Meet the Canadian scientist who helped develop mRNA vaccines 1

Meet the Canadian scientist who helped develop mRNA vaccines


CTV’s Avis Favaro explains how Canadian scientist Ian McLachlin played a vital role in the development of mRna vaccines.

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  1. Shame Ian McLachlin can not answer questions … Israel on forth booster ” case count explodes ” … did he expect double vax asymptomatic variants ? … or long list extreme side effects … OR not stop transmission … or not stop hospitalisation of those with underlying conditions eg Baby boomer bust ?

    1. @TheOneWith TheEyeOfTruth Simple yes / no .. yes no … …vax does NOT stop transmission … only mitigates illness .

    2. @Daniel Arcadia
      I already answered that. So did everyone else. It’s still effective. You have no point.

    3. @TheOneWith TheEyeOfTruth Just can’t say it , can you ? …does not stop transmission .. .. even manufacture say that .soooo why have a pass port or mandated vax ? … you skate and add nothing to conversation … must be Gov Medical

    4. btw ..” effective ” from manufacture means .. mitigates illness and they do NOT claim stop transmission .soooo you babble , bad science …bad numbers and want N@zi vax pass port …ok …

    5. @jussayin mipeece Every year the “experts” pull you in and shear you, and pull the wool over someone else’s eyes.

    1. @MrTheclevercat I just did, also read the article in “The Atlantic” about him. Cearly they have an axe to grind, and even they don’t try to make the case he had minimal involvment. I see zero evidence that he believes in homeopathy.

    2. @A C That’s the beauty of science. There’s absolutely no need to trust any individual. Trust the peer-reviewed data.

  2. When one uses war analogy, one better identufy the role everybody plays in it. Kings, generals, soldiers, ammos, food, etc.

    1. @Will Berry  @Will Berry  did I stutter or are you stupid?
      I didn’t stutter
      You’re heros peddled ….knowingly….a highly addictive narcotic…..and said it wasn’t
      F them f you

  3. Now how about a chat with Dr. Robert Malone who didn’t “help” but actually developed mRNA?
    Yeah i didn’t think so.

    1. Because he didn’t invent it you conspiratorially driven moron. Non of his patents indicate he invented it lmao

    2. @John Scott LOL, ok genius, so what is “mRNA intended for”.
      Oh but before you answer that do you know what is mRNA?

    3. @John Scott There are tons of examples of technology expanding to be used for other things than what was initially intended. Viagra comes to mind….

    1. @TheHoaxShow Yea right. Heard that one before too. We all know where you guys do your research. The respected sources of Facebook , Twitter and Instagram. By the way, you have the correct name.

    2. @Boneseyy L cant believe ppl spread the word that horsepaste works and ppl believe in it and listen to it…really’s hilarious. I mean they themselves are somewhat doctors i guess. Funny that they end up in the real hospital. /r hermancainaward….truely…encapsulate….

    3. uh he said ya can’t link on youtube, but you can. I guess he’s the type to claim something and back it up by “do your research”. Anyways, like the other guy commented, it’s about Barry and Honey Sherman unsolved death. I don’t know why..but maybe he’s using it as for his own “conspiracy theory”, or some theory that he found on the internet for confirmation bias.

    1. @Charlene French Just look into the guy and you’ll see.

      Btw, let’s say he did invent it mostly by himself, as weird as it sounds, it wouldn’t mean he’s the best expert on the subject.

      Did you know the Wright brothers did not believe it would be possible to fly for extended periods of times?

  4. How come no mention of Dr Robert Malone the inventor of the technology who’s name is on the patent?
    They are trying to deflect this because Dr Robert Malone speaks out on concerns with harms of the vaccines.

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