1. @Rene Jean I know exactly what it means and JOE BIDEN IS A TYRANT self appointed TYRANT who violated his oath of office trying to enforce vaccine mandates.

    2. @JOHN DOE cry somewhere else with your vaccine nonsense, child. Maybe you can ask trump to have his bankers pull out of their illegal invasion of Ukraine?

    3. @Babushka Doll – There is a difference. America, for all its wrongs, didn’t deliberately target children’s hospitals.

    4. @Rene Jean oh really and is Russia really deliberately targetting children’s hospital??Did your mainstream media tell you that?? Because I remember America bombing hospital and schools in Yugoslavia,so if Russia did it that’s deliberate and if America does it,it’s not deliberate??? Ha ha ha what a hypocrite

    1. No then there is no insinative to change, which is the only reason for sanctions in the first place

    2. @Brent Harrington Oh, so Putin invaded Ukraine because America jilted him? Wow, he sounds like a jealous suitor who threatens to post revenge porn if you don’t accept his terms of marriage. I’m glad we dumped him.

    3. @Brent Harrington I heard the US lost in Vietnam and Afghanistan….. Was it because of a lack of guns?

  1. I had been a lifelong Republican, but after Trump’s treatment of Zelenskyy, I felt compelled to leave and register as an independent…my party had gone too far in the wrong direction for me.

    1. @Sharon R He is a Russian asset and was more use to Putin and it benefitted him in every way!!!

  2. They’ll be fine. Soon brands and stores and services like Kremlin’ Doughnuts, Putin Cola, Genocide King, Soviet Vuitton, Tyrantflix and Stalinbucks Coffee will pop up…

    1. No. Our gas taxes currently don’t cover the cost to maintain our roads. I’ve worked in states on department of transportation budgets. The federal gas tax hasn’t increased since 1992! It won’t help anyone and will just create a larger deficit that the government has to backfill to maintain roads.

    2. Or US oil companies could produce more oil instead of sitting on 9600 unused oil leases and letting the majority of new wells in the Permian basin sit idle. Our gas stations in town raised prices a dime a day even though they only get deliveries twice a week. Put the blame where it belongs.

    3. @Gary Our market is not a true “open market.” There are regulations set in place to eliminate manipulation, in this case price gouging.

  3. I thought it funny to hear McDonalds was going to “continue to pay their employees”. I’m sure they are getting paid in rubbles that are now worth .2 of a cent. So if you normally got a check for $600. Now you’re getting less than $1.

  4. Way to go Putin. Sending 144M Russian citizens back to 1950s USSR standard of living almost overnight. But I bet you won’t have any problems getting whatever Western luxuries YOU want.

    1. @Victor McClellan that’s what people did in Soviet times. The people used to basically smuggle western items to Soviet Union but the prices are high because of the demand and transportation. It’s basically will be like drugs high price and hard to get

    2. @RandomGuyOnInternet well its different times now, China is well developed and connected to Russia by train and are one of the cheapest solutions for shipping overall, so i hardly think prices would rise that much because the wares has to go on a detour through China. of course the west could then also sanction China, but could they afford it? I don´t know.

    3. @Victor McClellan the prices will be extremely high because 90% of Russian people live in Europe and China is across the world. The expense to make train track will cost much aswell this will also allow China to strangle Russian economy and make it more dependent on them and could be used to black mail them. Specially when China cares more about own people and economy than anything else. If they cared so much about Russia they would help them instead they are neutral

    4. @RandomGuyOnInternet Well the traintracks are already in palace with plans to expand even before the war. But lets hope it still gets expensive.
      Yeah China looks out for their own interests ultimately, they are probably just looking to make as much money they can from both sides of the conflict.

  5. We need a list of who’s staying so we can boycott them . PepsiCo is staying. So start there with the boycott.

    1. @WildHeart parts of Poor Africa? There are 54 African Countries, apart from CSI programs ain’t no charity from PepsiCo. It’s business.
      EU and US nations need to stop killing and waging wars accross the globe. Really. Do your charity work and keep your bullets.
      From A concerned African.

    2. @vshah1010 You don’t seem to understand what this is all about. Most of the market has already been replaced by Russian goods and goods from China and other allied countries. Only miserable Europe will need your product.

  6. How dare Putin call it “Economic War.”
    In fact it is a “Special Economic Operation!”

    1. @vshah1010 you don’t think Corporations have done that by sending work away from American workers?

    2. @vshah1010 👈🤣. Yea, these companies are going to say screw profits and leave their main markets…….

    3. @Cliff Roebuck Many companies have brought their operations back to the States. Like a bike manufacturer BCA. They automated their factories so they don’t need many workers…. Job done……

  7. It’s easy to pull out from a country when it’s economy is tanking and difficult to get supplies to that location. It’s still a good decisions by these companies but lets not call them saints. It’s purely business not morals.

    1. @CNNOTHING BURGER LETS GO BRANDON!!! And if they pulled out of the UK. No McDonald’s, no Coca-Cola = healthy thriving population! Good Job! 👍

    2. @Unoim Right You don’t realise that people who don’t take the vax poison☠️ also don’t eat the cheap McDonald’s crap and don’t drink Coca-Cola… 🤓

    3. @Mia True… you don’t realize you already have 12-15 vaccine’s in you , already !! Most of the people dying from Covid19 are overweight and have a goatee!! If you care about your health , you get the vaccine! 99% of all US Dr.’s are vaccinated, you’re hilarious!!

  8. I remember hearing on the radio in the summer of 94, the average daily wages earned for a worker in Russia was worth the value of one Big Mac.

  9. I have never been a fan of the power of corporocracy.. however this is an example where I think the actions taken will have an impact to stop the war and change the dictatorship in Russia. I’m very sorry for the pain of the Russian people; this will help save the LIVES of the Ukrainian people.

    1. People haven’t realized yet that Putin doesn’t care for Russian citizens so none of this “pressure” even phases him. He’s only putting on a show for his people to act like he cares the way he’s done the past 20 years.

  10. Pepsi move is fascinating in a positive sense. I remember when even in Soviet times Pepsi was symbol of warming relations, symbol of peace.

    1. With sayings of peace almost anti war but if they stay pro peace then Putin can’t do anything.

    2. …and for short period of time had one of the biggest fleet of warships. Totally unrelated, but perhaps fascinating

  11. There was a time when the only things Russians had to show the world in terms of culture was Tolstoy, Dostoyevsky, Turgenev,
    Tchaikovsky, The Bolshoi Ballet, The Kirov Ballet. Then, in 1990 they saw the light, and embraced McDonalds.

  12. The ONLY reason these companies are now suspending business in Russia, is because of public outcry. It now looks as though their bottom line will be hit harder by staying there than it will by leaving, so they pull out. You can be sure, if social media wasn’t screaming about Coke for the last 5 days, that they would still be in there doing business.

    1. Well… yeah? Obviously a company would do what’s best for their profits. What else do you expect? It would be stupid for them not to

  13. What took so long? Thank you to these companies. Lives before profits. It’s called integrity.

    1. @dannypowers “lives before profits?” Do you know how many diabetics and heart attacks McDonald’s and coca cola are responsible for??!

  14. Rising gas prices is not because of the economic war against Russia. It is big businesses taking advantage of a situation and exploiting it.

  15. 1:23 “back then the Soviet Union did not have any money…” – actually, it was 1973 – the year of the oil crisis – and for a while the Soviet Union enjoyed quite a windfall of oil revenue. But they had other plans for these dollars. It is true that for almost 15 years they paid Pepsi with vodka, and the deal was quite sweet (in all meanings) for the Soviets. But remember that this was a very small operation overall – $25 million dollars worth of vodka over 1973-1981 period. Pepsi never sold well – the fixed retail price was too high for most of consumers.

  16. the term “economic war” is a poor choice of words. Putin would say “economic special operations”😂😂

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