used for Obama wearing one?

  12. Obama does get it “Kiss the Jim Brown eye” of passionate abolitionist man boy love and Native American genocide.

  13. This one guy has caused so much damage to so many American’s lives. He enjoys the “game” of politics, while the country waits for results.

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