1. Hopefully whom ever the new leader is, they will reopen an investigation into the rcmp and their response and connection to gabriel dortman the N.S. Shooter…oh and the federal governments gun restriction/ and their Involvement!

  2. Nice to hear the premier designate underscore the urgent need for affordable housing and renewable energy among his campaign commitments. Hope he see’s it through.

    1. @yourmanwatson the PREMIER and party leader has ZERO EXPERIENCE less than eight years in office AND has a TWO YEAR community college diploma in GOLF
      so i guess he IS the PERFECT LIBERAL politician

  3. he has been a politician for LESS THAN 8 [eight] years and he is the leader of the party AND is UNELECTED as a premier now??
    wow scraping the barrel much libs

    at the very least he needs to step down and run in a by election to see if the peoplekind want him as premier…? yes? isn’t that what would happen in a democracy?

    1. @yourmanwatson he should hold a by election
      that IS how it works
      he has NO electoral mandate to be the premier

    2. @yourmanwatson the clowns are the premier with a GOLF diploma that DE LISTED a PROVINCIAL PARK and it sold to an American GOLF COURSE company and
      the peoplekind that voted for him

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