Meacham: The Start Of Biden’s Presidency Is ‘Going To Be More Complicated’ Than We Think | Deadline 1

Meacham: The Start Of Biden’s Presidency Is ‘Going To Be More Complicated’ Than We Think | Deadline


Presidential historian and Vanderbilt University professor Jon Meacham explains how Biden’s transition will not be smooth sailing even after the president-elect is inaugurated, and the duty Meacham feels the American people have to maintain our democracy. Aired on 12/4/2020.
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Meacham: The Start Of Biden’s Presidency Is ‘Going To Be More Complicated’ Than We Think | Deadline


    1. @Jay GibsonI’m here to prove you are clueless to the truth Jay, why would anyone listen to a guy who can’t back up his statements with facts? Seems with all the accusations, you should be able to provide a little proof, or at least explain why trump’s lawyers have produced nothing but hearsay in the form of unbelievable, unprovable affidavits and accusations which no court lends any credibility to _including trump-appointed judges_

    2. @truth troll proof is everywhere- this channel doesn’t air it, wonder why? Why is it only the left that censors?

    1. @MetalDetroit It’s pretty sad that so many focus only on his temperament and mannerisms rather than policy and accomplishments.

      Trump may be brash and a little rude, but he has achieved a lot of good, despite the constant opposition since even before his first day.

      Democrats are politely telling the country how badly they intend to screw things up.

      Maybe that’s what the country deserves. It’s a shame.

    2. @Booqueefious Well said. The man’s policies are truly what this country needs. the left is so blinded by hatred, and the force fed media, that they are blind to this.

    1. @Just Me Who operates big tech ? Who has control of the media? Hollywood? music industry? banking ? those are ALL huge democrat donors. Hillary got more from Goldman Sachs than any politician in history. All while Democrats tell people like you that Republicans are owned by corporations. Who do you think paid for Obama’s $35,000 per plate fund raisers ?

    1. He actually misquoted Hamlet as a Restoration Drama. Shakespeare’s Elizabethan theatre predated the Restoration, and plays from the Restoration were often crude, sexualized comedies instead of serious dramas. Meacham probably meant to say “restorative” drama, but spoke too quickly.

  1. My rewrite of Lippman’s quote at 2:50:

    It is not: “I’ll believe it when I see it”


    “I’ll see it when I believe it.”

  2. Well Son was awarded a Trauma Fellowship at Vanderbilt University. Trauma Director now at Texas Tech, Lubbock.

  3. We have become a culture of “drop the mic” but the truth is that we need to keep the dialogue going. (includes listening)

    1. The right wing counts on the left doing just that . As they lay in wait to sabotage the left, sabotage democracy . History keeps repeating, and republicans keep winning ! History repeats , cause we still have the same losers leading the democrats , who’ve been beaten by the right for the last 20 yrs & beyond . A democratic party that never holds republicans to account for any crime what so ever . If the left keeps fooling us into thinking it’s an even playing field, and Republicans are pro democracy , then the great freedom experiment called America is over . United States is Fake News already , If Trump & cohorts are not brought down , Including McConnell & his gang , then progress for the free human race is ended . The wealthy win , and everybody else don’t matter ! 4 yrs of Biden will be a death role for the left !

    1. @Vi Trinh Is that a link to MSNBC editing the Zimmerman 911 call? Or the Georgia voter fraud video? Or the dead body in Breonna Taylors boyfriends car? Or AOC’s $75 sweatshirts she’s selling to line her pockets?

  4. no need to worry about Trump running in 2024, his diet will have killed him by then! his arteries must be so clogged up with sugar and cholesterol a walking time bomb

  5. “The Start Of Biden’s Fraud Presidency If He Gets Away With His Massive Voter Fraud Is ‘Going To Be More Complicated’ Than We Think” There I fixed it and Fact checked for you…

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