Medina Spirit Fails Second Drug Test, Could Face Disqualification 1

Medina Spirit Fails Second Drug Test, Could Face Disqualification


Kentucky Derby winner Medina Spirit failed a second drug test after a blood sample confirmed that the horse has elevated levels of betamethasone, a banned steroid. Medina Spirit could be disqualified due to the positive test.
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    1. Money, and often times they get away with it. If a horse goes lame and can’t breed new racehorses at a profit, they sell it to the meat man and it gets chopped up and turned into dog food. That is how much trainers at that level care about horses. They care about winning, the animal is just the means to secure the pay window.

    1. Listening to Fox News whine about cancel culture is like listening to Ted Bundy whine about how women are mistreated. Just ask the Dixie Chicks or Colin Kaepernick.

  1. Why is there even a second test? Disqualify the horse, jockey, and ban the financial end from ever owning, and running races horses ever again. Problem solved.

  2. Fails SECOND drug test. ‘could’ be disqualified. But it’s going to be referred to a new laboratory. Now, why does this make me think of Maricopa County?

  3. Kinda rough on this poor horsie…let’s have an intervention. He’s just a junkie…

  4. This animal needs horse protective services to take this poor creature away from his abusive owners and give him to someone who can and will take proper care of him.

  5. This will be Kentucky Senator Rand Paul’s next mission, to get these horses off drugs, right after he’s finished getting the birds off drugs :)) seriously he’s really trying to get birds off drugs… meanwhile Kentucky continues to be a welfare state that takes in $2.50 in federal money for every $1 it gives and absolutely nothing is being done about that…

  6. If other horses were failing I could see blaming an ointment they were all using, but I don’t hear about widescale failures. Color me sceptical.

  7. I worry about the horse Medina Spirit more than its trainer or the owner. They are running the poor horse into the ground..

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