McConnell Would Back Trump In 2024 After Blaming Him For Riot | The 11th Hour | MSNBC 1

McConnell Would Back Trump In 2024 After Blaming Him For Riot | The 11th Hour | MSNBC


On February 13, Sen. Mitch McConnell blamed Trump for the Capitol riot of January 6. But now McConnell says he would 'absolutely' support Trump if he's the GOP nominee in 2024. We talk about it with Mark McKinnon. Aired on 02/26/2021.
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McConnell Would Back Trump In 2024 After Blaming Him For Riot | The 11th Hour | MSNBC


    1. He watches which way the wind blows…right now it appears to be blowing Trump’s way. If there is another outrage, like the plan to blow up the Capitol by crazies, he may change his mind.

    2. @Alex Hamilton
      Sorry to remind you but if you are a Deplorable, you have forfeited not only ALL your rights and privileges as an American but also as a fellow human being by supporting a traitor and his inhuman actions.

      You should lay low and be happy you are not in jail for supporting a traitor who attacked America. That would help you a bit to keep your US citizenship.

    1. @Clive Glendinning LMAO!!! You’re not supposed to use the information out of the Trolling for Dummies handbook all at once!

    2. @Kareem O’Weet Hahahahaha.. if you really want to finish the job, how about mentioning the elections that were stolen?!?!? And the ones who stormed the capital weren’t real Trump supporters?????

    3. @Derek Lowery
      Yep! Hey Derek! I have a friend of mine sitting right here next to me that is also a “Derek.” He says “Hey!” The Obama, I mean Biden administration is like a *RUNAWAY TRAIN ON A DARK STORMY NIGHT FILLED WITH PASSENGERS HEADED FOR THE WASHED OUT BRIDGE*
      Keep an eye on those bond yields…..3rd Quarter will give us an idea what to expect next year. Crap I forgot! How about those gas prices huh?

    1. If Mitch considered his party he would get rid of Trump.
      Because: many GOP’ers will not vote GOP if the Republicans do not get rid of Trump. There is some selfcontradiction here: They believe that Trump can get them votes, but it was precisely because of Trump that the GOP failed to get a president this time.

    2. @Dibald Gyfm IMHO, if all voters were listed as independents, , people would be freed to think about a broad view of issues rather than being fed a single party line. Be Independent !!

    3. althea graham
      I agree. The same with the Democrats. They would be better not to talk at all and be thought of as fools.
      Yet they open their mouths and remove all doubt.

  1. So weird, like a parody sitcom of the ultimate dysfunctional family.
    Obviously something occurred – something we’ll never know unless blackmail or some other secret gets magically revealed.
    Even so, the complete split- personality turnarounds could cause anyone to suspect traces of dementia or some kind of psychotic episodes, regardless of his political position.

    1. @The Unspoken yes, they are in a loose / loose situation and the least damage for GOP might be to wait till the courts or the business community throws the former president under the bus.

    2. Reindl: Exactly what I thought. And sure, the cours will, but that will leave the poiticians as accomplices in tax fraud and crime (not to mention incitement to violence).

    3. @Alex Hamilton the dirty work is to bring the former president into prison. GOP can blame the corrupt judicial system and needs not snub their voters.

    1. @Alvinius Alviniathan I did Google it. He did not break hundreds and hundreds of laws. But however Obama broke the law 78 times as president. And Hillary Clinton’s emails was a serious offense

    2. @Alvinius Alviniathan and why would I have to Google what Trump did you said you can name a hundred things that Trump did that broke the law?

    3. @Marvin Guigar so you’re okay with knowing the Republicans and the blind worshipping Chinese are the same?

    4. Republicans these days have come to grips with the fact that they represent and/or support the very few and hence can never win democratic elections. That’s why autocracy is their only path to glory. Trump has always known that and has even said it repeatedly in his speeches. Either be blind or one-eyed, America. This is your future.

    1. Ah dammit i heard party and power and thought the DJ was opening up the set for a moment. .damned you covid lockdown!!!

    1. When I saw that golden statue, it reminded me of the golden calf from the Bible. They are already bowing down and worshiping Donald Trump – their idol!

    2. @B.I think you meant to use the second person possesive adjective; “…’your’ ignorance.”, not the incorrect contraction form; “…’you’re’ ignorance.” FYI.

  2. McConnell is like a fish out of water – if he wasn’t flipping and Flopping then you wouldn’t even know he was still alive !

    1. McConnell calculates that they could blame Dem for sending T*** to jail, which mobilizes MAGA base without T**** … giving them an edge in 2022 and 2024. Never underestimate the ‘turtle’.

    2. @Latroy Hawkins it seems that the Democrats run everything in Congress and the Senate. So when things are wrong, it is all their fault. Remember that as your life or others gets way worse.

    1. @Jenson Winters All Brian said was we need nationalism and you labeled him a Nazi. You are what’s wrong with the current political climate.

    1. Sold their soul … to anyone that helps them gain power.
      The Turtle wants a piece of the pie and if it means kissing the Orange One’s behind again then the Turtle will comply.
      Best thing that could happen is if the Orange One starts his own party to compete with the GOP showing the Turtle his middle finger in the process.

  3. Not surprising. Mitch once said “It’s all about winning”. He will do whatever it takes. The people of Kentucky have a mental and moral defect for continuing to elect him…

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