Meatless for Lent with Cecile Neita Leves | TVJ Smile Jamaica

Meatless for Lent with Cecile Neita Leves | TVJ Smile Jamaica 1


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  2. I boil the bulgur as a rice replacement but I use a smaller water to rice ratio so that it comes out just as fluffy as rice. I will try this method as well as it seems it doesn’t require constant monitoring.

  3. The cost ,the cost that is very important here, based on all the ingredients she is using and what about breakfast dinner or lunch.
    Plus apart from what you can grow in your garden, everything else is imported.

  4. I’m curious as to where she sources a lot of these ingredients and the alternatives that she mentioned ..

  5. If i could like this a hundred times i would,that looks so good Mrs Levee and i’m happy to see you, still looking fabulous my former boss. I’ve learned a lot from you ❤❤

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