1. @silverpairaducks Please tell me how abortion is “opposite” of the hippocratic oath. I imagine you’ve never read or have been educated on the hippocratic oath or the nuances of medical ethics. A doctor’s responsibility is first and foremost to do what is best to maintain the health and safety of their patient. Their patient is the pregnant female, not the fetus.

  1. It makes me wonder how these future physicians will treat their patients with different values. They have a right to walk out. It’s freedom of speech. But, I would not feel safe putting my life or the life of my family in their hands. I would be afraid they would walk out if I wanted another type of care if it did not follow their belief.

    1. In some states it’s legal for doctors to not treat patients based on the doctors beliefs, but you think that this is bad…

    2. @Gavin Manly you said it yourself. They support pro-choice, the choice for everyone. That includes the choice to NOT choose abortion. The “pro life” side doesn’t support any other point of view.. these students are standing up for the belief that everyone should be able to -choose- whether an abortion is or isn’t right for them.

    3. @Jake Klusewitz Not exactly. They walked out because of the speakers views. They even signed a petition in attempt to persuade the university to cancel her as the speaker because of her views.

  2. Good for them 👏 Nice to know our future health care professionals understand womens rights but it’s sad that this is what we have to do now in order for our voices to be heard and to get law makers to take women’s rights seriously

  3. God gives us all free will, but some choose not to follow him. When judgement day come you can never say no one told you about God.

  4. I’d have failed them all. If you are offended by a difference in opinion you have no business in the healthcare field

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