Media critic weighs in on role ex-Fox producer possibly played on Tucker Carlson’s firing

Abby Grossberg, a former Fox News producer suing the company, told MSNBC that she has 90 damning audio tapes from her time at the network revealing a toxic work environment. Fox News has denied her claims. CNN’s Anderson Cooper discusses this with media critic David Zurawik. #CNN #News


  1. Lol! They thought the dirty laundry wouldn’t show their shot pants. Lawyer up, Raphael! You’re gonna need one.

    1. @John Brattan
      don’t believe everything on the Internet…
      It would be easy enough to disprove, if one were really interested in the truth…

  2. I saw a YouTube video where some guy was crying because if he didn’t have Tucker to watch, he wouldn’t know what to think or believe.
    That’s a scary thing. If you rely on a talking head to tell you what to think, you are in serious trouble.

    1. ​@Aaron Seet It definitely needs to be taught when you’re young. Once someone gets to a certain age it’s too late. Kind of like empathy.

    2. ​@ethzero If a tree falls in a forest, but there is nobody around to hear it.. Did it make a sound?

      Yes. Yes it still makes a sound.

    3. @Cosa Nostra no tucker carlson was faek hate news, I know a few pep who are haert broken there voice is gone…

  3. “We’re all pretending we’ve got a lot to show for it, because admitting what a disaster it’s been is too tough to digest. But come on. There really isn’t an upside to Trump.”

    – Tucker Carlson, text message, Dominion lawsuit discovery

    1. I’m old enough to remember Hanoi Jane and America’s outrage over Mrs Fonda ,so why is there no such outrage over Tucker spewing Russian propaganda BS,😬

    2. @omar nunez I remember seeing Hanoi Jane in person at my community college campus spewing her garbage. Please tell me how Tucker has been a Russian mouthpiece.

  4. NINETY RECORDINGS ?!?…I’m gonna take a wild guess and say even though Tucky is gone from TV, we’ll still be hearing much more about him in the not-so-distant future!

    1. Some of these recordings were of congress people, Trump Administration, Sydney Powell, Giuliani and so on…😊

  5. The why will come out but it doesn’t right the wrongs , accountability will be handled in the court of law and order ….

  6. When Dominion settled I was left dissatisfied about how there didn’t seem to be real accountability that FOX and its talking heads had to deal with. But, maybe it’s not over for them after all. Good.

    1. Did you ask for accountability from CNN/MSNBC after 3 years of “Russian collusion”???

    2. It’s far from over for Fox,,I hope Rupert gets deported, the Aussies will tear him a new one😊😅😂

  7. so… moral of the story is if you work for Fox, always turn on your recording device every time you have a conversation with your higher ups. chances are you’ll need those recordings in the future.

  8. Most people all around the world knows exactly the political reasons he was basically shutting down the truth saying journalists

  9. Rupert Murdoch reminded Tucker Carlson that he’s the Boss, and in much the same way Rupert is doing with his own children.

  10. You do not approve the content and keep someone on the air as long as Tucker was on the air if there was a problem. This happened because FOX lost money and was probably given an ultimatum to improve their content or be liable for more fines. If my boss told me this is your job description and was able to continually see and approve the content of my job description and then let me go because I was doing my job description I could sue that company.

  11. I live in Holland (Europe) but I found meself swinging from my chandelier when I heard Tucker was fired… Fox of course has 787,500 million other reasons to fire this person.

  12. Other commentators state that Tucker Carlson wanted to be fired and provoked Fox into doing it. But no one says why.

  13. Why would they want to eradicate some thing they promote? They’ll only attempt to give lip service, and find workarounds look for the law.

  14. He gave a herd speech and my antennas catched the waves & vibes.
    But I am yet to derive a conclusion of his outgoing.

  15. He kept sayin for years that Latins were coming for our jobs, until an Australian came for his. 😂. #PRICELESS.

  16. Abbey Grossberg also claimed extreme male misconduct on the Maria Bartiroma show. She seems to have an emotional stability issue based on her full interview and her “emergency medical leave” story where she actually went back to work with legal oversight of her working conditions?

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