1. thanks for your love and support i really appreciate i’ll like to know more about you where are you from……

  1. I honestly started believing in doppelgangers when I met mine.
    It was unbelievable.
    This lady and I spent weeks trying to find some family relation and there was none!

    1. Met mine @ the grocery store…we.were both employed as sample demonstrators!! My now ex, had come by to check on me only to mistake them for me!!! 😳

  2. Well, he just got a great side job as a stand in for the Rock at events and stuff. Get a manager dude and contact Dwayne!

  3. It wasn’t until I went 6 states over and saw someone completely unrelated to me but looked ALMOST IDENTICAL TO ME..that I believed in this 😂. Shits weird asf !!!

  4. Yeah lets figure out the guy’s service record before heaping too much Praise on him.
    The Rock’s characters were never known for NOT committing Police Brutality, ya know what I mean?

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