Meet Smile Jamaica’s Newest Host – Garth Williams | TVJ Smile Jamaica

Meet Smile Jamaica's Newest Host - Garth Williams | TVJ Smile Jamaica 1


  1. You Guy’s are such a Happy Team.
    Welcome to the New Team member.
    Keep that Spirit alive.
    Thanks for sharing 👍.

    Take care of each other.

    Bye, by.
    🇨🇦 🍁 22/07/12

  2. This never affi funny so😃. All the best Garth. Love you Neville, you have done so well. Created so much laughter in so many Jamaican Households.

  3. Funny funny funny!! Mi laff so much!! Good job guys you always cheer me up, as I am far away from home!! Love you all!!

  4. Semone, Dahlia, and Nevelle, take the man fe reall poppy show, and Garth is just as bad as them. Radio personalities must have chemistry among themselves in order for the work environment to be comfortable to work in.

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