'Mean girl group chat': Keilar reacts to Trump's interview with Hannity 1

‘Mean girl group chat’: Keilar reacts to Trump’s interview with Hannity


CNN's Brianna Keilar reacts to former President Donald Trump's first in-person interview since leaving the White House where he spoke to Fox News' Sean Hannity.
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  1. And just think 70plus million ppl who are our neighbors and friends think like him and see the world as he sees it. It’s truly frightening!

    1. I think he cheated in the states he won. That’s why he doesn’t like paper ballots be a use there’s proof of the vote…

    2. Unreal, I can’t believe we still give this clown credence to anything. I like and respect your thoughts, but I’m so done with Trump…….

    3. @reality The conservative ones are hiding in the closet ? Fix yourself .It doesn’t have anything to do with your political view.

  2. Trump: “I want to see Biden in prison.”
    Biden: “What on Earth gives Trump the idea that I’ll come visit him in prison?”

    1. @N 827 Nice come back where’d you learn it? A third grader?

      The only facts you know are the ones on the back of cereal boxes

    2. @N 827 ok but dump is a pamper wearing adderall addict who stole killed and destroyed everything that simpleton touches when did that fucktard ever work hannity is a seditious treasonous traitor

    1. She’s a typical lying cnn broadcaster. Nothing has changed at cnn. Nobody with a brain takes that propaganda factory seriously. They pushed the Russian conspiracy theory for 4+ years mentioning it 16,000 fucking times yet they keep forgetting about hunter Biden’s laptop. Hmmmm biased much?

  3. “You play ‘a little more golf’ now.” Wait. How can he play GOLF MORE? Does the man Sleep Golf? He plays more golf than professional golfers. With the amount he plays, he should be able to win all the golf tournaments that exists!

    1. @Jesuslove _isfreedom If you want to watch wicked liars, check out Pirro ,Bartiromo and Tuckface Carlson. All evil lying bi t ches

    2. @Duncan thank God for those guys fighting against the lies of the wicked MSM the wicked political class and speak it out against the burning looting and murdering

    3. @Duncan according to scripture the wicked call evil good and good evil you’re doing just what God’s word said wicked people will do you spiritually willful ignorant

    4. @Jesuslove _isfreedom First, you brought up Breonna Taylor. My reasoning for including my race/ethnicity, was to allow you to know that I was expressing the fact that I can relate to her and the frustration, sadness, and daily realities that we, black people, face. Which you then belittled; por ejemplo, you bringing up the “mean girls” statement. A statement I don’t understand the expression of in this setting.

      I am a Child of G-d no matter what you JUDGE me to be or choose to believe of me. You know not my heart nor my mind. As for BLM, etc., believe what you like. You were the one to come to my comment and give your ‘Sermon on the Mount’ in the name of your G-d, Jesus. Again, I humbly ask, what was so “intentional or deliberate” (if that is what you meant by ‘willful’) in my original comment?

    5. @Laegon Waters Laegan what part did you edit? Not the misspelled first word of your post. Like Trump said ‘I love the uneducated”. And the pandemic is still with us. And Trump will go down in history as the worst voted in by the stupidist.

  4. “Nobody was tougher on Russia” Tell that to Alexei Navalny whom Putin had tortured and is dying in the hospital

    1. Yeah cause we can’t tell that to Beijing Biden. He called Putin a cold blooded killer and 2 weeks later hid his tail between his legs and said he wanted to bring down the tensions with Russia

  5. “Did the wind ever blow you over?” Hannity asks the human paperweight, er, toilet paper paperweight.

    1. @Dee Mason seriously? You actually admit that you fall upstairs? You’re kind of special too aren’t you..

    2. @notaness hahaha….the funny thing is no matter what you say you still make yourself look stupid….nobody cheers for the loser , nobody supports the loser….no matter what you say ONE HUGE FACT REMAINS TRUMP LOST….you can call Biden stupid , has issues ,hid in a basement , isn’t all there whatever….it makes the loser look worse….THE PERSON YOU SUPPORT…it also makes you look even worse….how hard is that to understand?? It’s like saying I don’t like that chick she stinks or she’s to big or she stupid….then 5nin later your trying to hook up….

    3. @Dee Mason ROTFL😂‼ You’re Absolutely Correct For Calling Him A Moron, Especially For Falling 3 Times While Holding Onto The Rails👍😂‼

  6. Unbelievable, after everything he has learned nothing. “The unexamined life is not worth living.” Socrates, Plato’s Apology

    1. “When a man utilizes a quote from another source, they are not proving themselves smart, they are only proving that they cannot mentally think for themselves” – Me

  7. Trump had a brain fart when he said he has a great relationship with North Korea, but can’t remember the name of the leader.

    1. @Alissa Bezenek CNN specialized in slanting the news using editing. They did that lots of times especially after the Jan. 6 riot. In fact, the democrats used their edited video and they also doctored videos as an evidence on Trump impeachment which is disgusting and they lost. CNN journalists are replaced by propagandists and activists.

    1. Its the new style, everybody getting it, cover leaf ear, show right ear. or is it the left ear to show. One thing for sure, there all beautiful women waring the hair cut.

  8. ‘I could write a great book’ 😆 I’m sure he will, just as soon as a suitable ghostwriter can be found

    1. @ParanormalYido We are not in love with a mere man that you think is a GOD .We just want someone who doesn’t try to intimate everyone with his loud mouth ,MEANSPIRIT Rhetoric.

    2. @andrew Andrew Like trump obsessing over Obama for four years!  You didn’t see that did you? Every problem he encountered, it was Obama, Obama, Obama.

    3. You got that right, 45 has been a terrible experience for the entire world. Only crazy racist people could ever won’t Trump in the Whitehouse again. America was at It’s weakest under 45’s administration. Trump is a delusional time bomb. Just because 45 makes racist comments doesn’t make him preisdent material. He just needs to stick to filing bankruptcy.

  9. “I could write a good book”? He can even write a bad book, written by a ghostwriter.

    1. And his hair almost blew off… Trump also struggled to drink water using two hands and slurred his speech on multiple occasions… I cringed when Joe tripped up the stairs, but if I had the Trump supporter mentality I would have ignored it and said it was fake news I ever saw it…

  10. “Keeping an insane schedule…” I’ll buy the ‘insane’ part. Donny and Seanny has to be one of the most bizarre bromances in history.

    1. Trump never worked when in the WH don’t know how he can be working harder and playing more golf, lucky he is living in his retirement village

    2. @joanne h I think it safe to say that DT never did anything like actual work in his entire life.

    3. @andrew Andrew Back to what? Spouting the same nonsense – he needs new material, his shtick is so 2020.

  11. Ms Keilar thank you for keep us informed. You are a roll model for women of all ages and in all types of work/careers.

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