Media Buzz 9/4/16 Full: Hillary FBI Interview Lies, Bashing Trump Immigration, Megyn Kelly Facebook


    1. I’ve a gut feeling for a long while now that whatever happens regarding the
      presidency, something else, maybe unrelated, is going to happen much
      worse than 911. I hope my gut is wrong.

    2. The Globalist agenda is too powerful. Hillary will be President if it even
      takes martial law. Home Land Security has taken over the voting booths.
      What does that tell you?

    1. Did you see that Hillary was wearing a catheter last week? My oh my – she
      should have relied on depends instead because her tube was showing.

  1. There won’t be a debate. Hillary was able to weasel out of them and rather
    they will hold forums. They won’t even be in the same room. Hillary will be
    lobbed softballs and Trump will dipped into a lake of pirañas

  2. Our newspaper this morning had a two page article on all the good that the
    Clinton Foundation is doing for the less fortunate. Baloney! The only
    good the foundation is doing is lining the pockets of the Clintons:
    period! I have read the book “Partners in Crime” and the new book out by
    Gary Byrne about the Clintons in the white house when he worked there as a
    SS agent. The Clintons are thieves and liars; nothing more.

  3. when is it only good to do what is easy America is known for doing the
    impossible do what is best for the country like getting rid of all
    politicians that won’t stop putting themselves first

  4. think outside the BOX you got the NSA use it you say we cant view the
    deleted emails or the lost server the NSA has it but they wont let you know
    because of all the sheeple would freak out if they knew their privacy was
    invaded & another thing they aint gonna arrest yours truly Obama & the rest
    of the politicians

  5. wow she doesnt wont everyone in the same room..she has tols them all so
    many lies,,its jew amazing just as amazing as the ugly niggers you have out
    back with jew sperm on there breath

  6. Come on Democrats…Vote to Save America and return it to it’s Greatness.
    I’ m sure you love America almost as much as I do. Think of all the lost
    lives in all the wars so we could grow up in a FREE AND PROSPEROUS SOCIETY.
    We all enjoy the same freedoms…even though Obama is working hard to
    please his boss,,,George Soros, most evil man on earth. Wake Up

  7. Keli Goff, I think you just ended your career from a gross error in logic.
    Saying that Trump has anything to do with Duke’s endorsement is like saying
    the moon landing was a prejudiced act against Martin Luther King because
    none of the astronauts were black. Your statements do not come close to
    common sense or logic and I’m not saying this because I’m prejudiced, I’m
    saying it because it’s true. You’re likable, so I’m sure you can find a
    more suitable job and stop wasting the audience’s time.

  8. All I WILL say is if they rig this election I BELIEVE there will be HELL
    too pay. AND it’s NOT going too be a racial FIGHT, It will be WE THE PEOPLE
    every right too do.

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