Meet The Democrat Who Says She Can Beat Chuck Grassley In 2022 1

Meet The Democrat Who Says She Can Beat Chuck Grassley In 2022


Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-IA) was one of 19 Republicans who rebuked Donald Trump and voted for the bipartisan infrastructure deal, but just one day earlier was on the floor of the Senate defending the former president’s efforts to overturn the 2020 election results. Fmr. Rep. Abby Finkenauer (D-IA), who’s running to challenge Sen. Grassley in 2022, says it shows how Sen. Grassley has “given up on America.”

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  1. I’m sending money to Abby in Iowa. I want my children and grandchildren to live in a country that values democracy….and we will lose that if we keep electing anti-democracy Republicans.

    1. @D. Boss i also suspect that R’s are in a big hurry to stop any momentum Newsom has because he’d be a competitive candidate for President. I wish I knew if people in CA really do hate Newsom, or if its just more Republican hate propaganda…

    2. @degenerati I have been closely following Newsom and can insure you it’s all GOP hate. So far they have tried recalling him 6 times. They got enough signatures this last time (95% were Republicans) due to their outrage over business closures during Covid. They ginned up more GOP outrage when he was spotted at a restaurant eating without a mask.

      I think there are some that want to stop his presidential asperations but it’s really about Feinstein’s senate seat and control of the Senate. That’s their big motivation because California has a 2/3 Dem legislature so they can override/overturn anything a GOP governor tries to do.

      There is a ton of money pouring in on the hope that Feinstein can’t continue doing her job. A GOP governor will surely appoint a GOP to the Senate and hand Mitch McConnell the keys.

    3. @Matt Thompson We can always tell who’s watching too much Fox because the vast majority of Americans are worried about employment, evictions, health and wellness, school, and staying alive…and all you care about is the border…because that’s all Fox can talk about.

      The vast majority of Americans are more worried about the 10’s of millions of unvaccinated Republicans than we are the thousands “trying” to cross the border. The hospitalizations and deaths in Florida and Texas are far more alarming than the border….but go ahead and keep singing that lame song because you will keep losing elections.

  2. You hear that a lot about the republicans “they aren’t the same person, they’ve changed”. No kidding, they drank the koolaid, it’s the invasion of the body snatchers

    1. Democrats drank the “Russian collusion” Kool-Aid for over 3 years. Then went on to burn down half of America over a women beating violent felon. Yet you talk about others?

    2. XxZeroxX 0702 they got bent over good. Still haven’t wiped off the trump msm Vaseline. They are a cult who would’ve happily joined the nazis. Or the Salem witch trials. That’s who the democrats became. I used to be one. Then they went crazy.

    3. @Matt Thompson that’s very uninformed of you. The racist Dixiecrats left the democratic party in the 60s when the party started working with MLK Jr and the Civil Rights Movement. All you have to do to see that is look at the electoral map. All the racist Southern states that started the Civil war to enslave an entire race and were democratic party states are now ALL republican run states. Texas is where many confederates wound up.
      Reagan said,I didn’t leave my party my party left me. Then he became a republican.
      With so many of you it’s a matter of you never paying attention to politics before trumputin. You suffer 2 major obstructive disorders. Mass paranoid delusions caused by RED SCARE TACTIC POLITICS and Dunning Krueger syndrome. Then the Dunning Krueger is exacerbated by t and hanity telling you not to believe what you see and hear because it’s not really happening. So you stopped trusting everything but t,who you’ve seen lie thousands of times and his propaganda machines that said tuckums show is so absurd nobody should believe anything he says. Same with the kraken Qnut broad.
      Come back,start helping us get truth to people brainwashed by a sophisticated military grade cyber operation led by fox and right-wing media. They want an oligarchy run dictatorship in America.
      Look at t’s friends, putin, China, N. Korea , Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Brazil, Egypt, Poland and Hungary with their new autocrats. That’s who they tried to form the NWO republicans accuse Dems of wanting.
      We immediately started rebuilding our NATO alliances once we took over. Nato allies spent 20 years in Afghanistan and Iraq due to using article 5 to come to America’s aid after Sept 11 01. Does t or any of his sycophants know that?

  3. kid’s gotta a fire in her belly, gotta love it!!

    too bad the agricultural subsidies grassly can deliver make her efforts null and void. oh yea his speech the other day was probably written by adm. especially since that’s specifically the kind of divisiveness keeping wages low. yet, again, she’s ready to lead. but of course only if and when they say so…

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