McDonald’s shooting in Chicago leaves 2 dead, 7 injured | USA TODAY

McDonald's shooting in Chicago leaves 2 dead, 7 injured | USA TODAY 1


    1. 25- 30 shootings maybe more in the last 3 weeks
      And they focus on one… Not like the one isn’t bad but not any worse than these
      At least to the family members I would imagine

    2. Someone told me the news media has stories preprinted. You just fill in the names, number of victims and location.

    1. @Mike G says the person who doesn’t know there are countries outside of American borders lmao

  1. You’re reporting on this like it’s something new! This is a good day in Chicago! This weekend there will be 12 or more shootings.

  2. Remember to blow your whistle whenever you see the next shooting. That’s how we will stop criminals 👏🏻. Remember, someone recommended this for the people living in Chicago.

  3. The amount of shootings that have occurred in the last week disgust me !my heart goes out to all the families affected by this tragedy.

  4. Mass shootings in Chicago are a seasonal affair. That’s why I left Cook County. Really rather amazed that the media took notice.

  5. Sounds like why alot of people are leaving that crap hole city, I feel sorry for any innocent people who were victims of this shooting.

  6. When they force all the animals into one cage, something is gonna get et.. You can dress them up, but you cannot take them out..

  7. What happened in Buffalo was incredibly rare.
    What happened here in Chicago happens virtually once per week.

    Keep perspective, folks.

  8. Unfortunately, shootings like this happen every week in Chicago. Even with some of the strongest gun restriction laws in the nation.

  9. Have a friend’s brother, he’s black, and an insurance adjuster, he won’t even go to Chicago any more.

  10. It’s insane period! I was just right there too! Walking and this happened around the corner.

  11. Who remembers the last time the cops tried stopping crime in Chicago the people marched for the little gangbanger?

  12. Peace unto the families that is experiencing this tragedy. The government officials are not doing the job they were hired to do.

    1. Since when is it the police job to teach ethics and morality? It’s time for society to take some responsibility.

  13. I live in the Chicago suburbs. This is a daily occurrence. This one just happens to be in the super nice part of the city. The “juveniles” now congregate in those areas. I used to go into the city for the weekend and now I just stay out. It’s gotten to Mad Max levels. If you’re a tourist, honestly, do yourselves and your families a favor and stay out of there until a new regime gets in and gets this under control — if they can. The current one pretends to do things, but this is what they want….chaos. Lightfoot and Kim Foxx are rumored to be in the pocket 💵 of local gangs, so nothing is going to change as long as they’re around.

  14. I am scared and afraid to come out of my River North home. Having been a victim of gun violence in Chicago, when I see someone not from my neighborhood here in River North, all I can see is a racist, gun caring, murderer. The police can’t protect us, and now two are dead.

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