1. “There’s nothing I could say about the GOP that Kevin McCarthy hasn’t already put on tape.”

    1. @E Garza Well that`s too bad and not McCarthy`s fault, if he just happens to own property in multiple states .. he can`t be in all of them at the same time .. so get back to us if yr lucky enough to catch him voting more than once .. Tx about a jr high/B team/jv cheap shot .. you need to give it up fella …..

  2. I guarantee you a week from today as the hearings begin Republicans will make as much noise and distractions as possible.

    1. @Colleen Davidson lies .
      You tell yourself whatever you want .
      But lying doesn’t make things true .

    2. @Matt L this newsfeed is scary and hilarious at the same time .
      I’m certain that it’s 99% bots , even that’s being generous!

  3. Trump thought it was great. He needed to be repeatedly told it wasn’t great, and needed more than one take to finally get an acceptable message out.

  4. The most important question is, once the whole country has seen this presentation, what does DOJ do about it? You’ve been provided with serious evidence at least make an arrest of the culprits, charge them then send them home to start working on their trials with their lawyers but DOJ just can’t stay silent.

    1. @E Garza Good. What would have happened if you moved to Florida? Would your NJ DMV have notified Florida?

    2. @R H
      No, I don’t think NJ would notify Florida unless I was gay then NJ would notify Florida. The gays are coming. The gays are coming. That sounds nasty.
      Remember the movie: The Russians Are Coming, the Russians Are Coming

  5. They should draft a law that all government communications should go through approved apps and add jail time for violators.

    1. @Shawn G Awe, you’re still crying over Biden beating the crap out of trump in the 2020 election. That’s cute.

  6. They’re saying.. “Donald, stop what we have done”. Sounds as if the ship was on fire and the other rats…..

    1. I’M saying right now….”gas prices are high”; gimme a “rat” explanation for THAT one, genius!

  7. In the mean time the real insurrection and the conspirators are ignored and the sheep continue to rage.

  8. Just write down everyone’s statements that this was legitimate political discourse and you have the new high ground to do the same to them.

  9. We are not tired of hearing about this. What we are tired of is having to wait so long to see some of these people pay some legal consequences for what they did!!

  10. So “senior officials” didn’t want to “put up with the misery” of speaking out. How miserable do they think the Capitol police were as the crowd beat the living hell out of them? Shame on all who protect their own butts at the expense of our nation and the citizens they purport to serve. Endless shame on them.

  11. We are in a Constitutional crisis and almost everyone is acting as if our country is going on as business as usual.

  12. Meadows is like the devil …. with his smiling soft voice , charming personality he radiates “trust me ” but under it all he’s pure evil 😈
    Zoe , Canada

  13. Well, apparently not everyone was aware that the chaos was intentional – they let it go just to see how it played out. That was the plan all along. They telegraphed it months in advance. Disbelief that “something like that could never happen here” simply allowed it to happen.

    1. We all saw it coming… beginning when orange said he wouldn’t cede power when asked specifically about it!

    2. I knew it was intentional from the moment that the rally in front of the White House was announced. Why else would you plan it at that exact moment? I followed the whole thing from the start to the end via multiple streams. And I’m not even American and live in Europe!

  14. Aa Really brought home how bad the situation is when the guy at the end expressed gratitude for simply having enough space to stand up inside his shared apartment.

    1. even so Chinas situation is dramatically worse, the government just has tight control on you knowing.

    2. The Chinese government punishes its people for simply talking about the wrong thing. They do not allow their citizens to insult their leader, even if its valid criticism, you can’t openly talk about Tiananmen squar… Read more

  15. The discussion at the end by these pundits is a good example of media trying to control the narrative. Despite what two of them assert, Americans are still interested in this issue. It’s taken a long time for us to get to putting all this in a public light. I, for one, will be watching next week.

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