McLachlin: Social media companies need regulation, not users

Beverley McLachlin, former chief justice of the Supreme Court, discusses how to protect free speech online while putting a stop on hateful content.

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    1. As a professional feelings hurter, I am tempted to leave several examples here, but I still need YouTube for my daily cute kitty cat videos.

  1. online video games have been doing this since forever.
    it takes real online moderators who actively observe and take action.
    not automated systems.

  2. Frankie-𝔽**БК ΠœΠ• - БНЕℂ𝕂 𝕄𝕐 Π β„πŸ˜π”½π•€π•ƒΠ•πŸ’› says:

    Define “hateful content.”

    Please be precise.

  3. Venny-πŸ’– 𝐹**БК ΠœΠ• - Π‘ΠΠ•π’žπ’¦ 𝑀𝒴 Π π‘…πŸ’πΉπΌπΏΠ•πŸ”ž says:

    What about when Trudeau calls protestors rapists?

  4. GABBY-𝓕**БК ΠœΠ• - Π‘ΠΠ•π“’π“š π“œπ“¨ Р𝓑0π“•π“˜π“›Π• says:

    There are already hate speech laws. What is hate?

  5. Question about internet regulation: What safeguard will be in place to protect the public from misleading narratives, misinformation and disinformation constantly being spread by the current government in power?

    Canadians have been broadly and falsely accused and negatively portrayed on many occasions, called inappropriate names with no bearing, and intentionally mislead. How will these behaviours factor into the current regulation proposal? Canadians need to be protected from these unacceptable displays from spreading around the internet as well.

  6. There are already hate speech laws. What is hate?

  7. Elena πŸ‘ˆπ“•**БК ΠœΠ• - Π‘ΠΠ•π“’π“š π“œπ“¨ Р𝓑0π“•π“˜π“›Π• πŸ’— says:

    What about when Trudeau calls protestors rapists?

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