1. We need more business owners like her in congress. They are good at building things from scratch. That’s what we need

    1. @Rick Edwards Yes, being a business owner does not guarantee you will be good at governing, but I would believe it is good skill set for being a member of Congress. I’m just stating that this woman is not and will not be the only business owner in Congress.

    2. @Mr. White Agreed. I will also add that I would prefer to see successful business owners rather than repeated failures. Being able to envision a desired endpoint, and having the skills to get there are generalizable skills that are important. Failing and blaming others for your failure is not a skill set I want to see in government.

    3. @Rick Edwards I agree to a point because I can point to many successful people and companies that are successful, but failed many times before getting to where they are.

    4. @Mr. White I think we’re not very far off on this. I didn’t mean to over emphasize the point about being successful. We learn more from our failures than we do from our successes sometimes, but I think the skill set to eventually succeed at running a business is a good one.

  2. Our government needs its engine control module checked and the front end aligned ,Metaphorically ..She is well qualified and straight speaking .. unlike Cave-in McCarthy…

    1. @Alric the Red Hope she got grades to understand and can read political reports. Alot of people in US cant even point out there hometown on a map

  3. Good to have a business owner in Congress. It’s also good to have somebody who knows a little bit about automobiles in Congress also.

    1. There’s a lot of members of Congress that are business owners. I’ll let you figure out who, but the guy that created Viper Car Alarms is a member of Congress.

    2. @Anika Parker
      Actually trump wasn’t a businessman. He was a trust fund baby who is daddy gave him $425 million and he still managed to go bankrupt.

    3. Well you had a business owner as president – look how that turned out 🤣😉 She seems cool tho.

  4. What I want to hear is a candidate who addresses the unchecked power of HOAs. (I am in texas, but they hold draconian power in many states.)

    1. @wade stanton I’m not sure, but I do know they have all kinds of rules in homes that are headed by a HOA. Like you can’t stick plants in your yard unless they are approved, you can’t have a car parked in your driveway, you can only have a certain amount of decorations, etc. Simple solution is to not live in a home headed by an HOA.

    2. Pretty simple, don’t buy an HOA house if that’s not what you want. Christ you would think a Texas could at least figure out that basic concept

    3. @half-breed Agreed. The head of an HOA is usually a “Karen”……plenty of confrontation videos on Youtube to prove this. Imagine paying an HOA fee every month and having a Karen wagging their finger at you telling you your bush is 2 inches too tall? No thanks.

  5. Awesome! I am proudly from a family of mechanics. Dad open is shop in 1954. It’s 2023 now and it is still going strong and owned and operated by one of my older brothers.

  6. That’s why House Representatives term in office is set at two years rather than 4 or 6. The House was designed for regular citizens who were willing to sacrifice two years of their regular lives to go to Washington to get things done for their local constituents. The Senate was designed like the House of Lords in Britain whose regular lives are political anyway so six year terms is not a sacrifice for them.

  7. I live in her District. SW Washington. She’s going to be great! I look forward to having her represent me and my neighbors!

    1. Congrats on flipping the seat. I’m in Georgia and I was thrilled on Jan 5, 2021 when voters put Ossoff and Warnock in the Senate!

  8. I saw her on the local news, she’s right across the river basically.

    Regardless of her rural credentials, I think she has a honest desire to do the right thing for her constituents. There’s too much inaction to clean up the blight around here. Hopefully she can articulate these concerns on a federal level so some of these local yahoo’s start doing something.

  9. Looks like a very sensible lady that they’ve elected to Congress in Washington State. We could use more like her. The people of Washington should be proud.

    1. We are. I lived in SW Washington for most of my life. Marie will serve the people with honesty and integrity.

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